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The microscopic analysis of medals, awards, and badges. Reverse engineering each item with the help of the microscope, as well as a thorough comprehension of how original items are made, and how forgeries are cast. Letting the items do the talking, ignoring everything that is either in print or claimed about them by Militaria dealers or collectors.

My research, these videos and work that goes into them is 100% community-sponsored.
Most of the items examined are sent in by collectors who are trying to help the collecting community; by once and for all getting the bottom of whether an item is genuine or not.
With my knowledge as a medal maker, as well as my knowledge as a forger of these items, coupled with the microscopes I use, it is easy to show collectors whether an item is a correctly manufactured period object, or if it is a post-war produced fake.
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Without your contributions, this work is not possible. So, it is entirely up to the collecting community whether my research and these videos continue. Nobody works for free, and because these videos greatly benefit the community as a whole and save collectors tens upon tens of thousands of dollars, asking for a little support is only fair.
Warning: Most of the items examined are in some way connected to the Third Reich period in Germany. The creator of these videos has no affiliation with any radical organizations and holds no political vies. Any and all politically motivated comments on this channel will be deleted and the poster blocked.