Ministry Of Mediocrity

For testing purposes only, I am not responsible.

This is freakin' creepy!

My Spidey senses became aroused whilst seeking out a Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger.

I prayed for a prophetic dream, I got one, but not the way I expected to receive one.
Russia will tire of Biden and remove the problem?
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I keep looking at the clock and seeing 22:22 and 22:22:22, then another cat dies, so I do an EVP session because I miss her.
I have another (nuclear disaster) multiple person, prophecy vid coming later, so subscribe so you don't miss it.

I was supposed to be done every weekend for weeks now, it's now 99.658%, despite minor bugs to work out, I feel the satisfaction of something you get when you built something yourself.

I made a mini-bike, why? Because my Coleman has no rear suspension.
Next video I start it up, test, and hopefully ride. But the weather is getting colder and it's too dark to work by 5:00PM.

Funny how the Afghan war ended at this time, like it was on purpose.

To see his teeth in real life is something else!

TPTB don't want him to gain traction here in Canada.

Seems like another dot forming a picture.

Another semi-adequate mini bike adventure.

Hey guys, you know you think about these things.

I just talk about shit in the graveyard and I got some EVP's to share.
I am not making any claims, these are just voices/sounds I found in the recording from the graveyard..

More trails and I ponder GMO gone crazy.

Testing my sport camera, been wanting one, but not for anything over $300, I don't pay for brand names if I can get good enough for cheaper.

Watch me do this, avoid my mistakes and idiot boy maneuvers and save some time and frustration.
Includes Fudgy the cat.

I had an issue that after modifying my mini-bike, at throttle it would spit and sputter and creep along, yet idled OK.
And Edith n. of GDOTET's is referred to!!!
And shed cat too!

This video may, or may not suck, might be shitty, I'm not sure?

The covi-fear porn just keeps on coming, better get vaccinated.
Tired of the bullshit.

I took my new mini-bike for it's first major run, but I don't have a go-pro so it's mostly just talking about the bike.

My Spidey senses tingled big time when I first found out about this.

OK, we are in a battle for minds, they have the best psychologists telling them how to fool us, the people, learn and use their psych to influence people.


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