How to repair holes in drywall. In this video I have to fix holes left in the drywall by a hormonal teenager.

Tricks I have learned from working with professional flooring installers for marking and cutting laminate flooring.


How to fix a running kohler toilet by replacing the silent fill valve.


How to replace the water inlet valve on an Amana Top Load washing machine and also how we went about diagnosing the problem.

Where I order appliance repair parts from:

You can usually save money through Rakuten (formerly Ebates) if you order through Here's a link to sign up for it (it helps me out a little if you use this link, thanks):


Sharpening your hand planes and chisels need not be expensive. Actually, you can probably do it with supplies you already have around the house. In this video I show how I do it.

All you need to sharpen your plane or chisel is a flat surface (I use glass because I know it is perfectly flat), sand paper, and a lubricant (I use Windex in this video).

The 15 dollar jig I use is optional really, but I chose to buy one because I am terrible at maintaining the angle myself. If you want to get one, you can use the link below (it is not an affiliate link)

The jig I used:

I spent about 5 minutes on each grit of sand paper. To take it to the next level you can go even higher on the sand paper grit, use a diamond stone, or honing compound. But for a budget friendly solution that gets you a serviceable edge, I think this is good enough.

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