A historical overview of how Freemasons manipulated the Hawaiian monarchy resulting in takeover by the USA military industrial complex illegally.

A look at educational and political buildings in Honolulu, along with their historical narrative.

A look at more buildings on Oahu and Hawaiian History.

A look at the buildings in and around Honolulu on Oahu.

An overview of the skeletal gender markers and how they can be used to determine gender among the celebrities.

The deceit includes Contemporary Christian music artists.

The children are victims, yet still part of the whole deception of trans idols in the media. If a child grows up with a TV in their room, watching Disney or 'safe' programs, they are being exposed to transgender actors who they develop spiritual ties with from a young age. In order to be cleansed spiritually, one needs to rid the soul of these ties and see the satanic actors for who they truly represent... the deities who possess them. Child actors become possessed by demonic entities during satanic rituals at their birth, and are required to become cannibals, promote celebrating pagan holidays, and corrupt the minds of children worldwide who imitate them.

The people in the USA political leaders and UN politicians are not who they present to be. They are all pagan entities, the opposite gender as they show the world. Do not be deceived! These frauds need to be exposed.

The leaders who have been popular on the TV screen and who constantly ask their followers for money are false teachers. This video also exposes them as opposite gender. Prove all things, look at the bone structure for truth.

The Contemporary Christian singers are the ones least suspected to deceive their fans. This one is a flat out liar who is exceptional at putting their fans in a trance with their throaty voices.

This one is among many trans deities who win the silver and gold olympic medals at this satanic ritual display of 'talent'. The unwritten rule since its inception is that 'only trans athletes are allowed to win.' It is rigged.

These TV evangelists have made millions on unsuspecting followers who send their hard earned money to these trans parasites. They have a 'form' of godliness but deny the power thereof. The last days are full of them in the media.

It is much easier to see the trans agenda in celebrities who are disliked by audiences in general, than those who present as squeaky clean and like-able. This one received much media coverage in the 1980's. The narrative is created for the actors by the cabal. No one is propped to this much fame without being transgender.

The pro athletes are tough to do investigations on because of their enhancements through hormones, body and facial hair, and voice change. The bones do not lie; look for feminine curves on pro football players, especially those with lots of sponsors, commercials, and air time. They are modern day 'gods' who people pay thousands of dollars to support and cheer on their favorites. They spend more time money on these entities than they do with their own children.

This apostate religious family has stolen millions from deceived 'supporters' and teach a false doctrine to boot. The 'prosperity' teachers on TV are not to be trusted, as they are propped to fame and fortune in the same way as the other famous ones are, all related and close to USA presidents and the royals. Expose deceit and teach truth.

The entertainment industry has been deceiving their viewers for a long time. The most well known actors who are pushed to fame from childhood are the most dangerous; people who are attached to these deities have a lot of spiritual work to rid themselves of the fantasy. Just by acknowledging we have been deceived on a mass scale is a good first step; most are too proud to think they have been duped and would rather spew hate to the messenger.

The most frustrating part of discovering that every A-list celebrity (household name) is transgender, is their advertising of serious medical issues that only the opposite gender can attain. Endometriosis is a painful, torturous and disabling disease which affects 1/10 people worldwide, and the numbers are rising. These men claim to have experienced infertility issues and women-only diseases, dressed as women. They all lie, and will say whatever is on their script.

The politicians, Contemporary Christian Artists (Amy Grant, Michael W Smith), and other recognizable faces who became world famous, have all been transgender in the USA for hundreds of years, and in England for even longer. The royals are a huge part of achieving fame and fortune in the new world order; their bloodlines continue through their offspring, who are all trans from birth. Do not be deceived.

The pro athletes are not exempt from the trans agenda; no one achieves fame and fortune in the new world order with lots of media time unless they worship the Baphomet deity by being transgendered from birth. Their DNA is manipulated and 'super athletes' are created in a lab, then given lots of screen time to increase their fan base and worship of these false idols. The pro sports world is run by freemason satanists who handpick their players, their names and their numbers from the time they are born and raised in satanic families.

The Mathers family bloodline is one of serpent seed, illuminati, which is why this person rose to fame out of nowhere and was highly publicized, even a movie in her honor with a false narrative. Those who worship this deity tend to have narcissistic traits, just like the actor portrays. Those who receive this much media time and gold albums need to be investigated for who is really controlling them. The synthetics are easily created by the cabal, and interchange with the actor, possessed by demons.

The pro athletes are the last place i looked for these entities, but they are definitely not exempt from the trans agenda. The false idols and Greek gods of old participated in 'sports' (this word also means copulation); the Olympics and in the Roman Coliseum are some good examples. The gods were androgynous; those whose names and fame are included in history books, especially. The secret trans are such a deception, it is time they were exposed.

A look at the two famous ones who have very similar facial structures, mannerisms, and song choice.

The second part of the truth hidden in plain sight; A-list celebrities are required to have certain serpent seed bloodlines in order to achieve fame and fortune. They all pay homage to their deity, Baphomet, by trans-gendering their children from birth and there is no natural reproduction in the new world order.

A study of 'famous ones' who have been announced as deceased in the media, and their various roles they play on the world stage. Gender markers noted, similar to the way a forensic scientist would examine the bones of the deceased to determine gender.

The famous ones in the world today are the same as the 'famous ones' described in scripture, their bloodlines have been meticulously recorded and preserved for the end times, and all worship their deity Baphomet by trans-gendering themselves and their children from birth. No natural reproduction in the new world order. Faceapp helps us to not be deceived and to see what they would look like had they remained their birth gender.


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