I still can't believe that Longfur is gone. I just couldn't process that fact yet. He was my one and only true friend, and now he's dead. I still constantly look out of the window and check the front door, to see if he's there.
The last I can do is compile a video of his pictures in his honour, like I did for his sister back in 2018 -
0:00 - Maeda Jun - Unjust life
2:40 - Jeremy Soule - The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion - Auriel's Ascension
5:20 - Da Capo - Yureru Kokoro
I was strongly tempted to use Yazoo's "And On" for the video, because I felt that its lyrics are so fitting
"I sat there for a long time,
Expecting to turn and see you there
I ran my fingers through the long grass
Willing it to turn into your hair"
But in the end, I went with the more respectable option of just using melancholic instruments from games that I like. Rest in peace, Longfur. Purr in heaven. You're in God's hands now.

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