Marion Sh Pu

21st September - clean up

First responders have a message for politicians who forget 9/11


Barry Sherman - leave voters are lower intelligence people

The main body of the church and the tower has been completely gutted and the interior has been burnt out completely.

Protesters have had enough of the police kettling them in. Whole protest was peaceful non violent until a short moment after provocation by the police. Enough is enough!
Thx Zero News for the streaming, great job!

The salafist community wants to combat it

Warning ⚠

Documentary by Katie Hopkins

Info - Knife attack

Midland Mayor Jerry Morales provides details on the deadly shooting

Our planet is fine - comedy 👊

Riot police beat protesters in the subway

Illegal immigrants storm into Europe - again

... which rolls along the highway

Brave Muslim man tells Antifa: Tommy isn't racist, he's a great man!
Lefties the unwashed didn't expect that

Hong Kong protest turned violent

To violate JCPOA...

Ice ice baby dancing video

Caught on camera

Salzwedel - an Afghan and two Somalis ended up with injuries - hospital 🏥

Advancing with a knife

Wondering why knife crimes increased...
(LGBT parade)

Ade T. was charged on Monday

Pushed under a train by a migrant


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