Luraic has returned to share his thoughts on the World he has been avoiding for 4 Months now. In this convoluted game of wits one of us has to crack under the pressure. Will Luraic finally join the World or is Maebbie going to cut his losses?

These 3 Videos have been one of my favourite adventures so far, it takes a true homie to carry a plotline for this long.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Luraic, Saphira. , Dominikmozz, an IQ point, Typey, Call_Me_Senpai, Lennybooboo, Imperator1542

Follow my friends friend, who is also my friend now, as we tame a shy anime animal girl.
I once tamed an actual fox:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Ashhash ( Ash Hash ), Geokoder, Swaggersoul (no, not the stupid one with s at the end), Camera

After being suspended for many months, an untold adventure enters its twilight.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Geokoder, Coxcomb, XenoMxg, Yimii, Drex, Nutellaniplips

After thinning out all of his enemies Rain is looking to hone his skills in battle. Though since his powers are able to destroy the whole Earth in just a strike, he is looking for different ways to defeat his opponents.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Theiconicrain (Rainatello), Paracon, A steak, Bagofraisins, Kaninchen, Spitfirevr, Orcinus, Divamage, Revylee

After many months I finally met my Clanmate again and we went on a gondola ride. If you wanna have a Steel 'n' Gold clanwar, please let us know.
Joining [IMPZ]:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Snoopsnoop, [IMPZ] Clan, Skader44, Dominikmozz, Aria~ , Anonn, Powass, Mary, Mayu, Gojira.. , Bagofraisins

Have you ever met someone you have never met before? This malfunctioning robot seems to have.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: All2wicked69, Paracon, [LLG] Erkaen, Wrenchthenailer, Bagofraisins, K u l o (Kulo), Dumb, Liechty, Crumbsy, Jimmybanks

Never spy on others, without checking your own back.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Fawaka, Dreams. , Code. , Alphaagentx

If someone does not want to be your friend, just pretend you are friends already, so you make it harder for them to abandon you, because who wants to be the one who loses a friend.
This is not financial advice.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Dengeki, Kulo, Kaasmafia, Lucyhamster21, Peyj, Cheeriyo

Furret walks around VRChat:
Catching up with a withered flower of what felt like an eternity after the end of that fateful day when Furret walked around VRChat, but then actually stopped walking for a few seconds to be petted by creativedevil. When you feel down, always remember the day Furret walked.

Epilogue to:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Creativedevil, Obsoletemark, Pizzadog, Poi

After seeing Cyanlaser's world meetup stream pop up every Sunday, it was time to make an impactful entrance to the event.
Also why will blueasis die if he goes through that one portal?

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Cyanlaser, Blueasis, Phaxenor, Fionna, Ygor735, Yogoshimomoritz

If you ever have your World stuck in Community Labs for a while, call up your friends and tell them to favourite your world and maybe hangout there for a day. Sometimes you even have to sell your pride and switch off your main avatar to please your visitors, though switching from my favourite to my second favourite avatar really wasn't a big deal.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

btw my third favourite avatar is Furret, he walk

Starring: Kazari, Birtytorex, Mr Green Bean, Aria~, Darladash, Hareware, Boomo

So yeah someone was trying to act cool and interrupt a Headpat fight and you already know thats like not something you do, so it was time to challenge that desktop kid to a 1v1 in steel and gold to show him who is the boss.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Xarniel, Kawaiianiki

This time in VRChat I became the new token german-accent friend of a group, to spice things up Hamster 1.0 has joined in and we decided to clean the slate on this matter in the only reasonable way possible.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Reesesskater, Kakushii, Flow, Fadoudou, Astalo (Hamster 1.0)

It can be difficult to watch videos while in VR sometimes, so instead of taking off the HMD you can just ask others to recreate your favourite videos for you. That way everyone, or well at least you, are being entertained without needing to leave VR.

There is a HD version of the iconic original of "Portal: A Day in the Life of a Turret" on SmoothFewFilms channel now:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Rickthebanana, Captaincoleslaw, Caelite, Doranos, Turret, Companion Cube, Madios

Did you know that your boi is on the sacred hall of OG's? Curiosity of this sacred memorial has lead me to an even greater master, who is about to share his knowledge of ancient history.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Grizzley, Arphy, Sasa, Dominikmozz, Chainsaw Reaper, Toxer (in Spirit), Error.mdl, Loading Screen, Splitscream1, Kazari, Ambiguous, Kat Food, EvolvedAnt (on the List lol), Roblox, Code. , Rimuchi, Adi. .

I became friend with my second favourite hero (my favourite being TheIconicRain ofc) without even noticing. So if you guys want to make friends, just do the hoverhand move.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Cocoachey, K u l o (Kulo), Bagofraisins, Ferrets_

VRChat has some of the real heroes of this world and this is one of them, against the oppression they help out those in need. Meet another True Hero:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: cocoachey, spice_monkey, kulo, stormrots, bagofraisins

whoa these are 2 epilogues in one, I am catching up with a grown up rascal and the legend Kroxzy, though he changed his name now.
The LPD that apprehended dinky dau:
Getting tricked by grandmastermex:

Here is the first time the Call me Maebbie thing has happened:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Grandmastermex (kroxzy), Jaden, Dinky Dau, Mustjonika, casek (in spirit)

Get the best of both Worlds and make your Blender behave just like Pro Builder and ProGrids in Unity. These are the forbidden settings, that the Blender Community does not want you to know!
This setup is ideal to map larger enviroments and structure them easily, like VRChat Worlds.

Keymap settings:
- Move Camera like in Unity:
3D View - 3D View (Global) - View Navigation (Walk/Fly)
- Right Mouse Button
3D View - View3D Walk Modal
- Confirm - Mouse - Right Mouse - Release
Make sure to disable the other Confirm Keymaps in View3D Walk Modal and rebind Right Mouse on the other menues.

- Adjust the Grid like in ProGrids:
Create these:
3D View - 3D View (Global) - wm.context_scale_float
Numpad +
Context Attribute: space_data.overlay.grid_scale
Value: 2.0
3D View - 3D View (Global) - wm.context_scale_float
Numpad -
Context Attribute: space_data.overlay.grid_scale
Value: 0.5

After hardening my target against manipulation a few weeks ago, new intricate ideas need to be thought up to get Luraic to finally visit my world.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Luraic, Colling, Paracon, Rey, Grandmastermex, Itscatalytic, Twinfire1998, Epicsin, Pro_Lesbian

Hello everyone ^^, I was meeting up with one of my Co-Workers to discuss our plans for the weekend. How is the weather at your place guys? We had a bit of a storm here. Anyway see you around for the next video ;D
Just a normal monday...

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Ambiguous, Kat food, Spitfirevr, Zerotzu.exe

Previous quest for decency:
The quest for a decent future is not over yet. It took a lot of resolve to fight the indecency this time, as I ventured into one of the most indecent places of VRChat, the nightclub "Elysium". Though sometimes the price for decency is just not worth it.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Captain Habanero, Chibisan, Liggi, Contraxia

The Loli Police Department stands up for the little guy, it is a bias that makes them too soft on underage drinking. Every day you have underage people in the pug drinking alcohol. The LPD is doing nothing to curb this behaviour, because they are just kids themselves, maybe it is time for a normie police department, yup would be one hell of a department.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: SpitfireVR, Liechty, Dinky Dau, Moodlecake, P3rvy, Kieransearl

Mom, just one more video. Ok more like Bitchute recommendations amirite

Watch to see the secret

Furret walks sideways here, because it is a slippery slope.

How do you get coloured letters in your name?

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Grandmastermex (Kroxzy), Liechty, SpitfireVR


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