Ministry Of Mediocrity

4 More Years.

Video inspired by the jewnastics over at Handsome Truth's discussion board.

The true Smurfites, not those fake smurfites, who think they are smurfitic, but are not.

Stick this up your tailpipe!

I thought we had standards in OUR Canadian law.

I'm confused.

A few more items I question the validity of.
Teutonic Knight:

I saw a few things amongst the unexplainable in this video that can easily be explained.

Is 5g the Beast System?

What does the bible mean when it says the dead shall rise?
Actual corpses?

Just another, yet another shitty video for the Goys.

Who asked for this?

Why was Heavy Metal abandoned by the record labels in favour of Hip-Hop and rap?
Just blabbing, a shitty video talking music on my way to da likka sto.

Another beer review, another mediocre rant.
Not anti-gay, just gay bullshit.
Whatever, ...this is a virgin taste beer review.

I just want to play the f'n thing already!

How does the independent woman benefit society? Well, it doesn't.

Slap those with Acute Kumbaya Syndrome.

I only got one, but it was a good one!

This is a live learning video, ie. I am learning about National Socialism as I make this video.

What tribe do you belong to?

Don't drink that!

More EVP's From Seemingly Undead Ed.


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Genuine unexplained sounds I captured in the graveyard.
I am willing to provide the original files for scrutiny if requested.