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This is the first video of a long series I'm doing documenting my thousand kilometers long walk in the mountains of Italy. This time I will try to do the impossible, which is to do it without paying anything. I have a sleeping bag which I hope I will never have to use to sleep outside. The editing is done with my phone so it's not gonna be perfect (when I'll return home I with edit them better).

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread

Visso is one of many cities destroyed by the elite with horrible earthquake. Just like they did in California with the fires, the aim of the monsters is to move people from small independent cities to the big cities.
We are slowly being killed but hypnosys unfortunally is still strong and nobody has eyes to see.
Here these people living in concentration camps do not even protest. They wait the system will rebuild their homes (without realizing that they're waiting those that destroyed their homes to help them).

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