Ministry Of Mediocrity

Ministry Of Mediocrity

People are addicted to the deep clean!
A discussion that veers into unequal opportunity racism, and racist things that aren't..

About 11 minutes too long, however some may find this enjoyable, so here it is.

When you know you're 'right'.

We need uploaders to slay the beast,
Bitchute needs more variety.

The louder the better
I'll turn in my grave.

I don't know how to cope any more.

1 out of 9 ain't bad.
It was a lazy late night, and only Fake Fudgy felt like making a film.
(It's really difficult to film cats, never get just what you wanted)
Fake Fudgy is a smart cat, as far as cats are smart.

No more clowning around, SICK of the F'n Neo-Clowns

Brownie enjoying a spanking as the other jealous cats look on.
(I would never hurt my cats, no cat was hurt at all)

What he chases is just as fast as he is, EXACTLY as fast!

They hated your salami and it's side dish.

Used by permission by Fred of CCN - Cross Canada News

Sometimes unwanted broken guitars aren't that hard to fix.

Tom Sing You EVP?

Yes, it IS pointing upwards.

Damn right I knew!
and....BONUS! Bill O'Reilly!

I suck at guitar, yet 1 grass fire and 2 beers later, I suck more awesomely!
Let me inspire you, you can suck greatly too, it's all about having FUN with a musical tool!
Umm, I'm the TOOL! Hey Ladies,...musical tool here!... I need a beer....
(Fudgy is 1 of my cats)

Where there are suckers, you will find buyers if you are a dishonest prick bullshit artist.

This is the best EVP I have EVER recorded! (for multiple reasons)

Here's your Freakin' EVP's, And Featuring some Japanese 'Spirit' very unhappy about the....

More great suckage for THOU!

I'm kinda great, and I kinda suck, I know that already.
I uploaded this being of not 100% sound mind.

This is the Big Rest.
Is this the end?

Need someone to drink with? Go drink with the dead!
And watch out for that horse that isn't there.

EVP of strange unexplainable voices I captured in the graveyard.


Created 5 months ago.

33 videos


Genuine unexplained sounds I captured in the graveyard.
I am willing to provide the original files for scrutiny if requested.