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Wien um 1900: Mit seinen fantastischen Vorstellungen macht sich der Illusionist Eisenheim zur lebenden Legende. Auf der Höhe seiner Kunst beschwört er den Geist der gerade ermordeten Herzogin Sophie. Doch bevor die Erscheinung den Namen ihres Mörders nennen kann, wird Eisenheim von Inspektor Uhl verhaftet

Knifeman taken down by members of the public and arrested after trying to enter a Jewish school in Marseille, France, this morning, failing that he entered a kosher market and attempted to stab shoppers before being apprehended.
Police in the French city of Marseille detained a man Friday who was wielding a knife outside a Jewish school and kosher market.
Surveillance of Jewish sites in the city has been increased while they investigate his motives, according to local authorities.
The children were sequestered inside the school while police searched for any explosives or accomplices

France saw deadly attacks targeting a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012 and a Paris kosher market in 2015.

The invasion of Europe by Africans is accelerating rapidly.

Italian government moving African boat migrants to mainland Italy
Many will move on to France, England, Germany...

Queen Full Concert Live Aid 13th July 1985

Man arrested for defending his wife
They went for a walk on the nearest beach after their brother was hospitalized and in a coma. He asked the officers not to continue harassing her.

Dozens killed as Myanmar sees one of its worst days of crackdown since coup | 3-03-21
Associated Press cited reports of up to 34 people killed across the country

— "At least 38 people were killed after Myanmar's security forces opened fire on young peaceful protesters in towns and cities across the Southeast Asian nation Wednesday, in scenes described as "a war zone."

Mayor of NY

Chicago, Illinois -- Protesters are gathering in Chicago, calling on Mayor Lightfoot to Stop General Iron, the relocation of a metal recycling plant from Lincoln Park to the Southeast side Chicago. “We have a Mayor that does not care about her people. That’s criminal.” Hunger strikers speaking on Day 30 of their strike, aiming to get Mayor Lori Lightfoot to deny the General Iron permit.

March 2021

Biden Administration blames Trump, mass immigration
Former Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller joins 'The Ingraham Angle' to discuss impact of Democrats' immigration policies.

Green passport medical apartheid

German translation
Green passport

Steve Hilton on Fox Sunday night

ID for absentee ballots are now required in Georgia. Angry leftists react by storming the state capitol

Leftist agitator...

Covid19 rules

Tucker Carlson gives a few words of advice to the woke professional class.

Whole vid
Uncanceled canceled

Young Pharaoh who was kicked from CPAC because he criticizes Israel and made the obvious factual connection between Mossad, Israel, and Jeffery Epstein

East Londoners take matters into their own hands in the Rainham area.
After a series of armed robberies, East London residents take matters into their own hands to disarm a man of a knife.
Black migrants rob people at knife point while the decent native European population are forced to live in close proximity to them.

An FBI undercover agent infiltrates the mob and finds himself identifying more with the mafia life, at the expense of his regular one.

February 2021

This is not the story of the Bloody Sundays that have been allowed to reach our screens and schools, this is the story of London in 1887, the SDF & the foundation of todays' parties via the Ethos and Traction[s] gained in the 18th century

What doesn't get talked about enough is how every camp America inspected was a concentration camp and every camp they didn't inspect they were told by the soviets it was a Death Camp.



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