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2nd upload after first quit playing after 254 views. Music video

Music Video

Mgtow Version Music Video

Just trying to keep humor in those failed relationships that befall us brothers.

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SWLABR = "she walks like a bearded rainbow",
there is a hint in the video if you don't know what that is.

Tom Cruise gets a girlfriend in "Jack Reacher"
Paris Hilton makes a terrific catch in "House of Wax"
Arnold divorces Sharon in "Total Recall"

What's going on in the world today?

The Reflections "Romeo and Juliet"

Song: Hey Girl - froSTed
Amanda and the Alien.

Valentines Day video for my MGTOW brothers.

Taking Care of Business
Bachman, Turner, Overdrive

Great Jack Nicholson moments

Theme song from Than Came Bronson tv series 69-70, starring Michael Parks (RIP).
Co-starring Mgtow Smurf riding his Kawasaki KLR650 in the Sam Houston National Forest.

This behavior is actually accepted and encouraged. Long live MGTOW

South Park clip Butters Stotch tap dance and song

Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in a clip from Easy Rider 1969

Classic 1970 Restaurant Scene Jack Nicholson

Charlize Theron in a scene from Monster

WARNING: This will happen if you date robots.

Video for the red pilled man.

Here is a sound byte of Steve Mcqueen starring in his last Dirty Harry movie. One month later on
August 27, 1990 he would tragically die in an airplane crash outside of East Troy, Wisconsin along with
other members of his entourage.

Exercise Video

Beware my MGTOW brothers if you are going to associate with women at least be informed. Women enhance their beauty by wearing makeup, shapewear clothing, pushup bras, hair dye and extensions, heels to look taller, plastic surgery, botox, implants. Than once you sleep with her you discover what she really looks like, would you feel that you were lied to?

"Mr. Soul" is about Neil Young's personal problems with fame and disregard towards rock stardom. It was written by Young after experiencing an epilepsy attack after an early show with Buffalo Springfield in San Francisco. Many people in the audience were questioning if it was part of the act. While being a patient at UCLA Medical Center's neuropsychiatry branch, he wrote the song once he was awake and recovering and told to return for further tests. The lyrics had reflected Young's experience, feeling as though he was about to die. Thereupon, he was advised by his doctor to never take LSD or any other hallucinogenic drugs.


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