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don't fall for it

pop punk, the old fashioned way

what are we supposed to do?

"what we do between now and 2050 with health (medicine) and nutrition (food), that'll really set the course for moderating (limiting or stopping) population growth (reproduction) between 2050 and 2100"


public address, in its most basic format

wake up - there's a lot of truth out there not being covered by the mainstream media. pull your head out of the sand

worked all night and its time to head out this morning

This is a parodical rendition of "Closing Time" originally by a band called Semisonic


Covid time
Time to close the restaurants and bars anywhere that's fun
Covid time
This place won't be open for two weeks eight months or when this thing's done
Covid time
Now days acting normal gets the cops called by the cashier
Covid time
You should probly go home and you can't shop here

I won't wear your mask leave me alone
I won't take your Vax or stay at home
Social engineering from Besos
I'm good thooo ohhh oo ohhh

Covid time
Time to drink more alcohol
And watch porn in a mask at home
Covid time
You can't go to church
Unless you're planning on breaking windows
Covid time
They couldnt keep it going if we all just started sayin "no"
Covid time
If you love your country then
You're just another xenophobe

So listen to the science
Consensus from the liars
You won't hear from your friends
You might send a text message
But big brother intercepts it and
Your phone will never ring again

Bill Gates lies
He says every new pandemic
Comes from some other pandemics end..

#godblessamerica #masksdontwork #patriots #fakenews #politics

when you don't question anything, and you just stay home, restaurants, bars, schools, churches, etc end up losing business and people go bankrupt. this is an illustration of a restaurant that is empty

reference shot provided by:

ever feel like you're doing this whole thing by yourself? pro tip: you're not! :)

#jesus #faith #edification #apologetics #evangelism #love #peace #hope #salvation

but this guys face cracks me up
(not even picking on fox news specifically, MSM is no good, turn off your tv, and stay good out there)

If you don't like firearms, freedom, and critical thought, this cartoon is probably not going to be at the top of your list. Fortunately, there are plenty of other cartoons out there for you to watch, some that you may enjoy more!

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Enjoy your day and stay good out there!

An all new animated series about three brothers who have what it takes to stand up against tyranny from the state!

Season 1 is a blast!

freehand house, woods, road, drawn and colorized, enjoy!

drawn and colorized, enjoy!

enjoy your day!

a brief demonstration of how to use multiple paths for bg and foreground objects, transparency, etc in time lapse format, enjoy!

you saw it here first, emcee mcguyver has a sweet backyard, and this is a time lapsed rendition of it in 2D animation style, stay good out there!

draw and colorize, time lapse format, enjoy!

sure, everybody might be riding off a cliff, doesnt mean you have to

a fine example of a bird with his own idea on how to do things.. drawn and colorized, enjoy!

an alley drawn and colorized, enjoy!

frame by frame animation, enjoy!

a house and surroundings, drawn and colorized. enjoy life in your room this next 4-6 weeks. join us live sundays and mondays at 4PM for a live animation / illustration class!


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