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The classic Star Wars Intro adapted for current events.

During my December 2017 trip to the big island of Hawaii, it was a great pleasure to get to meet Josh at this new home he's building with his family near Hilo. Off-grid features include solar photovoltaic panels, outback inverters, salt-water batteries, roof water catchment, filtration and UV sanitizing for water, and a diesel generator for cloudy spells. Additionally, he made use of two 40' shipping containers for external and interior walls and load-bearing structure. A very innovative and inspiring example of off-grid family living-- still a work in progress as a separate house will be added in the coming years. Josh can be found online at and as "Josh Garey" on Facebook.

In the larger "truth movement" we all have our individual waking up stories about the events and info that pushed us into new ways of looking at the world. I look back at where I started as a young adult, what I've learned since then and the challenges along the way.

After 7 years of text-comment-based dialog on Facebook and similar venues, Martin decides to take things to the next level and begins a quest to gather and share individuals' Journeys In Truth with more depth and authenticity than is possible in blocks and social media comments.

This file was converted from MTS to MP4 using Handbrake on Windows 10.

An earlier test of Wondershare Converter ultimate failed because the free version did not allow a full video (of any length) to be encoded beyond 33% and did not appear to support saving the converted video to disk to allow later upload. This was a case of failure due to stingy nobbling of the software in the free (trial) version to the point where trial tests could not even be executed to determine if the features were adequate. Tough luck, Wondershare.

Handbrake wins.

This test is of a short video of a chicken coop that was recorded with a Canon VIXIA HF G30 video camera (MTS file), then converted to MP4 using VLC running on Windows 10 and uploaded. The quality is terribly degraded by the conversion process and I am looking for a better way to get my MTS files onto BitChute.


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