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Round of applause for the time traveling account specialists that are busy safeguarding Youtube.

The FBI released documents from investigations surrounding a group called the Finders. These documents, formerly classified, shed light on the events that took place in Florida in 1987 as well as the connection the group may have to the intelligence community.

GENDER REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Featuring Winston Shrout as our "Profile In Courage"

A guide for free men who want to travel their landboats.

A guide for free men who want to travel their landboats.

The Journey Begins

Utopia awaits us under the waves

90 thousand and 0

Our boy Ben is back at it again

Bix nood

A boulder hunting we will go

I wouldn't even elect you

When the end of the world comes only one man shall remain standing

A big boy with some big problems

Part four in the Kraut saga

Part three in the Kraut saga

Part two in the Kraut saga

Part one in the Kraut saga

Danny Phantom needs to be banned! Think of the children!

Barbie is one of those shitty games.

This is part 1 in the tale of one of the world's weirdest reporters.

This is part 2 in the tale of one of the world's weirdest reporters.

After being held in captivity due to being gangsacked watch one valiant woman's journey across the country.


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