Jordan B. Peterson alleged Philosopher, psychologist, genius and spokesman for the disenfranchised men of the west. But is he really? Or is he just a controlled asset and windbag?

Analysis of the most recent psyop in the US. If this video doesn’t get you questioning these events I am not sure anything will.

First part of an analysis of latest bit of horse shit that has everyone’s knickers in a twist.

A civilization in an unconscious death spiral. Is there anyway to save it? Is it even worth saving?

My first vlog attempt, not as concise on certain things as I wanted to be. But I’ll be doing more of these. I cover the left-right paradigms, a few deceptions from the past such as the assassination of Ahmad Shah Masoud and the whole Jeffery Epstein bonanza and media circus.

I am sure it’s just a coincidence that they had a mock “coronavirus” pandemic in August of 2019 I believe it was. Covid-19 is a hoax, a mind control operation, a money maker and yes it will kill a few people. For more information on how they do it I will be upload a talk from the 90s by HIV/AIDS whistleblower Dr. Wilner who explained succinctly how they do it.

A short made me about the deceptions that are so entrenched, nefarious and outright malevolent. Orchestrated by a few cliques of wretches.

Eustace Mullins expose two larger than life disinfo agents.

Isn’t it? A little montage I put together.


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