These aliens don't want to give a guy a break, do they?

It's high time I did something about this overeager Metroid population, wouldn't you say?

This is quite a trip through time, alright!

What a lovely place, not! Time to take my complaints to the cyclops manager!

It's time for me to spring my trap.

We shall bring the fight to them!

Just a livestream I did on my Youtube channel. If you want to see more, I'm livestreaming again on Monday:

It is time for the ritual to truly begin.

Time to dial the shoulder size up to 11!

Who wrote this script? It's just a bunch of lizard scratches.

This infamous historical figure is about to go down.

After defeating General Custer, it's time to stop that bomb!

Playing through possibly my favorite level in Duke 3D and the series.

It's time to exterminate every last one of these mother loving metroids!

Can it swing from a web? No, but it.... sticks to walls. Look out, it is the Spiderball!

Please don't burn my butt off with your lasuhs.

It's time to return to familiar grounds, hunting a very familiar enemy.

Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon

Where were these two when the aliens were invading? Playing Poker?

Note: Sorry about the blackscreen! I didn't know OBS screwed up half-way through.

Funny thing about using an actual US President, makes the game dated.

With my two six shooters, you will not prevail!


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