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WARNING: This video is not suitable for children and college aged Liberals

An idea on how to make the Democratic debates interesting. Hillary explains Trumps debate style. Joe Biden is a criminal, and Cory Booker is a goofy bastard!

Adam Shit smacked down by Tucker Carlson, Gavin Newsom and PG&E, Nancy Pelosi drunken weirdness, Joy Reid claims that Donald Trump is a danger to her community and our lives.

Fun with Democrats

History 101 - Professor Moonshine

Try not to smile!!

I'm always late to the game, but this was so bad...I couldn't help myself


A look back at CNN and Symone (Big Mouth) Sanders! ūüėā CNN actually help turn me away from the Democratic Party and for that I am grateful. These news clips are what turned me into a MAGA guy. How anyone takes them seriously is baffling.

The absolute ridiculousness of CNN ūüėā

The absolute ridiculousness of CNN ūüėā

Oldie but goodie


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