‪In my newest video, I make a comparison between the Axis and Allies of World War II and the modern day SJW movement and its allies.‬

try to keep up with my insane ranting! #SJW #SocialJustice

A Rant About Debt

I am writing material and attempting to hone my craft at stand-up comedy. I look forward to getting feedback and advice.

A Conversation With My Wife: Ideologies

Michelle Obama, Forever First Lady, and Other Hot Takes

The Leftist Plantation

Illegal Is Not A Race

Kanye West has come under fire recently for supporting Trump. Looks like another star has decided to join the ranks of the right side of history.

I Used To Be a Leftist

Several Killed in Toronto

There are a lot of concurrent forces at work in the wake of a relatively small incident. I simply lay out the facts in this video. If you wish to build on them, do so. I implore you.

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