I met a fellow World creator and managed to stay undercover to unravel some of the secrets of Unity.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Rio Grande

Asking people in VRChat whether they prefer Anime or Manga and you can't say you like both equally. Remember always look people straight in the eye, give a firm handshake and tell them you like Anime or Manga more.


#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Comrade Gas, Foxthelegend238, Anus 84d1, Lord Zeenort, Nickmandude, Datboisunny, Ramdam

There was someone in the atoll that had Vinny in her name, but she said she wasn't Vinny. Kind of confusing.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Notvinny (oh now i get it), JanceOtacon 02fa, Bright Star, Americanwaifu, Zensis, Krisense, Edgar Alan Poe, Lelouch1423, Arkonzul050, Randomness105, Luraic, Chief Got Mad, Ktk, Lhun, Plax f71e, Typey, ウラジミル , Bryceiverslyce, Xeenah, Vancage, Swiftmains, Jimmyle1015, Lennybooboo, Wrignite, Draxis Wernder, Yuna89, Erosion, Zombiekingjd, Ayamiyukino 6353

Everyone should strive towards a decent future, but does that mean you need to become a nice guy?

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: ~Woofs~, Xared, My Queen, i mean: Beloved Sora, Datdoge, Masterchief2416, Uncleslappy, Anfura, Lumak, Pellegrinos, Haised, Gayds

To keep the Azure Beach azure you need to pick up some junk.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Paracon, a few bottles, Jewordi, Crocopuffy, "blank"

Spitfire took up the challenge to start an autism fight and you already know boi is all about those.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: SpitfireVR (Spitfire), Aplouplou, Ambo, Mitsuha is Bae, Jere293, Kirizu791, Liechty, Code. , Thedeathtrooper, "blank"

A captain and his crew take a tour through this mysterious atoll in VRChat, though their interest shifts quite quickly as they learn about the Sign.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Captain Habanero, Anus 84d1, Riasgremory, Frenx, Nieko, A real banger song, Chrischiefxxx, Gpup, Moy_ty 8a15, Knatman 2d06, Localdj, -Hikikomori-, Code. , aria manga, Ambiguous, Vexuren, Dirtytaco16

Epilogue to:
This captain has turned into a Ghost and is sharing some of the consequences that come with it.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Captain Habanero, Burningspaceman, Snowman Jenkins, Capnfluffles, Konata df8e
Runs better, Looks better, Has people

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Liechty as the guy who looks at himself in the Mirror

See it in action:
The ultimate config to build large scale scenes and map them out without hassle. To make Atoll of Ether I have decided to switch to Blender, though the default config is not really made for mapping like Hammer or ProBuilder is. This setup has been refined over the course of making the World and is now public.

Please share your experience so this can become even more usable, as things are adjusted.

low key stalking BlueASIS by accident and asking cool streamers to say hello to him.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: BlueASIS, EverSakura, Rayearth, Lenchi, Therealtabby, Techpanda, Sgtcaboose141, Crookedfae, Azunachu

See it ingame:
Unseen from the world this Community lives within the vast Ocean in mysterious ways.
Watch along as one of the most optimzed Worlds is created and how it allowed to add stunning visuals in the process. This will run at full 72 fps on the Oculus Quest.


This Timelapse shows around 200 Hours of its creation using my own custom Blender setup for making VRChat and Lavender Worlds. Link and upload will be here soon!

If you are curious about any aspect, ask anytime.

Phant (Taishi, Nhato, zts) -
Aquarium -
Umineko soundtrack: Rhythm-Changer, Haze

See it ingame:
Long version:
This time with intend, i had this preview window built into my custom Blender config and the results are quite stunning.

Shion Hinano - voice -

You are able to see twice as much on my VR and VRChat Videos, because I record them in a 1:1 ratio, this will explain you why. Try it out yourself!


Haha the secret is not at the beginning of the video and not at the end, so you have to watch until 14:30 to actually see the secret, lmao get dunked on.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Spookysghostboo, Akemi Sonni, Ayymang, Cedmanotro, Hartrean, That one discord sword, Biiiiiiiiiiiiird, Ztwotl, Lhun, Lolibrat, 67impala_kaz2y5, Doomtrooper83, A few literal who streamers, Paracon, Nabutso, Kazari, Blueasis, Magpie, Grandmastermex, Benchmarkgaminggeek

This is a great video to rehash, cause people often ask how to say this name, even though it is so obvious. Maybe they just don't like to say Maebbie ;_;

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: .O5try, Kasumi 220b, Dark^^Tiger, casek, UpseG (in spirit)

Greet your friends with "Wahaha" and they will have fun studying.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Casek, Scalari, Blueasis, .O5try, Xstacy, Echoedaj

This mysterious meal has a Cup on his head now, yet when he appeared I felt the same lingering sensation to cook this birb.
Epilogue to:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Bonvi, Jam Jammy (yeah my 801st Subscriber!), Lulu, Gmarisstuff

After the legendary Nod fight and the more recent Headpat fight it is time to bring this trilogy to a close, but not this time. This is just like one of those spin off things right? Well anyway, look some gecko loser was trying to steer up some beef with my homie and you already know when your homie is getting beefed on you gotta defend him.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Dack, Liechty, Jouzivh, That one Banana Avatar i couldnt see the name of, Mother

If only everyone on earth were as nice as Nako-chan.
Spin-off to:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: ~uvu~

Much Green, Such Reunion
Sequel to:
Whoa, its the guy from "Whoa 3"

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Times New Roman, ~uvu~ , Birdsmacker, twitch_Obseal ( obseal )

Luraic has returned to share his thoughts on the World he has been avoiding for 4 Months now. In this convoluted game of wits one of us has to crack under the pressure. Will Luraic finally join the World or is Maebbie going to cut his losses?

These 3 Videos have been one of my favourite adventures so far, it takes a true homie to carry a plotline for this long.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Luraic, Saphira. , Dominikmozz, an IQ point, Typey, Call_Me_Senpai, Lennybooboo, Imperator1542

Follow my friends friend, who is also my friend now, as we tame a shy anime animal girl.
I once tamed an actual fox:

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Ashhash ( Ash Hash ), Geokoder, Swaggersoul (no, not the stupid one with s at the end), Camera

After being suspended for many months, an untold adventure enters its twilight.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Geokoder, Coxcomb, XenoMxg, Yimii, Drex, Nutellaniplips

After thinning out all of his enemies Rain is looking to hone his skills in battle. Though since his powers are able to destroy the whole Earth in just a strike, he is looking for different ways to defeat his opponents.

#VRChatWayfaring #VRChatYearTwo

Starring: Theiconicrain (Rainatello), Paracon, A steak, Bagofraisins, Kaninchen, Spitfirevr, Orcinus, Divamage, Revylee


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