Electrolysis, batteries

Fuel cells and corossion

reference electrodes, Nernst equations, electrolysis

Eº values and the Nernst Equation

Redox, half-cells Daniell Cells, cell shorthand, where does the voltage come from?, half-reactions

Balancing Redox equations

Finish up Gibb's free energy. Start balancing redox equations.

Review of Thermodynamics

Gibb's Free Energy

Intro to entropy

Acid-Base Neutralization problems

Diprotic acid-base titration

weak acid-strong base and weak base-strong acid titration curves

Buffers, buffer capacity

Review of logs, pH calculations, and intro to buffers

Fusion and stars

Nuclear Power

The first part of nuclear reactions including uses in medicine.

Due to Coldpocalypse 2021, OBU is under a boil order due to water treatment products being sent to Texas. In this video, the testing of the water treatment using electrochemistry is explained and performed to see if the water is safe to drink yet.

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These Videos are for my courses at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK. For a virtual visit of our campus, go to

Please note: These videos began as a result of the coronavirus panic of 2020. The early videos were shot using the old DV camcorder I had lying around. Later videos are shot with a better camera and have better audio.

Due to coronavirus-mandated virtual instructions, these videos are relevant to high-school and college students forced to take online courses without a lot of resources to help them learn. For students homeschooling, pod-learning, or trying to supplement insufficient instruction, these lectures could be very useful.

Check out the playlists, they are by chemistry course. The Story of Physics playlist is a physical science course, the material is suitable for junior high and up. Gen Chem I also covers the material for high-school chemistry (at the beginning of the semester) and could be very useful to high school chemistry students.

I am not sure the information in the lectures for the Instrumental Analysis (Chem 2202) and Analytical Chemistry courses are available anywhere else online.