Mis Inspirit

Jokes on them because us White people have a sense of Humor and know how to Laugh doesn't hurt my feelings

Only showing you different perspectives and creators. for all the male Nazi Karens who love to cuss strangers out I don't consider you Human either, so it's a pleasure to delete you

for all the Jew hating comments for one Glenn beck is a Mormon.... Jew derives from belief we know the difference between Orthodox and Messianic Jew and then there is the Cabal but if someone can convert to Jewish there is your sign award it's a belief and Faith not a race just like you can become a US Citizen doesn't change the color of your skin, you race baiters!!! for some reason there are some male Karens out there that flip their shit and go terzet not knowing how to control their emotions and feel they must let anyone know how much hate they have in their heart, when frankly no one asked they believe there are pure races after thousands of years of people traveling n breeding from other regions they themselves probably have that region in their genes also so i count it as self-loathing with their hateful comments they spew out


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