Morinis Trades

Morinis Trades



Time to get Ziggy leveled up more!

Depending on what goes on, I might change another character or stick with Shotgun Kelly. Have to see on how I feel as pistol is okay lol.

Another day, another livestream!

Going to show more attention towards the ship base today while also planning out more structures around it so the area can be a proper sea base!

I also need to tackle the forest road going to the seaside hut and back to my friend's village.

Have a funny feeling creepers are going to be everywhere....

Hello everyone!

This car and anything else within this video are not for sale so please do not ask.


Just a head's up. My camera is kinda trashy as it does not like the microphone accessory. Thought it was the cold but turns out it was the microphone after all. Eh, whatever.


Showing my wife's 73 Grande that I will be restoring for her. Tons of project cars my family owns, so much fun to do!She needs work. Lots of work. Still unknown as to what was going on in the trunk area (maybe a new gas tank?) but it'll be fixed once I get more tools replaced due to theft.


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Trying out Bitchute due to YouTube's fiasco with the FTC.

Of what this channel involves in:

-ROM Editing
-Cars and Restoration