The video in the website linked below is graphic and disturbing and shows a Turk running over a killing an old women. This is the attitude of the entire region with regards to "Human Rights".

The Good ole Boy days of helping those in trouble need to return. We lost so much when everyone just doesn't wish to get involved.

Gun Control Debate will be a major issue along with Impeachment in the next election.

12 Young men were arrested for Statutory rape with two young girls somewhere between 12 and 15 years old according to the Press.

Oh Crap what are they going to think of next!!! SMH and I thought the US had problems with their court system!!

“I think non-African-Americans think African Americans all look the same,” squad member Tlaib tells Police Chief. The Squad is simply racist bigots who have found the home of bigots in the US: DEMOCRAT PARTY.

Schiff and his staff were in contact with the whistleblower prior to the filing of the complaint. This is a conspiracy run by the Chairman of the House Intelligence committee, He claimed he knew nothing before the story broke and now we learn his staff helped the Whistleblower.

Heath is always a major issue for Presidents and this will effective end any chance Bernie would have had.

General commentary concerning the opening of Upscale Pot Shop and Individual Rights and Responsibilities.

Vladimir is playing a game with the US Politicians trying to goad Congress into demanding transcripts of his calls.

Public Service Announcement!! Sex is dangerous to your health!!! Perhaps we should think about banning it like Vaping!!

Seriously though, pay attention to where you are.

Compared to motorcycles deaths in the nation this can not honestly be called a crisis can it? Wait, maybe I shouldn't give these fools anymore ideas!!

Her lies will only fuel the deranged left. She said this on national TV and there was NO push back at all. We are all headed for a civil war.


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