Our blue Heeler knows chickens taste good, but he also knows he's not allowed to chase them. Here he is backing down from a challenge (he knows better).

This is the last time I'm sanding these logs. They've been peeled, powerwashed, sanded, buffed, and now I'm sanding them one more time. If we could've built faster, I would've peeled them, then poly'd them. But it took over a year to stack them, and they got a little weathered in between.

This RPSL is one of 3 that support the 70,000 lb roof. It's about 20" diameter, and about 27' tall. It is secured to the log wall with eith 1/2" all-thread pieces about 36" long - one piece of all thread, every other log. In this video, I show how to countersink the nuts and washers without removing the all-thread.

My dog killing a rope to the tune of Lego Ninjago theme song

Giving my wiring a try. It's 22' to the ceiling, and I don't want to climb back up there anymore. :)

Walking up the stairs I finished. blog:
- Oak treads from a "curb find" tree
- 3"x16"x16' live edge Oak Stringers from a tree I slabbed

Once the strips have been planed, they can be glued and clamped and set aside to dry.

Once the glue is dry, the whole tread can be planed flat. I only got one pass in this video, but in reality it takes about 10 - 15 passes to get it perfectly flat. Planer only removes 1/128" at a time.

Once the strips are ripped, they need to be planed so the edges are perfectly flat

I retrieved an oak log from a friends house on the side of the road, milled it into 1.5" thick slabs and let it dry from May 2021 - January 2022. Now cutting it into 2.5" strips for stair treads.

A weather report from Lumpkin County

Goes along with this post: Very easy to do. I couldn't find very many videos on this, so I made one. You can cut mica with scissors.

I couldn't believe it when I saw a video of a guy in England cutting bricks with a chisel - but it works.
I'll throw in a dog freaking out in the background for no extra charge.

I haven't posted a video for a while - I was using a Pinephone (linux) - waiting for video to start working on it, but gave up and went back to an android camera for videos. Chinking is done, outside is done, 1st floor framing is done, working on the chimney for a wood stove, brick hearth, and stairs.

Hospital admin claims "we need to be more scary" about covid. Huh? So it IS just FearPorn. lol. original source (unless it gets removed): This was in North Carolina with a marketing director and doctors. Oh, and they discussed counting recovered patients as active covid cases. Stay away from hospitals. More info in this story:

So much talent!

Friend of mine from college.

CBS news - I stole this clip from someone else (not sure why folks only post to fb?)
Only rescuing people vaccinated against Covid

I go through the steps to apply traditional cement mortar / chinking to a log cabin - insulation, nails, mixing the mortar using portland cement, sand, and lime. Then I apply the chinking and clean up. Nice finished chinking will last a lifetime and looks beautiful on natural raw logs. Here's the blog post:

Just a description of some of the custom finish work I had to do for the 2nd floor in our cabin - had to add an extra floor support beam (4x12), and chink a gap where the floor will go.

found this somewhere, but can't find the original...

Three cheap ways to get rid of gaps between T&G flooring:
“Boot & Mallet”
Pry bar
Winch straps

Some details on the second floor- starting in the middle with a double-tongue board; Using a wall log as floor support (routed channel); fitting a 2x6 T&G using a scribed line.

Normally, if you had to fit a beam to a log, you would mark where to cut the beam, flip it over, make the notch, then install the beam. I can't easily flip over a 2-300 lb beam, so I'm notching them from the bottom.

Just can't get enough of this guy, lol. Funny stuff right there. I will gladly link to the original if someone can find it.

I haven't said much about pulleys since I made them, so I made this video before I ran out of heavy things to lift with them. Next to my chainsaw and tractor, pulleys are the most useful cabin building tool I have. For the price, you can't beat the mechanical advantage of pulleys.


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