SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Lughansk People's Republic (LPR) has been liberated!
- Successful offensive commanded by Colonel General Aleksandr Lapin have resulted in establishing control in Verkhnekamenka, Zolotaryovka, Belogorovka, reaching Seversky Donets river and having cordoned Lisichansk in coordination with the Southern group of troops commanded by General of the Army Sergey Surovikin.
- Russian troops and units of the Lugansk People's Republic are fighting near Lisichansk and defeating the isolated enemy. Novodruzhevsk, Maloryazantsevo and Belaya Gora located near Lisichansk had been liberated over the past day.
- Between 03.00 AM to 03.30 AM (Moscow time), the Kiev regime launched an intentional attack by Tochka-U ballistic missiles with cluster munitions and Tu-143 Reys unmanned aerial vehicles at the residential areas of Belgorod and Kursk that have no military facilities.
- Russian air defense means have destroyed all the 3 Tochka-U ballistic missiles launched by Ukrainian nationalist at Belgorod.
- Russian air defense means have destroyed 2 Ukrainian Tu-143 Reys unmanned aerial vehicles charged with explosives while approaching Kursk.
- After the shelling of Belgorod, an emergency meeting of the Security Council was convened. Putin is already in the Kremlin. A massive response is expected
- Summary in Russian.

THE LIBERATION OF DONBASS CONTINUES! Ignore the TV news media that will never and has never been to Donbass, Ukraine.
SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine:
- Lisichansk
- 3 Ukraine battalions from 10th Mountain Assault and 72nd Mechanized brigades have lost over 50% of personnel near Verkhnekamenka and Zolotaryovka just in the past 24 hours.
- High-precision missile attacks eliminated 5 command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU)
- Summary in Russian.

"War is a racket. It always has been... A few profit - and the many pay."
- 2 time Medal of Honor winner Major General Smedley Butler USMC

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SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Over the past three days, Russian units have taken under control the Lisichansk oil refinery, the Matrosskaya coal mine, the Gelatine plant and the settlement of Topolevka. The allied forces have reached Lisichansk.
- Chechen army in Lisichansk.
- Russian armored car "Tiger" withstood a mine explosion in Ukraine
- A captured Polish mercenary in Lisichansk.
- Russia is building a new medical complex and over 1,000 apartments in Donbass.
- Putin in Indonesia accused the West of destabilizing global food production.
- Russian Armed Forces delivered over 150 tons of humanitarian aid to residents of liberated settlements in Kharkov region.
- Ukraine soldiers retreating from Severodonetsk robbed banks.
- The DPR started issuing passports of the Russian Federation.
- A graduation ball for school children took place in Mariupol.
- Summary in Russian.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Russia withdraws from Snake Island for the UN to establish a humanitarian corridor for transporting agricultural products from Ukraine.
- POW exchange. 144 for 144 servicemen.
- Freed Russian POW's speak out.
- Denis Pushilin interviewed.
- Ukrainian Nazi lives in reality now.
- Some Russian soldiers return home.
- Summary in Russian
Over the past 24 hours, 23,485 persons (3,176 children) have been evacuated from the dangerous areas of Ukraine totaling 2,213,687 people (349,771 children) since late February.

RT RE-POSTS FOR THE UK FOLKS! Destroying Deep State censorship!
"Russian troops have been withdrawn from strategic Snake Island on the Black Sea, taken immediately after the special military operation started on February 24th. Moscow describes the move as a goodwill gesture to support UN efforts to facilitate Ukrainian grain exports." - RT News

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- NATO pushes for WW3.
- Lavrov says Russia did not attack Ukraine mall.
- Kremenchug citizen asks mayor about the mall.
- Russia will cause NATO to see unprecedented mayhem should alliance take Kaliningrad.
- Summary in Russian.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Russia destroyed more weapons from the US at Kremenchug road machinery plant.
- Russia announces possible end to operation in Ukraine if nationalist forces surrender.
- Donetsk locals live under constant Ukrainian artillery attack.
- Monastery attacked in the village of Nikolsky.
- Summary for Russian speakers.

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SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Whose missiles hit Kiev?
- We lost count of Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 27th.
- Teimuraz Khizanishvili, who personally took part in the execution of our paratroopers in March, was brought to justice near Lisichansk, and sent to Hell.
- Assault on Kamyshevakhi in the Popasnyansky district of the LPR.
- For Russian speakers. Not translated.

