Mark Passio shares some Occultic Knowledge hidden from the plebs and anyone else sub lvl 32, encapsulated within the seed of life.

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Experimental fantasy horror
Directed by Louis Malle

【危険生物】海のギャング!巨大活ウツボ料理の作り方!職人技 日本 紀州 銀ちろ
The Sea Gang(Moray Eel)
Cuisine Japanese Style!

The technique introduced in the video, "lkejime," originated in Japan, where the fish is immediately killed (brain-dead) and bled to prevent decomposition of the flesh and keep it fresh longer.

"Shinkeijime" is a technique that has recently been gaining attention in Japan, where a special wire-like device (piano wire in this case) is used to destroy the nerve bundles (spinal cord) that run along the upper middle bone of the fish.

This is said to prevent the fish from becoming violent or stressed, to prevent the loss of ATP (the source of energy and flavor in fish), and to prolong the time when rigor mortis begins.

From a religious point of view (Islam, veganism, etc.), people from overseas may think that such a method is cruel and inhumane, but it is a necessary technology to make raw fish such as sushi and sashimi, which the Japanese love, more delicious, and this technology for handling fish meat is unique to Japan and is still evolving.

Not everyone, but many Japanese people seem to have this kind of thoughts, ideas and philosophy.
"We eat and live with gratitude and respect for all life, be it animals, fish, or plants, without distinction."

Movie shooting cooperation: "Kishu no Ajidokoro Ginchiro"


As for the eel they cut the head off and severed the spinal cord. Cut it completely in two. If they cut the head completely off, it would've been difficult to hang to let the blood drain. But that eel didn't feel any pain once it's spinal cord was cut.

The brain had no way of sending pain signals to the body, and the brain had no way of receiving oxygen. So even if the animal was 'alive' after it's spinal cord was cut, which is highly unlikely, the lack of oxygen would've killed with. It literally couldn't feel any sort of pain.

They want to stop the animals dead body from producing a chemical that makes the meat taste bad


- The Khazarian Mafia practices Black Magic while pretending they are Jewish.
- The (Rothschilds) started the central bank in London.
- They were responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution where 60 million Russians were killed and another 40 million raped, tortured and enslaved.
- Forced starvation has been the tactic of the Bolsheviks and communists since the beginning, to break the masses into submission
- Your time to face the darkness is coming soon!

Jesuit Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The jesuit psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, he lacks conscience and empathy, making him manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) criminal.

The question then becomes can you recognize potential when you see it?

Is NZ run by murderous sociopaths?

Notable works of Fyodor Dostoevsky
Deep dive into the criminal psyche

Notes from Underground (1864)

Crime and Punishment (1866)

The Idiot (1868–1869)

The Possessed (The Devils) (1871–1872)

The Brothers Karamazov (1879–1880)

You have to admire world famous in NZ TV Expert on social behaviour and human psychology der lange Marsch durch die Institutionen Paul Foucaults tenacity to never go off script and persist with the Anger and Racism studies 101. Do these academic dogmatic adherents of statism understand suffering? Have they experienced the dark night of the soul and realised the way to free those lost in the underworld? Or do they endlessly make up boogeymen and call for more power to be handed to the state? Problem - Reaction - Solution? We can't tell.

Why Banning Social Media Won’t Fix Anything

Clown World Chronicles: What Is ‘Learned Helplessness’?

Who Are The Boogeymen ‘Alt Right’?

Clown World Chronicles: History In Clown World

Spoonley stars on Bitchute

c mccoy local (youtube shadow banned) legend 'asking the questions'
Source: https://youtu.be/iQ20YOE_ztk

"An injustice we have perpetrated is much harder to bear than an injustice perpetrated against us (not precisely on moral grounds, note well); the actor is always the actual sufferer, if, that is to say, he is accessible to pangs of conscience or has the insight to see that through his action he has armed society against him and isolated himself. That is why we ought, purely for the sake of our inner happiness, that is to say so as not to lose our ease and quite apart from the commandments of religion and morality, to guard ourselves against committing injustice even more than against experiencing injustice: for the latter carries with it the consolation of the good conscience and hope of revenge and of the sympathy and applause of the just, indeed of the whole of society, who live in fear of the evil-doer.—There are not a few who understand the unclean art of self-duping by means of which every unjust act they perform is reminted into an injustice done to them by others and the exceptional right of self-defense reserved to what they themselves have done: the purpose being greatly to ease the weight of their own burden."
- Friedrich Nietzsche.

