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Not getting out of Afghanistan on time might have more consequences than a lot of people are talking about. There's a lot of fairly obvious problems on the surface, but if you dig a little bit deeper, things look even worse.

Being anti-war is extremely important. Keynesian idiocy aside, mass murder and destruction are generally unnecessary and counterproductive.

Scott Horton is a good source on the Middle East especially. Check him out at the Libertarian Institute and

I've heard this phrase used by people arguing about market economics, especially people I'd call concern trolls. This term seems to be used to explain bad behavior by firms, but as I'll explain here, practically every element of what makes the phenomenon people call "late-stage capitalism" is based on some kind of error in reasoning.

Slight correction: I talk about the evenly rotating economy (ERE) and profits. Conventionally, it is said that there are no profits nor losses in the ERE, but I was a little sloppy and used a definition where some part of wages is called profits. In my example, the shoemaker produces shoes and sells the shoes for more than the factors of production to make exactly enough money to cover his consumption. Technically, this extra money needed to cover his consumption is the wage he pays himself and thus is not technically profit. See discussions about the ERE in Human Action and Man, Economy, and State.

A nice article about a similar topic:

Human Action, by Ludwig von Mises:

Man, Economy, and State, by Murray Rothbard:

Just a quick reading. This is a section from MIses's book "The Anti-capitalistic Mentality," which is one of his shorter ones, published in the mid-50s. Still very applicable today.

Available on the Mises Institute website:

As the forces of censorship pound on the doors of civilization, the worry that they'll get in someday isn't too crazy, I hope.
But seriously, writers and content producers are under attack from a variety of directions and I have a few thoughts on the topic of keeping good books and other media safe and common.
Because you don't wait for the book burners to knock on your door before you take action against them.

Link to Tom Woods podcast episode referenced (specifically at around 34:15):

I've been hearing a lot of arguments that basically boil down to "Unions are a free-market institution" recently, and the fact is that the unionists in the U.S. aren't telling you the whole story. Labor unions in the U.S. have massive, long-standing state-imposed privileges and in today's video I'll talk about a few of them.

The thing to remember is that whenever someone tells you something is due to the free market, always be sure to look behind the curtain of laws around it.

Links for more info:
Forgotten Facts of American Labor History, by Tom Woods

Paper by Morgan O. Reynolds in J. Libertarian Studies

Episode 1019 of the Tom Woods Show:

Somewhat different from my usual economic/political stuff, but I saw this article and observed a sad situation being turned into exactly the wrong lesson.
Victimhood is not a positive.

The Article:
The Ph.D. Video I mention:

Apparently Senator Warren doesn't believe multi-billion dollar corporations should be permitted to heckle her.
I'm here to prove that it doesn't take a big corporation to heckle a sitting senator.

The whole COVID situation has me quite dispirited. It might have been expected that fools and tyrants would capitalize on the opportunity, but I had no idea the rest of humanity would be so willing to march to Hell on their orders.

Here's a little rant I composed about my thoughts regarding this most recent plague (the empowered fools and tyrants, not the virus).
I think the first half is a little rough but the second half is pretty good.

It turns out writing and recording a rant is actually pretty tough. I tried to avoid reading from my notes and had to do quite a bit of editing to cut out all the pauses and mistakes. Maybe I'll make a "making of" video just to talk about that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

It's not as funny as I thought it would be, but at least I didn't ramble for five minutes like I did the last time I tried to make this video.
This time I only ramble for three minutes.

Reattempting this upload because it didn't seem to work yesterday...
Just a short video because I realized yesterday that Murray Rothbard's birthday is today, March 2nd!
So I wanted to talk about him and his legacy a little bit and also some good books!

Featured books are:
Betrayal of the American Right
Conceived in Liberty Vol. I-IV

Michael Malice uses the phrase "corporate media" almost exclusively when he talks about the, well, corporate media.
This puts a little pressure on people who have developed a distaste for corporations, and shines a little light on how these media companies operate.
Newscasters on common media platforms never miss an opportunity to call a source "right-wing."
It's time for the right and the liberty-minded to push back on this. There are a lot of over-the-top and cringey nicknames for media on the left, but I propose a more matter-of-fact approach.

What do you think?

Just a short discussion about another of my favorite writers: Ludwig von Mises.
On issues of economic import, his writings are incredibly important as well as persuasive.
His tone while dismantling all the scaffolds of socialist thought is elevated and derisive.
His analysis is thorough and convincing.
Although he didn't make his way all the way to anarchism, he supported and encouraged those who did, like the great Murray Rothbard.
Here are a few short readings from his book Socialism, that establish his tone and style.
Also, the book is available for free:
Most of his other work is there, too!

Heard a phrase mentioned the other day that kind of irked me, so I threw together a short video about the difference between legality and morality, and the efforts of the state to confuse the two.

A short video about one of the most important books of the 20th century: The Gulag Archipelago, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

I believe this book (or series of books, since it was originally published in three volumes) is absolutely required reading for anyone who cares about human liberty and detests totalitarianism and authoritarianism. Watch the video to find out why.

There were a few funny moments in my recording of Spooner's essay that I thought I'd show you all.

The conclusion. This essay ends with a real crushing blow to the legitimacy of the state.

Continuing along with my reading of this excellent old essay. Spooner really had it right.

The word treason has been in the news lately, and because of that, a particular series of essays has been on my mind.
Let those who cry, "Treason," see the error of their ways.

Events of the recent weeks involving Patreon and its decision to use a more "holistic," less objective set of criteria for its content producers are showing the importance of scalability in the profitability of various endeavors. Similarly to how Jordan B. Peterson describes the interest gap between men and women, with men more interested in things, and women more interested in people, resulting in a gap in their wages, it seems as though Patreon's move from a clear, narrow set of terms of service to a more subjective set of criteria will reduce their overall profitability in the long run.

Sources for this video include (citation is not endorsement of any particular opinion or set of opinions):
Matt Christiansen's video describing his call with Jacqueline Hart and transcript:
Sargon and Vee Dramatic reading (pretty funny):
Michelle Catlin's video with Sargon of Akkad (naughty words arguing against racists):
Dave Rubin and Jack Conte (thing-based terms of service):
Peterson on Interest Gap (scalability problem background):

I got some letters from some group calling themselves the Voter Participation Center. What is this state-as-God garbage!

Here's a basic channel introduction and description of what I'm here for.


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