The Australian government voted down a motion by Pauline Hanson that 'it is OK to be white.' So it is officially NOT ok to be white in Australia. And the BBC will go into combat against hetronormal people.... the world is mad!

Musical Trebuchet at the Sheffield Medieval Festival.

A duel at the Sheffield Medieval Fest 2018

Some countries border on mountain ranges and seas, but Kingdom Markroviya borders on Heaven!

An examination of the justice system of Markroviya

3rd attempt it loaded! The French survivors of the defeat at Moscow tell strange stories in their war diaries......

Conquistador battles a Wardog!!

An aerobic workout wilst smoking.

How to 'cut' and 'thrust' rather than 'hack' and 'stab'

Shooting various types of armour with a 60 bls bow from 15 meters

Reptilians hunt us in National Parks, but I hunt them too!!

Why do people smile and laugh? Is it because they are happy or is it the opposite?

Filthy Hippies are Massacred in the traditional Markroviyan way

Exercising whilst smoking is like working out at altitude!


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Mystical Kingdom of Маркровия (Markroviya), situated ideally on surface of flat earth. Astounding manliness abounds, reveal skill of fencing, archery, wall building. Royal family name 'Сладкопевец' (Sladkopevets) origin 5th century Constantinople. Blessed by haughty nature, Маркровия immigrant free!