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I was surprised to find this video was not uploaded here on Bitchute when I went looking for it today for someone. The issue at stake was what constitution was being discussed the original Australian Constitution or the one for the corporation now acting as the Australian government.

The reality is both are corporations. Once you know how to identify a corporation you will realize every government is a corporation, the only question being 'what type'? Simply put, if there is a constitution then a corporation has been created.

Some want to 'get back' to the 1901 Constitution. Why? It was part of the process of getting us to where we are today. If has failed the people. Why return to it?

Here is the video on proper name for those who just can't seem to find it for themselves;

In the last few years there has been an explosion of information on Christ's proper name and the need to use it. This video is presented as a discussion of issues that often seem to get overlooked in this debate.There is some evidence the names Yeshua and Yahushua are being presented as deceptions, see here;

For anyone wishing to go deeper here is a source I find very useful;
Living God Ministries

Some thoughts on this link;
The title of some of the recordings do not really give insight into the content. For this you need to read the accompanying description. For example the recording titled 'Nicodemus' is actually about baptism of the Holy Spirit. The description under the title gives more insight into the actual content being covered;
"When Jesus told Nicodemus that he needed to be born again, this was not a new expression to Nicodemus. According to Pharisaical Judaism, there were six different ways that a person could be born again. This is why the question was not how could a person be born again, but how could they be born again when they are old?"

Other links;

When I first began my research I uploaded five video's to Brighteon. This is one of the five. I had thought I had lost them. I stumbled across them today. I will upload them for the benefit of anyone who has an interest in viewing them. Note these were my first efforts and I have not rewatched them. At the time I sought to be comprehensive. I concluded this may have resulted in people passing them by so uploaded much shorter video's with only the essential information. Links referenced in these video's will likely not be there.

You know what a King is. You know what a Duke is. You know what a Baron is. You know what a Professor is. You know what a Doctor is. Do you know what a Mister is?





Legal name is a dead man's name
Cestui que - vie act 1666
Christian name/Surname : Spiritual name/Temporal name
The Statute of Additions - where surnames began
No surname - the House of Rothschild

Note the following are not official definitions but my interpretation of them and attempt to provide a more accessible meaning to the layman. Do not blindly accept them but rather consider and weigh them:

Lawful - in layman's terms that which is right and proper, pure justice.
Legal - in accordance with established rules, and therefore not of necessity, right and proper, in that the rules may be written to permit that which is not right and proper.

Thus that which is legal may not be lawful.

An example:
Lawful behaviour - to drive in a manner considerate of others, that is to drive safely and courteously
Legal behaviour - to drive in accordance with the rules, as to specific speed, signalling to change lanes, giving way, etc.

The speed limit is not lawful, it is legal. The lawful speed is that which is duly safe and considerate of others and may be either faster or slower than the legal speed limit which is an arbitrary rule.

See vaccines playlist:

Aussies are safe in the arms of the TGA. (Just to be clear, this video is thick with sarcasm).

PS After editing I realized Finland got left off the final analysis of the timeline of events. So add Finland to the tally of nations the TGA is not aligned with in its recommendations.

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A look at the scientific/medical reasons these booster shots can't work.

The take away here is not so much that the boosters won't work, that is a given. The real take away is that they know they won't work and are prepared to lie about it. The question then is ' why do they want you to take it?' - I don't think it is about money, though certainly for lower level operatives that may be the motivation.

Links: Australian Census - a note of caution
Census - not compulsory
Start saying 'no' to government
Say 'no' to government by saying 'yes'

The real trading places.

( See playlist: )

In this video I am not saying that the data they produce is honest. My intention was to illustrate that even using their data (which is likely dishonest) the conclusions they draw from it are still fraudulent. Furthermore were are the updated data from these trials? The data we have from these trials was collected around the end of October, 2020. How many people in the vaccine and placebo groups have had covid in the 6 months since then? Have the regulators been provided updated data? If not why have they not demanded it? If they have received it why have we not seen it?

Link to Heath Care Provider Fact Sheet

Link to recipient Fact Sheet

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A quick trip through the manufacturers PI statement.

Link to full PI statement:

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The FDA assures the public they can be trusted to enforce rigorous standards on corona vaccine safety, but they have wantonly allowed babies to be poisoned and seem not to care!

Baby Foods Are Tainted with Dangerous Levels of Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury:

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