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To celebrate getting 500 points in Goldeneye speedrunning on, I have decided to share my favorite ramen noodle recipe.


Shoutouts to Birdie88

Shoutouts to Dusky for motivating me to go for this time.

Who needs a dot?

forgot to upload last night lol

Beating a 3 year old pb and breaking into 500 points!

Goodbye 56

First CRT + capture card PB

lol took 5 minutes this time

1.2 and no cap card because I recently switched to CRT and am awaiting splitters in the mail.
14 minutes recording, 10 minutes of depot.
Was playing just to get an idea of how the level is, was not expecting a warp LOL.

Shoutouts for Psychroptic for the scuffed audio + reactions. (he was also playing depot at the time lol)

Going for 55...

Easiest points of my life

Switched out games, had to re-fit GE into the N64 a couple times. This was the first "successful" attempt at doing so.

This is a dupe of my pb. Having a vid of a pb is nice. Choked the ending.

This run is dedicated to RWhiteGoose for his computer died during speedlore and I got this run during the downtime

might go for lower

First completion, nothing special speedrun wise


I got 1'21"54 to beat my old 1'21"60 as a big fuck you to the devs of this game for patching part of this track. However, when I got the time, I thought to myself that there was more time to be saved. I set a goal of sub 1'21"37, which is exactly 5 seconds faster than second place on the records site (as of this post).

first good run of this level, still not points lol



Didn't take as long to get as I expected.

This level is hard, yet super fun. I could have stopped when I got the gold medal. I could have stopped when I beat the fastest know Sonic time (as of this video). I stopped only when I could no longer see improvements without massive grinding. So fuck yeah!

DarkspinesSonic got a better time than me, which inspired me to try harder.

Pretty good run, but nothing spectacular


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