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This Video was recorded from thursday over 2 days ago at night while i wasn't able to sleept yet.


Uploaded on 20/11/2019:

The sound of Hanna-Barbera's sound ideas appears were Snorky (from the Banana Splits) honking his nose whenever he talks. not only that but case in facts some other cartoons, sitcoms, music, video games, and yes, even anime, used them too.

Image: "HB Color Page Snorky" from slappy427 on DeviantArt (CROPPED)
Sound ideas: Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures Sound Effects Libary
Sorce: Sound Effects Wikia

All rights reserved goes to Hanna-Barbera productions, Inc.

The Nutcracker the crackhead have something to say for YOU...

Uploaded on 25/10/2018

another Village long name from New Zealand

it letters the 92 words.

taken from google image

Uploaded on 1/10/2018

The most longest hard name for the Webster lake... and i almost finally teaching pronounced right...well sort of but who cares. there's another longest places/village name that i'll be doing making next video soon.

Uploaded on 6/6/2017

short video in 1 second, this commercial right there begin animation were wendy holding her dollar is to taken seriously.

Note: the Ad introduce Double Stack featuring Edowment Effect

It's waaaay better than fast food.
It's Wendy's.

all credits are NOT mine, it goes to Wendy's and their owners.

Uploaded on 28/10/2018

It's a weird hack game of Speedy Gonzales on SNES. i didn't get how was tails even not appears in this game except the start up screen in the background were he stares left with Sonic. instead, it replacing with Mario where he recently got locked cages before sonic rescue him. maybe Tails is a part of Cameo or something?

uploaded on 15/10/2018

only JP version on Super Famicom for sure

Uploaded on 28/2/2019

Personally, i wouldn't blaming everyone for trying cook very hard whoever they do, but man, McDonald's didn't even Matched up at the same time.

Uploaded on 16/6/2019


He's unfortunite Broke!

Uploaded on 18/6/2019


Uploaded on 27/10/2018

do you Remember this childhood Puzzle game?

Uploaded on 19/10/2018

This 99% Proofed

Uploaded on 31/10/2018
Note: THIS IS NOT MY "FIRST" VIDEO, but apparently, the only first uploader i decided on BitChute for the first time. Enjoy.

You've had only one done Job, Bootleggers. who would even buying that damn Backpack?

Note: The owner of image is NOT mine, i got this from Google Images to share it.


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