The image of the Buddha, while varying in its settings, is a reminder of the peace that is available within to all who seek it. Regardless of circumstance, for some the desire for deep peace is a powerful urge. This music is inspired by that urge and reflected in these images.

The deep mysterious beauty of nature has moved poets, philosophers, theologians, and artists of all kinds since humans starting expressing themselves. I was inspired by the majesty of a quiet lake where I gratefully spend my summers to compose this piece.

An homage to the quiet season when the land sleeps.


Created 3 years, 2 months ago.

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I enjoy writing about the ideas and perspectives I’ve found worthwhile. I’m a moderate individual with a general attitude of “live and let live” to the degree that is possible.

I’m interested in the inner life, what some would call the philosophical and/or spiritual life. Like many of you, I’ve read more books than I can count in my pursuit of knowledge. So I offer some ideas that have been influential and some thoughts along the way.

I’ve composed and played music for much of my life. Now that technology has made it possible for a single artist to express full orchestral compositions, it has become easier for individual composers to share their ideas.

Some of the music here was composed many years ago, some of it only last week. But all of it comes from the single musical question that has motivated me from the very beginning, “what would it sound like if…”

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