Note: In this video I am pointing out discrepancies in the official data were two government sources are reporting different data, one which is widely reported to the public and the other which the public does not see. I am sure you can guess which data set is the more alarming. Note also that there is still much wrong with even the most alarming official data as discussed in the prior video.

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Australian mainstream media outlets are now colluding with the medicines regulator, the TGA, to hide blood clots from the Australian public. Every week the TGA produces a vaccine adverse events report which it makes public and every week since the vaccine rollout began the media have reported on that update, focusing their reporting on new cases of blood clots. That is, until last week.

The TGA in their report on 27th May advised 9 new blood clot cases but the mainstream media failed to report this. This is how they are going to combat 'vaccine hesitancy' - by hiding information from the public.

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This video was made about 2 weeks prior to uploading so data is from that period. The analysis reveals how data is coerced and manipulated to always put the most positive spin on the vaccines and will assist people to understand how they are being deceived by government regulators and media.

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In this video I am not saying that the data they produce is honest. My intention was to illustrate that even using their data (which is likely dishonest) the conclusions they draw from it are still fraudulent. Furthermore were are the updated data from these trials? The data we have from these trials was collected around the end of October, 2020. How many people in the vaccine and placebo groups have had covid in the 6 months since then? Have the regulators been provided updated data? If not why have they not demanded it? If they have received it why have we not seen it?

Norman Swan says questions around the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots are complicated | ABC News

Dr Norman Swan on the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clotting reports | ABC News

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Exposing the fraud of claims the corona vaccines are not experimental.

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Don't let anyone deceive you, even those you might otherwise have thought to call friend.

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President Obama Speaks at Palais Des Beaux Arts (like a dictator) (starting at 1 min 15s)

Holding hands with Michael (starting at 22min 16 sec)

Link to Heath Care Provider Fact Sheet

Link to recipient Fact Sheet

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A quick trip through the manufacturers PI statement.

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The FDA assures the public they can be trusted to enforce rigorous standards on corona vaccine safety, but they have wantonly allowed babies to be poisoned and seem not to care!

Baby Foods Are Tainted with Dangerous Levels of Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury:

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Norwegian authorities supplied a press release saying there was no link between covid vaccines and nursing home deaths. How did they determine this?

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For more evidence based information on vaccines and covid-19 see the playlist here:

The facts presented in this video come from official sources - the National Institute of Health.
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Only the Christian name is a proper name. A surname is improper for a man to use.
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