After military service Danila Bagrov have returned to his home town. But boring life of Russian province didn't suit him and he decided to go to Saint Petersburg, where his elder brother was living for several years. Danila found his brother. But everything was not so easy - his brother was a killer.

Balabanov has created an intense crime drama that attempts to answer Dostoyevsky's "eternal question": what does one do in a lawless society? Danila, the hero, has lost his innocence during the war in Chechnya. In this way he really represents all of Russia in that he has lost his heritage and his identity, and now must make his way in the new Russia. Like many others at the time, Danila turns to crime in order to survive.

Nautilus Pompilius - Крылья (ALTAvista)

Наутилус Помпилиус - Крылья

Post-USSR Doomer Music vol 1

Can we get some British Law Enforcement Professionalism around here
Roasted snake meat over a spit with soy sauce

We need your help…
Help us raise awareness so that we find Clarke


Show Lingo Lewi some love

At Weeks End News

Its only a matter days until NZ hands over what is effectively our democracy to the WHO globalists, and not even a single MSM editor has deemed it newsworthy.

The silence from opposition parties is deafening.

@StuffNZPolitics @nzherald @NZNationalParty @actparty @NNPartyNZ

“All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.”
- Frank Herbert.

The silver lining to a gubbmint that has lost the plot and resorts to violence and fear porn - is that serious thinkers emerge and bring coalescence and galvanize the centre.

The seeds of life of the states future decimation and destruction are finding fertile soil in the hearts of men from the onslaught wrought by David Parkers 2day Enabling Act of May 13th 2020. After 2 years of mass psychosis you are primed to hand your national health sovereignty to a corporation!
No national sovereignty subversion to see here folks 🙈
No birth cert strawman slavery here folks 🙈
We only care about māori when politically convenient 🙈

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius bitches
As the dying drunk on the blood of the nations power parasites struggle to kill and stab at us, we collectively he waka eke noa hold them over the burning flames of their fiat magical mind control bits of scrap paper. As humanity scraps their global world order 1000 year, we set our 22,000 year plan. EVOLVE into the greater potential of collective consciousness in the age of AIR, intelligence and reason.

Truth Does Not Fear Investigation and those who hide in the shadows will continue to be exposed with the radiant thinkers and outliers light from pure of blood, heart,

Congratulations humanity
A new low of moral depravity
Enjoy the Human stockfeed microwave snack and jerkey

Guangzhou Unique Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Nusa Origin

Praise Her Royal Majesty and His Royal Asshole as they yeet effluents out the sides of their ivory towers onto the streets as in medieval times.

The economy is wrecked, the local council bankrupt, pumps are inventions of the mysterious K selected types of old, and the stench of open sewer lingers. An oligarch hag/businessman/mafia godfather/gang president/Somalian warlord/Mad Max tribe leader lord over the compliant slaves and human evolution and the consciousness simulation generator take a step backwards.

Total compliance, obedience and loyalty to the state for fiat currency and blind cowardice en-masse.
Government is God.

"The obedient always think about themselves as virtuous, rather than cowardly." - Robert Anton Wilson
“Historically, the most terrible things—war, genocide, and slavery—have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience.” —Howard Zinn

"...Betas are described as bugmen in modern parlance. This is because they appear to have neither personality nor free will, much like insects. Betas need alphas to give them direction, because they are afraid of doing the wrong thing and getting punished. He knows, however, that he is next in line to inherit the position of the alpha, and so he wants things to change the least. He therefore represents the fixed force.

The soyboy represents the mutable force, corresponding to mercury. This is because he is at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy, and therefore has nothing to lose and everything to gain from its dissolution. He represents the mutable force because the more things change, the better it is for him. He is also, for these reasons, the destroyer...."

The future will belong to the stupid
"...A society with these demographic trends cannot escape going down the toilet. The inevitable long-term consequence of dumb people outbreeding smart ones is a reduction in overall intelligence. The inevitable consequence of that is more stupidity, violence, recklessness and crime...."

Academy of ideas
The Three Fundamental Personality Types
The Most Terrifying Statistics You’ve Ever Seen About New Zealand

Given the Queens failing health, could Charles become the next Sovereign in right of several corporations?

