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We got Patreon Request sign! Morgan looks into one of the big 1980s cult classics to see how it holds up. Will Banzai entrance our reviewer? Who is John BigBoote? What is Goldblum doing as a cowboy? And what is up with that watermelon?!?!

Another comedy graced the silver screen in the 1980s, but gained an audience over time. Is this fight against the snobs and slobs really hold up for the past 40 years?

In honor of its 40th Anniversary, Morgan looks behind the music, the shades, and the story of how two blues fans get set to a story of redemption and trouble. Does it still hold up?

In another Patreon request, Morgan looks at this 2000 made for TV movie that asks what would the story of Pinocchio be like from the wood carver's point of view. But most importantly, can Drew Carey sing?

Superman, Dr. Quinn, and time travel have one thing in common. An underrated 1980s science fiction gets looked at to see if really is the ultimate love story.

In the mid 1990s, an attempt was made to bring the classic Doctor and his blue box to a fresh American audience and it didn't turn out so good. Does it still hold up?

Another Patreon request sends Morgan down the train tracks to see if this 20 year old Thomas The Tank Engine flick is better than the reputation it gets. Is there some lost magic or does this movie need some major repairs?

The Drive-In Mutants present the thrilling conclusion to Agent Shade's first adventure. With two murdered guests and one missing mummy, the plot thickens as our hero has to figure out who did what among the suspects he has...

Morgan Leger
Colin Servo
Michael D. Kimpton
Kathy Kennedy
Daniel Swallow
Daniel Beaulac

It is the ultimate battle between giant fire-breathing lizard and machine. How well does it hold up? Morgan tells all...amidst some chaos...

In honor of Terry Jones, we examine one of the few big screen adaptations of the famous Kenneth Grahame novel with all your favorite riverbed creatures brought to life. Is it an underrated gem or a bunch of "poop-poop"?

Morgan talks a look at the ghoulish hostess with the "most" to see if her big screen outing holds up. Is there more to just horrific puns?

Patreon Request by James Sullivan
This time, we have a movie so obscure that it has no DVD or Blu-Ray release. The fans of this film have kept its legacy alive and well. Does this independent flick deserve to have its mark in history?

It is the 1997 summer blockbuster many love to roast and many enjoy for the wrong reasons. Can a superhero movie about Heaven and Hell really be that bad?

The new season kicks off with a look at Francis Ford Coppola's lost masterpiece about two people and the nightclub that brings them together. Do the troubled production stories affect the feature? Or can something shine through backstage drama?

Over 2 years in the making, Vaulting has finally reached its 100 episode! And Morgan is not alone on this one. This time, his friends join in to review his all-time favorite movie...that is if he can remember why he likes it. Can they jog his memory back? Or is there some other plot in play?

Tune in and join in the laughs, the memories, and the unexpected twists. This is the one you all have been waiting for!

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! Will we see #1?!?!?!

Nearly there...

And the countdown goes on....

The countdown continues and the surprises keep coming

Let the countdown begin! Morgan recalls his 50 favorite movies!!!

Forget the old yule log. Here is one hour of mindless, merry, holiday clips to keep you and your family entertained. From commercials, to classic skits, to music, this lets you kick back and relax to some Christmas fan favorites!

Just in time for the Christmas season, Morgan reviews a 1996 Christmas cult classic about the latest kid toys, holiday commercialism and all of it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s weird as it sounds, but is it the Christmas classic those say it is?

Tired of the same old holly and jolly? Here are some small alternatives for the Christmas season...


This is it folks! The penultimate episode you have been waiting for! Will Morgan fix his the timeline of his show? Can Homeless Bobcat and Digit be saved? Does the Skull have other plans? All these and a review of Disney's most hated (and secretly loved) animated feature are right here!


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