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Latest MC sighting: -- her id is: JWQoYlSr - just search for that in the thread.


The music for this is Radiohead's "There, There" from All Hail to the Thief.


Music: "acoustic version of Waiting for Superman by the Flaming Lips slowed down" -- from a YouTube comment.

The music is: Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto No.1 Op.23 in B Flat Minor


MC sighting, 2020-02-06, id: UN1EH9/4 in this pol thread: 4plebs link: Besides the id, she Lum posts - (green-haired happy girl).


I chose to give it the subtitle because this: looks credibly to be Murdoch. He didn't give his usual proofs, but he certainly said nothing inconsistent with being MM.



Ann vid on YouTube:

MM: "There were so many good questions and like a bunch of autists, we sperged out and didn't get to everyones question. Dm had to leave early to do based dad stuff so this one is a little bit shorter that the last two. But we Murdoch's want to thank all of you for the immense joy you bring into our lives. Knowing you guys are out there fighting the good fight fills us with hope and a whole lot of white pills. So on behalf of the Murdoch crew, WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

(I may upload this as a regular video after the rush is over.)

Ask on their YouTube channel:
Even if you don't have any questions you want answered, go to their channel and upvote questions you'd like to see them answer - it'll help them prioritize. If you sort the comments by 'Newest First', the top questions won't get voted to the sky, and newer ones can get some attention.


Going by the first two, this will be out in three to four weeks, ie just in time for Christmas.

Here are the first two AMAs:
AMA1 -> torrent, mp3:
AMA2 -> torrent, mp3:

Music: 'Got That Feeling', by Peter Sandberg

NEW MERCH, 2019-10-28!

The guy playing Hitler is Lutz Bachmann, the founder of Pegida.

Just the announcement.


"coniugātor is the future passive imperative of coniugō
coniugō means: I unite
So, coniugātor is "the Uniter".
-- some Latin-knower on /pol/.

(Your purchase of merch probably helped make their trip possible!)

From "Your Heroes Journey" - , third in the Meme War arc.


More clips:
Murdoch's Speech:
Murdoch Explains Race Realism in Two and One-Half Minutes:
William Pierce's Great Commission:

On the influx to /pol/ of refugees from r/The_Donald, which got quarantined.
Merch, with new, low-key shirt:

The songs are from Burzum (Varg's band) - 'Den Store Søvn' - 6:00, Zelda, and, the dramatic one about halfway through, 'The Gael', from "The Last of the Mohicans":

Merch (new, low-key lightning bolt t-shirt):
The song is 'Eponas Song', or 'Lon Lon Ranch' from the "Legend of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time" -


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Mirroring Murdoch Murdoch, and any other (alt-right-ish) videos that catch my fancy or that I reckon need backing up.

Other, more comprehensive mirrors: -- The MM-approved, official site for MM. Beside the individual videos, has a nice .zip file with /all/ of the Murdoch Murdochs. Gets the videos first, but, gets overloaded in the initial rush. — A fan-created site, has better bandwidth than cheeky, but costs more to run, too. Send him some bitcoin shekels if you’re feeling generous - I have. Also, this is the most complete collection, having even some that MM declined to re-upload to

I haven't published all of the MMs, some of the earlier ones are disappointing if you're used to the quality of the later ones. I've re-published the gems among them though. But again, you can watch or download them all at

Here's an AMA of theirs:

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