In a worldwide famous piratebay gone viral 1999 documentary Tim Cohen argues from his messianic jew worldview that Prince Charles will be crowned King and is part of a nepotistic ancient cult family bloodline.


Billionaires Propaganda
Food Shortages are coming, are you ready truckatarians?

If a story has a predetermined outcome, it is propaganda

“Do not rejoice over me, O my enemy. Though I fall I will rise; Though I dwell in darkness, the Lord is a light for me.”
‭‭Micah‬ ‭7:8‬ ‭NASB

"Share your fears with yourself and your courage with others." - Franklin D Miller

What is a Tohunga?

Brad addresses NZ's most pertinent issue, a looming fuel crisis, and a government that is hellbent on enriching themselves while causing kiwis to suffer, along with some of the more complexities that happen behind the scenes. All in a days work.

Be awake and alert, think for yourself and be your own leader.
Save your backyard, save your soul

In days gone yonder one who could spot infiltrators from all directions and dimensions might be tried under the tohunga suppression act.

Tame Iti shows up on the scene of the original freedom convoy 1971.
Of note is the similarities to marxist based movements in USA.

Who were genuine young warriors, who were infiltrators and who were poisoned by the trap of free money and undeserved riches?
Did the CROWN know the gambit was up and hatch an elaborate plot to create a Waitangi Tribunal using the non indigenous language translation, yet against tricking useful native idiots? As always the CROWN came out on top, like it always does in its arrogant ambitions to plunder as much of the wealth and power from the tax serfs.

Can you apply a critical eye to history repeating later and can you see how far things have come?
Are you able to see the bigger picture and understand how easy it is to manipulate crowds through controlled opposition and mind manipulation. The Freedom Convoy 2022 was largely driven by Facebook AI algorithms as Citizen Bomber points out to his credit.

He Pua Pua and Three Waters is at hand and corporate IWI grifters wish to extend the power of the state unto themselves. Underlying this is a dangerous Rhodesia 2.0 marxist construct and critical race ideology which will make IWI leaders the new Oppressed Overlords from which you shall never be able to challenge the hegemony of the future techno slave state 2040 ever again.

When your local over bloated state delays, misinterprets your requests and shows indifference to your suffering, do not lose heart ❤️
By applying first principles thinking and savvy means you may be able to undermine their corporatocracy and bureaucracy by fighting them with their own magic weapons to make them work according to your best interests.

A mind-numbing multi-storey building founded on bureaucracy and staffed by clinically unhelpful people who direct all their clients to other similarly unhelpful people elsewhere in the building.

Asterix eventually beats them at their own game by asking for an imaginary permit, A 39 supposedly required by a new decree, "circular B 65", making the staff victims of their own unhelpfulness and sending the place into disarray. Eventually Asterix is given Permit A 38 just to make him leave and stop causing trouble, while the Prefect who gives them the form goes insane from the shock of his own unthinkable helpfulness.

The legend, the one and only Albert Uderzo

Donut Award 2022 hopeful muzzled 3 stripes hero in blue protects a local mall from dangerous subversives. One should hope that CEA don't get upset when the hobbits start pushing back against discrimination, and they don't have the support from those who are peaceful with them! If you were a celebrity, local parasite or family member of this CEA agent, would you be met with the same indifference and hostility?

Always #FTP #FilmThePirates and never allow a power tripping tyrant in blue to assert an egotistical self-centered "I was there helping on March 15th, you don't know the shit I have to deal with, how dare you waste thinly stretched gubbmint time and resources" push you around like an abusive father. Those who have not mastered the shadow self, nor allowed the process of grief to deal with their lost childhood and dysfunctional authority figures are the most dangerous, blindly indoctrinated and arrogant of bullies.

Unfortunately the system, like a fish, rots from the head down. These CEA agents are merely symptoms of what is a deep cultural and intellectual malaise. Overworked, overstressed, indoctrinated and unable to catch a break, one can only hope these bullies wake up to the future historical precedent they are setting and snap out of their stupor.

Can you imagine them waking up and realizing that they are mere chess pieces of the religion of statism? The paymasters would be freakout!

