Cyberpunk Millennium

Infinite Saxon 0:00
Fight for Western Civilization 3:46
Identity is Unstoppable 9:16
Right Wing Youth 15:44
Patience Has its Limits 21:16
Identity Evropa 26:04
Generation of Revenge 32:45
Metapolitical War 37:01
Team White 41:34
Huwheat Fields 47:00
Liftwaffe 52:33
Cognitive Dissident 56:52
Road ___ Nights 1:02:53
The Stranger 1:06:46
Hail Victory 1:10:57 (a classic!)
Path to Power 1:16:32
Hero with a Thousand Faces 1:21:28
Why we fight 1:27:37
Which way western man 1:32:11

Tried to keep vocals and sampling to the minimum, switching some songs for no-vocal alternatives. Furthermore, no repeats from earlier selections of fashwave, meaning the excellent Battle of Berkeley & Death to Traitors are out.

Also by Dayglow Overdrive. The Other good song

by Dayglo Overdrive.The only good song he ever made

okay, so that 2 minute arrangement was way too short for easy listening



Parrot Grass, anyone?

Youtube is dead.

Death to traitors - Xurious
Atomwaffen Division - Cybernazi
Eia Eia Alala! - Ludicum Populi & Septimo Romae
Battle of Berkley - Xurious
Estado Novo - Amavel Pinto
BLack Side of the sun - Cybernazi

The greatest of all Touhou remix groups, ever?

Buy their albums:
Ah, the midnight moon hidden beneath the clouds
The thing she saw one day Cosmic flower
The Gensokyo the apotropaic god loved
Swing by
Curse mind
Bell Pepper Power Sanae
Welcome to Owen's House
Meteor of Magic

I've suddenly realized there is a sloppy COVER of L.O.V.E rather than the real article, but it'll do for now.

Cinderella was a magician
Descending from the Skies She Appears as a Goddess
Fall in the Dark
That which you are seeking
I'm a kitten
Desert Years
Big Bunny Explosion
That Which Sinks in Crimson Tears is Her Companion's Melancholy
The Colors of Flowers
Autumn Fan
So Long!

It ain't weeb if you never translate it

A genre for reading, daydreaming, and tabletop

Secret Stairways - Reflections on the Lake
Torchlight- Ancient Goddess of ice
Depressive silence - Atmosphere
Torchlight - Dark Chambers, moonlit thrones
Depressive Silence - Mourning
Jääportit - Tuulten Tuoja

Virt - Nightfall over the city
Jazzcat - Electric City
Captain Image - Space Debris
Purple Motion - Starshine
Skaven - Space Hulk I Captured Sun
Skaven - Mercury Rain
Purple Motion - Satellite One
Shape - Artillery


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