I hope you guys like Pikmin, minus any picking things up. Sea Salt is a game like that (whatever that genre is) where you control a swarm of monsters on a rampage to get what its owed (human sacrifice) and you have a wide array of monsters to do your human hunting with, so get to it. Happy Hunting

I will be taking a small break while I figure out times to record and edit while working with my new job, I appreciate everyone's patience

A great game based on a terrible movie. The Mummy Demastered is a beautiful, pixel art-style metroidvania, its a quick game at 20 bucks, but a great world, great art, great music, and great boss fights makes this one worth it

Even more roguelikes, thats what Spirits Abyss is, its actually pretty fun, i like the music, i like the pixel art, its in early access right now, but 4 bucks is 4 bucks, enjoy

kicking the spooky season off with a little beat-em-up zombie action in streets of red, a very basic beat-em-up that relies very heavily on referencing various other games

you love beat-em-ups? good, this one is worth it, beautiful sprite work, great music, and best of all, we're bad at it, check it out

I was okay with this one, not good, not great, idk, check it out sometime.

its a well, you go down it, your boots are guns, what more do you need?
Downwell (Dev: Moppin, published by Devolver Digital) is a rogue-like bullet hell(?), well its something-hell atleast, its only 2.99 and can provide hours of fun if its your kinda game

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Bargain Bin Friday is a weekly video series me and my wife do to showcase relatively cheap games, some good, some bad. This weeks Bargain bin Friday is on a Wednesday since ill be at Dragon Con Friday, and unable to upload then, since i don't think i can schedule it like on Youtube, so congrats, you get it two days early. Hope you enjoy

Today's game is Change, its a Homeless life simulator that Delve Interactive developed to try to portray homeless life as accurately as they can, 10 bucks on steam, 20% of profits go to charities ti aid the homeless

Today we are bringing you some of Double Fine's RAD gameplay, its from double fine though, so take that as you will, as i understand it, some people have lost major trust with these devs, and its fairly understandable

Bargain Bin Friday is a weekly video were me and my wife showcase a game on the cheaper end of the money world, hope you enjoy

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Bargain bin friday is a weekly video series where me and my wife show off cheap games that are sometimes bad and sometimes good. links for these games on steam will always be found in the description, just in case you like them
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