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This is a #speedpaint I did maybe three years ago of #Ganondorf. I decided to use the hair he had in Twilight Princess because it's badass and created kind of a natural mandala, combined with the kimono he wore in Wind Waker because it was also badass. I painted this in #Photoshop using a combination of filters, patterns, brushes, and blenders of my own design.

It's hard to believe, but destroying paintings can be quite therapeutic. I'd advise any artist to do the same (on a separate layer) just to blow off a little steam, and interestingly, you can learn a lot of useful techniques in the process.

This is based off of a line drawing I did about two or three years ago that I never got around to painting. Because it's an old line drawing, it's missing certain elements of dynamic movement and force I've since been attempting to incorporate into my line work.

As always, my style is in flux, worsened by the fact that this line art is so old., Aaaand one of my biggest problems is overworking muh shit. Hope you enjoy watching.


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