Famous film.

Funny film with Jean Paul Belmondo.

Fine movie from the sixties with Lino Ventura and Jean Paul Belmondo
for the first time together in one film.

I had to redirect to u.s.a to play this vid with the v.p.n.
So..what the hell is going on in Holland blocking it?
Video not available is usually what you get without a v.p.n.
The good news is they're working on another comment system
because of spam on disqus..something more moderated.
If that is true we won nothing and can say farewell to free speech.

Classic western with Clint Eastwood and Lee van Cleef.

Van Man is coming down to earth after things were happening so fast
in Olympic National Forest Washinton.

Another old but good movie with Jean Paul Belmondo.

Good old film with Jean Paul Belmondo.

Van Man returns to his Van from Alaska pocket filled with money.
And his appendix taken care of by the company he worked for.
Good deal.

Nice film with Dennis Hopper etc..

Evil movie with Rutger Hauer.
But very well done.

Finally..Jackie Chan and Jet Li together in one movie.

Good action movie from J.C
English spoken.

Epic French film about life in a mine community in the 1900's.
A film by Claude Berri a director responsable for many great movies.
And this is one of them after the roman of Emile Zola.

Ege of altron.

Iconic movie from the sixties with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper..1969

Second movie.

Crazy film with Harvey Keitel.. Quintin Tarantino etc..

Action Movie..English Spoken.

The film made after Cervantes all time great story.
With John Litgow and Bob Hoskins.
Follow your dreams and forget about all the rest.

Good film with Sam Neill..Rutger Hauer..Isabella Rosselini etc..

Great film with Harry Dean Stanton..Natasha Kinsky etc..
Music by Ry Cooder..Directed by Wim Wenders.

Good film with Mickey Rourke..Bob Hoskins etc..

Second film.

For the ones who did'nt like Peter And Paul maybe this is more to your taste.


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Basicly I'm a so called Lorberian or a believer in the New Revelation written by Lorber.
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I'm also a follower of Emanuel Swedenborg a Swedish visionary.
Both men and their works are supporting each other.
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For all the rest this is a movie channel where I post evil movies
to keep it interesting and to draw attention to the books.