You are not a victim, don't act like one
Do not let bullies get away with it

How a Police State demoralizes and causes wrong thinkers to self-censor and stay silent in five easy steps

Understanding The Psychology Of Police Officers

What a community police force whose role was to keep peace and order with the consent of the policed would look like

Every time they are exposed, they change their name.

Ashkenazi Jews
International Zionists
Socialist Democrats

The world is a stage.

How Wall Street, the United States, and the European great powers helped the Bolsheviks take and consolidate power in Russia. A classic interview with Professor Antony C. Sutton, from 1987. Sutton was born in London in 1925 and educated at the universities of London, Gottingen, and California. A citizen of the United States since 1962, he was a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution for War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford, California from 1968 to 1973, where he produced the monumental three-volume study, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development”, arguing that the West played a major role in developing the Soviet Union from its very beginnings up until the present time (1970). Sutton argued that the Soviet Union's technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the Viet Cong, was built by United States corporations and largely funded by US taxpayers.

In 1974, Professor Sutton completed National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union, a best-selling study of Western, primarily American, technological and financial assistance to the U.S.S.R. Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler is his fourth book exposing the role of American corporate insiders in financing international socialism. The two other books in this series are Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and FDR.

This video is produced as part of the project for the book "The Romanov Royal Martyrs”, which is an impressive 512-page book, featuring nearly 200 black & white photographs, and a 56-page photo insert of more than 80 high-quality images, colorized by the acclaimed Russian artist Olga Shirnina (Klimbim) and appearing here in print for the first time.

📖 EXPLORE the book: http://romanovs.eu/en-book
🌎 ORDER the book: http://romanovs.eu/online-store
🎵 THEME SONG: https://youtu.be/6xtGXfuS6eI

---------------- - ---------------- - ----------------

Want to know why Arden is winning and will continue to win? Because the people who hate her the most are retarded. This is a woman who spent the better part of 30 years reading and memorizing the works of Marx (Political hegemony (third face power), economic exploitation, and false consciousness), Engels, Gramsci and Trotsky. These powerful ideologies by very smart men, given power can do serious damage in the right hands. People brush her off as stupid, dumb etc there’s a reason she became leader of the global socialist youth. You’re playing right into her hands by pointing out her meek appearance and other irrelevant flaws. This is by design ,Helen Clark used the very same tactics. You’re about to be ruled over by an ant-white minority machine in the disguise of “co-governance” the very same co-governance the Bolshevik minority used to takeover Russia, in fact she’s running the same script. When you’ve read Gramsci and Marx then you can be considered actual opposition until then you’re useful idiots gifting her more power from your retardation.

And like the Bolsheviks she gave money and power to gangs and other forms of political persuasion IE: money to media. Now there’s “decolonisation” training in schools think “de-tsar” in Bolshevism. It’s 100% the same script. This is why the average kiwi lashes out in tropes at her because he has no idea what’s going on because he hasn’t spent 30 years studying political ideologies.

It’s called “manufacture of consent”, Marxists view society through 2 spheres political (rule through force) and civil (rule through consent) this is how the whole Covid played out. Covid Ideology created a new hegemony that allowed old dominant beliefs and ideas to be expunged. IE: Bill of Rights. Classic Marxism. It’s nothing new at all and still completely relies on a population being retarded hence more immigration and more race mixing no 80 IQ mixed breed is even going to read at all let alone read Marxism. It’s very easily countered. This is why they don’t teach Marxism in schools they only teach the results they want from the ideology, they made the mistake of teaching German kids the ideology then when the “revolution” came in 1918 it got crushed because everyone knew their shit.

How many basic human rights will you concede to the hegemonic leeches in the name of SAFEty for the masses?

minus the temerity of Myrel Streep

Advanced machines for mankind to kill each other in the skies

Stupidity reigns when people are brainwashed into thinking of themselves as victims and revel in violence and persecution of their enemies. They should read 1984 and reflect deeply.

Only parasitic bankers and globohomo ruling classes are an ‘enemy’ and they can be replaced in a bloodless coup with mass adoption of privacy crypto in a day if humanity decided to set themselves free of their fiat shackles.

If you want evolution towards heaven on earth, live with vision for a freer world according to the non aggression principle and peaceful parenting.

