This might not be a film for everyone but I did'nt see anything like it.
It's an adaption of the Tempest by Shakespeare and unique because it's not to be found anywhere.
At least it's a visual spectacle even for the one's who don't like this kind of material.
Directed by legendary Peter Greenaway.

Good movie with Anthony Hopkins and a whole lot of others.

The episode explains itself.

The episode explains itself.

The episode explains itself.

The episode explains itself.

A newspaper man gets killed in 1920 Chicago.

Ness is fighting Capones distribution network.
First aired in 1959 with an introduction by Desi Arnas.

Sad story about the hardness of heart of men.
Produced by the Coen brothers.

Actually the moslim beard and it's origins.
Try not to laugh on this infinite stupidity.

Hear the opinion of an insider..and prepare for what's around the corner.

Evil phantasy film with Danny Trejo.
Directed by Robert Rodrigues.
Enjoy the ride.

Last vid was about being 67 years old.
This is an update 11 years later..but still alive.
God bless him.

Very interesting interview about Nick Nolte with Nick Nolte from 2008.
Called..No Exit.
We all get older..and die away..but some people you can't forget.
He's 67 years old here.

Frank Millers Sin City 2.

Today..perhaps a dangerous film about immigration at the U.S border.
And the human suffering involved.

In honour of Rutger Hauer who passed away a few days ago at 75 years old.
It's an early film directed by Paul Verhoeven.
Rest in peace Rutger Hauer.

First episode from the 1960's series.
Desilu productions.
With Robert Stack as Eliot Ness.

Just listen.

A good example how to deal with Muslims,
in Europe and the U.S.A and the rest of the world.
Wipe it out!

A great performance by Tom Waits.
Directed by Joel Coen-Nathan Coen.
Anyone who loves Tom Waits should see this.
A master in his old age.

Singing gunslinger story.
Directed by Joel Coen-Ethan Coen.

I could not helped myself after seeing this on bitshute to reupload it again.
It's a new channel but this video brought tears to my eyes.
It's beautiful ,apart from the black filth that is.
Listen to the music alone,and you might understand what was given
by the lord Jesus Christ to the white race only.

The third testament.
Revelations from the Christ.
You better take this seriously folks.
Because it's the truth.

The last vid about the apostate prophet.
If you wan't to know more visit his channel.


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