I heard it said before that one marker of intelligence is the questioning of authority. Before separation of church and state, the priests had all the power and to question them was heresy. Modern people think they're so different but they do the same thing today with scientists. If you disagree with a scientist, people will call you a denier. Even if the scientist is average in intelligence and speaking on a topic they have no expertise in. Like when Bill Nye who has a degree in engineering says anyone who disagrees with the climate change hypothesis should be arrested and thrown in prison. Then there's the government. Someone who is elected by average people will be perfectly average. Yet politicians are treated as if they are wiser and above the little people. As one of those supposed little people I can't help but notice there's not a whole lot of politicians I can look up to. When some want to censor and silence people they often use the term "authoritative news" which might as well be a euphemism meaning news for stupid people. Anyone who goes beyond MSM for news knows they lie constantly. And there's a lot of appeals to authority in the court system. Like why are juries better at determining guilt than the average person? Are politicians better than average at determining punishments? And personally I think judges as a whole are worse than average at making judgements. As someone who likes guns I noticed that there's also an appeal to authority in some of the gun control arguments. They'll present a police officer that's in favor of gun control and claim that the "experts" want gun control when in reality just being an officer doesn't make you an expert on guns. An appeal to authority has the appeal of not having to think for yourself.

This isn't serious but it's all true

When I'm watching a video on some political topic then I scroll down to the comments I often see very anti-Semitic comments so I decided that I would try to refute their claims. I wanted to know what exactly this group of people believe and why so I went to a profile called "The Goyim Know" to see his comments and memes to see what I could glean from it. One of the claims put forward is that the Jews are behind all of the leftist ideologies like communism or cultural Marxism. I think this can be explained by the fact that Jews as a group have a very high average IQ which means any philosophy or way of thinking is probably going to have a disproportionate amount of intellectuals that are Jewish. If you look at the intellectuals who oppose communism a disproportionate number of them are also Jewish. And I know there's the meme of controlled opposition but really you could say that about any group and no one ever has enough evidence of this to satisfy my curiosity. There's also the idea that the Holocaust was a hoax. Now when it comes to the death toll I have heard convincing arguments that the death tolls have been greatly exaggerated. And there's a huge difference between saying the Holocaust didn't happen and saying that the numbers have been exaggerated. What I believe happened is that innocent Jews as well as homosexuals and the disabled were rounded up and killed and then later the death tolls were exaggerated, by how much I'm not sure and I don't know of anyone knowledgeable enough to give a definitive answer. But the simple answer is that if even one innocent person is killed because of their ethnicity it's one too many and the principle still stands. I've also seen the meme that Israel did 911 and it's an idea that I've come across before I just have never had a reason to believe it. I think this could be a case of someone wanting something to be true. I say that because if it were true there would be no way of knowing. What I believe about 911 is probably controversial to many but I think the government allowed it to happen because they have ways of preventing airplanes from being hijacked and ways of preventing hijacked airplanes from running into buildings in New York. I just don't think there was some kind of Jewish mastermind or Jewish conspiracy behind it. There's this other weird thing that I saw them doing where they look into someone that is politically connected or influential and then find someone that they know that is Jewish and then say see this is their handler. I just think that's so ridiculous I mean I could say that about any group. I could say well since Obama had ties to David Duke that means the world is secretly run by the KKK. Now one thing I do agree with is that we shouldn't be sending money to Israel but I don't think we should be sending money or resources to any other country because we have so much debt already. This particular profile that I looked at called "The Goyim Know" did have a comment about the holocaust and says his information is unbiased because it's from a Jew and then he says this person does good work or something to that effect I don't remember the exact words. I bring this up because it shows that obviously this particular person wouldn't be in favor of something as extreme as a genocide but then it's difficult to say exactly what their beliefs are. The posting of caricatures of Jews implies that they would be in favor of a genocide. I haven't heard any of these people say they would be in favor of it. But in the past that's what people used caricatures for, to demonize the other. I know there are a lot of corrupt and powerful people that are Jewish and that they have a strong in group preference but I fail to see how that makes Jews any different from any other group of people. In any group of people you have the corrupt, the evil, and psychopaths but you also have the sincere, the good, and the compassionate. That is the reason why we need to treat everyone as an individual and not part of a group. The smallest minority is the minority of one.

Before I start on race realism I should explain a little more about IQ. One of the criticisms of IQ tests is that it is culturally biased but there have been changes made to IQ tests to make it less biased and more universal and objective. Another criticism involves the definition of intelligence and that if we can't accurately define what intelligence is then how can we measure it. And though it is true that we don't really have a scientific and accurate definition of intelligence we do see that there are many things that are determined by IQ. For instance criminals tend to have an IQ of 85. There are other factors as well we can go into later but IQ is one of if not the most important factor that determines criminality. When I looked up average IQ for different jobs the lowest was waiters/waitresses at 87-88 which means that most likely people with an IQ below 87 are probably not capable of holding a job. People with an IQ of around 90-104 typically are not criminals and have stable jobs but people in this group tend not to have an appreciation for things like art, literature, philosophy, or politics. It's usually people in this group that get very excited or even obsessed with sports but can't tell you who their governor is. People with an IQ of 105 or more tend to be much more interested in art, literature, philosophy, and politics. Criminality in this group is rare and also because there is a correlation between IQ and income people in this group tend to have an annual income higher than $50,000. There was also a study done in the U.K. which found a correlation between IQ and life expectancy although how or why is still unknown. Now when it comes to race realism it is stated that the average IQ for American blacks is 85, average for hispanics is 90, for whites it's 100, for East Asians it's 105, and for Jews it's 114. This is the controversial statement that everyone derides as racist but the reason why I don't think it is, is because it's a simple statement of fact and I think a lot of people don't understand averages. So my IQ is probably above 115 if I was in a room with 20 other people but they had an IQ of 90 and then someone told me the average for the room was 91 that wouldn't upset me because it's just everyone's test scores added up divided by the number of people. And if you look at the bell curve of IQ for blacks you would see that a large percentage are above the average for whites so one way to think of the average is where the center of the bell curve is. So basically what I'm saying is that when it comes to judging individuals racial IQ scores are completely useless. Another response a lot of people have is they'll say I have black friends and they're all very intelligent. But the issue with this is that groups of friends tend to have similar IQs regardless of race. So my friends that are black probably have an IQ close to 115. Now the question is when is the average IQ of different races relevant. Well we know from the averages that the police are not racist. Because if you believe that all races have the same distribution of intelligence then the higher arrest rates for blacks would be an indication of racial bias. So it can be said that because the distributions are different the police don't have a racial bias. It also explains why Hitler hated the Jews. They have a very high average and so tend to have high incomes. Germany's prewar economy was absolutely terrible. And so the perception from the native Germans was that we are much poorer now but the Jews still have a lot of money. And many people think of the economy as a zero sum game so the perception was that the Jews made the Germans poor and this created a lot of jealousy and resentment towards a whole group of people. So in the end race realism is just a statement of fact and actually explains a lot when it comes to group dynamics among identitarians even though it is completely useless when it comes to judging individuals. Thanks for watching


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