While the debates go on about the Source of all things, sometimes the simplest response is gratitude for one's existence. I had a moment of it while at a lake and fortunately had my camera with me.

Audio only - I recently listened to a podcast on philosophy. In it was a question about one's motivation in life that really got me thinking. Here are those thoughts.

This is the first of my "Eye of Beauty" series. It's a simple idea. I create a video comprised of images that are available for reuse, and then add original music to it. In this case, I composed and recorded the music a few weeks after the video was created.

Every once in a while I am struck by my surroundings as amazing and miraculous. It is easy to overlook these things in the endless disagreements and crises on display. But sometimes it helps to take a wider view of human ingenuity and creativity.

Here is a short video on what I think is a great way to enjoy discussions, learn new things, and expand one's thinking.

I visited the memorial near the site of the shooting on the Danforth in Toronto. Rather than subject anyone to my commentary on such terrible event, I decided to let the memorial speak for itself. This is a moment to take 60 seconds, watch this, and contemplate your personal feelings.

A follow up to my blog post about the nasty edge that discourse is taking online. This is part of the evolution of my thinking. As always, when I get new information, I learn and adjust. http://mindmuser.com/getting-weary-of-the-hatefest/

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A short comment on my experience when renewing my passport. I did actually get the passport, but it was not a foregone conclusion.


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