copy kills black man

Six men have been arrested in the Netherlands following the discovery of seven shipping containers converted into cells and torture chambers. The containers were located in Wouwse Plantage, south of Rotterdam, after French police cracked encrypted phones used by criminals

traitors stomp flag

obama going to jail

Trump on human traffickers

should have shook his hand

scumbags are exposed

Human Trafficking is world wide and near you

If people are wondering why the #Dail & #Seanad are sooo quiet on the #RodericOGorman situation.

Listen to Pamela Kearns #Labour Councillor; she claims "babies masturbate"...

Low IQ student commits electrocide with aluminum cookie sheet to keep his hair dry. What have they turned men into?

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This woman has information that will blow the roof off the Irish government. Calling all survivors of Ireland to join together

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From Twitter // Ever wonder why the Judges side with Democrats and criminals? The next big scandal here in Ireland judges solicitors barristers,tds, social workers etc are involved in a massive pedophile ring. We have the evidence to back this up. I'm asking for the public's support. May god help us all. @BridgetScanlon4

beware the middle of the highway its dangerous

what would we do without it?

Na we OK don't need any

Youth learns the value of not fucking with da guedos, "GOD Bless my boys!"

closer up

dad is a freak and needs to go to jail

look what Sweden is pushing

good alien saves bike rider

Or is it something different?

Im sorry? Really?

fires gun into suv

MSNBC interviewed the wrong guy he told them the truth


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