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The songs are from Burzum (Varg's band) - 'Den Store Søvn' - 6:00, Zelda, and, the one about halfway through, 'The Gael', from "The Last of the Mohicans":

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The song is 'Eponas Song', or 'Lon Lon Ranch' from the "Legend of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time" -

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Other than that, nothing to see here, just being a completist.

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Skip the first few minutes for the Murdoch Murdoch part. And they don't take too much time, maybe 30 minutes.
... Wow, this thing's YUUUUGE. I should trim it. In the meantime, just listen at the source link, above!

Murdoch Murdoch is beautiful; Murdoch Murdoch is based.
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AMA2 questions answered:

This is just the announcement video, nothing really to see, I upload these out of autism.

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Merch store - they recently added a 'Last Son of the West', and a 'Border Runners' shirt - give them your support!

Merch store - they recently added a 'Last Son of the West', and a 'Border Runners' shirt - give them your support!

An announcement video with talking, who knew? (No plot though :) )


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Mirroring Murdoch Murdoch (and eventually Walt Bismarck), and any other (alt-right-ish) videos that catch my fancy or that I reckon need backing up.

Other, more comprehensive mirrors: -- beside the individual videos, has a nice .zip file with /all/ of the Murdoch Murdochs. And, usually, .torrents. This is the MM-approved, official site for MM. — A fan-created site, has better bandwidth than cheeky, but costs more to run, too. Send him some bitcoin shekels if you’re feeling generous - I have. Also, this is the most complete collection, having even some that MM declined to re-upload to

I haven't published all of the MMs, some of the earlier ones are disappointing if you're used to the quality of the later ones. I've re-published the gems among them though. But again, you can watch or download them all at

Here's an AMA of theirs:

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