Your conviction and actions will make the generational difference required to counter the groupthink zombie herds of x million

Dear future mass shooter five year old kid of 2022
Don’t target us in your mass killings
We said no to the coronatarinism horseshit typical gubbmint banking and business cronies using it as a chance to go Full China. Mother Fucking aye, They should have never gone Full China.
We said no to bankers wars, their offloading of fiat inflation to the third world and regime change agents

Say no to bankers wars
Stop propping up Chinese banks funding a Russian war machine, eg reduce your made in China
Demand that your tax payer money is not spent in any way shape or form towards enriching the American Military Industrial Complex. Or just stop funding your local parasite class public drone workers who have driven the master of the estate out, made homeless and taken over his rightful trust and estate which he has every right to lawfully possess and defend however he deems fit.
Recognise dictators of all shades, shapes, sizes and various political ideologies and vocally and strongly reject any voices calling to rally the troops for an offensive foreign conflict. You can spot them easily, typically calling for escalation of state violence upon others. (The Perpetually Oppresed Maori Party is notorious for accusing others of racism and reverting to a Marxist construct “oppressed class” mentality. Can’t they just want to leave a better, more free, less restricted, less controlled privacy crypto https://pirate.black world? Why the hekama do you huas insist on being in the pilots seat. Even socialist grifting corporate iwi (casting shade 🙈🥶) can kōrero haere atu ra e karauna amirite n fuk he pua pua sfh
You can also recognise voices who miss the forest for the trees who call for escalation of hostilities whilst disregarding hostile actors in both camps eg
Recognise and wean yourself away from your own central bank fiat currency (if applicable) and demand and practice sound money principles. A bloated and bankrupt government cannot wage war on foreign countries, neither will a fiscally responsible bare bones government.

Say no to psychologically impairing and conditioning children
Don’t force kids to mask up. Your fear and belief in bad science is not theirs for you to assert higher control over their bodies by suffocating them. Are you so arrogant as to think you can escape the wrath of psychological calcite formations and mental damage which forms the consciousness and imagination of a child? A child must be free to explore their childhood without being forced to act as an adult at any time. You are teaching them to be afraid, dumb and dumber unnecessarily traumatising them by injecting fear into their life.
Nurture a culture of hand washing and hygiene in the home and classroom. “Educators” what is germ theory? How were surgeries improved after introducing hand washing measures What are anti biotics, how is overuse making them ineffective? Why are mRNA therapeutics ineffective? Why do the unvaccinated not get sick as much as vaccinated etc. Get kids excited about hand washing and good personal hygiene again.
Don’t mask in front of kids. You are conditioning them to view people as emotionless scared herd creatures not worthy of admiration but useless eaters to be cleared from their SAFE way out.
If you don’t understand the psychology of conditioning, you are not fit to be a parent, don’t reproduce.
If you are not prepared to love, mentor and support the life of another human being you spawn into consciousness, completely until they reach full mental maturity, do not abuse your sexuality. There is no excuse for a unwanted impregnation
Women who are raped or come into any possibility of unwanted insemination, please use higher level principles and think on your feet. Seek immediate medical intervention, eg an estrogen shot ASAP, do not let your unwanted conscious life form starting to assemble itself into this world get to a stage where a heart is beating and blood is pumping. You are ending the life of a precious human being which is expanding, just like the original Big Bang, consciousness is passing from one form of energy to a higher or lower energy to be explored again in the life of this being.
Love and cherish your children. They are worthy of all your love and respect them and their intelligence. Practice Peaceful Parenting and make rules you all agree on and strive towards building harmonious relationships and paths wherever you go.

The solution to abortion

"You give a man a gun he can rob a bank, You give a man a bank he can rob the world."
"War is the bankers richest harvest"
Beat the bankers at their own game and trade anonymously today! https://pirate.black

Written and spoken by Michael Rivero.
A video by Zane Henry Productions


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Just a friendly reminder that
- Police are developing facial recognition with $9,000,000 of your money - to spy on you! Big Sister is here!
- They are using your images from social media - "The system uses a database of about 2.8 billion faces by lifting users' photos from social media sites"
- https://archive.vn/tGDtE

Now the government want to monitor all your online activities!

You are helping to build your own technological prison cell!

Join the new-tech revolution and jump on to new-tech today! Make it more difficult for the state apparatus to surveil you! Find a friend and fellow patriot at censorship free online communities where the battle of ideas continues!

other related shenanigans of the cops wanting to surveil you

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