The posters are "not a criminal act" according to Wallingford PD who are now patrolling the streets anyway to stop them. News8 went for a police ride-along to catch these law-abiding citizens.

The President of the university "strongly condemns" It's Okay To Be White as "racist" and the school's "security team is investigating":

Credit to whoever designed this brilliantly simple poster. "Islam is right about women" forces leftists to confront one of the many contradictions in their false worldview: supporting both women’s rights and Islam at the same time. They don't seem to like the cognitive dissonance. Some admit they don't even understand the posters yet were still angered by them, apparently unaware of their own ideological short circuiting. MSM even suggested that such a poster could be illegal; an absurd claim that exposes the left’s totalitarian desire to jail people who disagree with them and crush political dissent using a police state.

You can help unmask the left’s totalitarian threat by putting up posters in your area. Here is a link for printing:

For more media reactions please visit the media page on the official MyBordersMyChoice website:

If you'd like to put up MyBordersMyChoice posters or spread them online, please get the official designs from here (only use the official ones!)

Have fun!


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