Please note: WE NEVER ASK FOR MONEY. We have never and will never ask you for money to support us. If someone uses our name to ask you for money, they are scammers. It was not from us.
Marine1063 is a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to inform the American public and break the spell of illusion the Deep State has cast upon America.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Lysichansk civilians refuse to be "evacuated" by Ukrainian troops
- Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu inspects Russian troops.
- A total of more than 720 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 26th.
- Missiles hit Kiev.
- Russian missiles hit training centers in western Ukraine.
- Azov Battalion troops killed and then burned the bodies of foreign mercenaries.
- 16 year old asks why Ukraine kills civilians.
- KillNet
- Putin promises Belarus Iskander-M missiles.
- Summary for Russian speakers.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Ukrainian soldier's statements.
- "They tried to surround us"- Russian soldier
- French TV channel shows Lisichansk locals waiting for Russian troops.
- A total of more than 1,080 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 25th.
- How her 14 year old sister was killed by Ukraine.
- Lyubov Ryazantseva, a resident of Severodonetsk, tells us how the Ukrainian military behaved.
- Liberation of Stepnoe village in DPR.
- Liberation of Gorskoe and Zolotoe.
- Lyshans'k-Russian troops taking remaining areas of LPR under control
- LPR’s Popasnaya in ruins as Ukrainian artillery shells civilian infrastructure.
- Summary for Russian speakers.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Ukrainian soldiers' complaints and surrender.
- A total of more than 620 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 24th.
- 3 bases of foreign mercenaries in Nikolayev, Golitsyno (Nikolayev region) and Oleshki (Kharkov region) have been destroyed. More than 200 'soldiers of fortune' and up to 100 Ukrainian nationalists have been eliminated.
- A high-precision strike destroyed 80 Polish mercenaries,
20 combat vehicles and 8 multiple launch rocket systems.
- The flags of Russia and the Luhansk People's Republic were solemnly raised in front of the administration building of the city of Gorskoye.
- Work of a DPR sniper.
- The hoisting of the Flag of Victory over the ZolotoyeKaterinovka military-civilian administration building. (Bakhmutka Cauldron)
- The Ukrainian military for the first time launched M31 GMLRS guided missiles from the American HIMARS MLRS.
- When will the war end? - Scott Ritter
- Russia ready to guarantee Ukrainian grain export- Putin
- RT reports from the front line in Lugansk People’s Republic.
- British mercenary Aiden Aslin's recent statement.
- Summary for Russian speakers.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- A total of more than 650 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 23rd.
- British mercenary Aiden Eslin will be executed soon. BBC News reported that no one tried to negotiate his release.
- Daily life in Donbass, Factories start working again. Independent Journalist Sonja Vandenende reports.
- The Nazis are hitting Donetsk using NATO shells with a caliber of 155mm against civilians.
- A clergyman tells how Ukrainian nationalists tortured people.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine. A total of more than 1,120 Ukrainian soldiers were Killed June 22nd.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Sarmat intercontinental missile will be ready for combat by the end of this year.
- Why Russia is slow in Ukraine.
- 2 Azov commanders transferred to Moscow for investigation.
- A total of more than 570 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 21th.
- Ukraine tried to recapture Snake Island.
- Howitzers delivered by US/EU have become great targets.
- Donetsk civilians attacked.

"Pro-Russian forces are continuing their attacks on the Azot chemical plant in the strategically important city of Severodonetsk in Luhansk, while residents are taking shelter in basements as much of the area around the plant lies in ruin."
"Chechen, Luhansk Forces Continue Attacks on Azot Chemical Plant As Residents Take Shelter"

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"NATO weapons and NATO-trained Ukrainian instructors in Russian army"

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- A total of more than 450 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 20th.
- 30 Russian T-80's & T-62M's heading to Donbass.
- 'Didn't think Europe would support Nazis'-French veteran to RT.
- Helping Mariupol School #34

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Biden blames Putin for falling down.
- Defiant Russian girl in Germany.
- More than 50 Ukraine generals and officers killed by Kalibr missiles.
- Russian Federation Armed Forces have liberated the settlement of Metyolkino.
- A total of more than 520 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 19th.
- Mayor of Donetsk Aleksey Kulemzin speaks out.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- A total of more than 470 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 18th.
- Ukraine shells Donetsk again. Over 11 civilians killed.

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"Two American nationals have told RT that they surrendered to Russian forces after being abandoned by their Ukrainian commanders. The pair told veterans like them to “think twice” before making the trip to Ukraine."

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Captured US mercenaries statement
- Russian Defense Ministry monitors and records mercenaries.
- 6,956 mercenaries have arrived in Ukraine. 1,956 have already been eliminated and 1,779 have left.
- A total of more than 550 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 17th.
- The shelling of the Kievsky district continues in Donetsk.
- "O" group help the residents of the DPR to restore the church of St. Nicholas.

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Additional $1 Billion more to Ukraine
- Picture of 2 US mercenaries tied up.
- A total of more than 480 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 16th
- Church of the Holy Prince Vladimir survives a rocket which hit the building, but Thank God it did not explode.

R&U Videos Re-post
"The commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are testing new ways to deal with the discontent of the soldiers - they leave them in an open field without weapons and food

“People who expressed their distrust of the command, and there are many of them, were dismissed by the command. They spent a month in a pre-trial detention center, and now commanders threw them into the field and said: do whatever you want. No weapons, no documents - nothing, no food, ” - one of the soldiers shares the crime of the battalion commanders."

"Ukrainian soldiers abandoned by commanders with no food or weapons"

SITREP & events in Donbass, Ukraine.
- Kalibr missiles have destroyed a warehouse of ammunition from NATO countries near Zolochev, Lvov region.
- More than 300 Ukrainian soldiers Killed June 15th
- Russian military medics provide medical assistance
to civilians affected by Ukrainian nationalist shelling.

Journalist with integrity Alina Lipp, has already had 1600 Euros stolen from her German bank account for reporting the truth from Ukraine. She faces 3 years in prison without a trial if she returns to Germany from Donbass.

"The German government is fighting against freedom of speech. I am a free journalist who covers the special operation in Ukraine. They are going to sentence me now to 3 YEARS IN PRISON for telling the truth⚡️"

"According to current German law, it is only allowed to publish one-sided information that benefits the authorities. Anything that goes against this unwritten law is punished by the biased judicial machine."

"But: The independent blogging community is ready to resist censorship in the West."

"👉 I continue to work in Donetsk. If you are interested in the special project I mentioned, email me at: [email protected]"
- Alina Lipp


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