I have a tiny application (that could grow...) and I have recently added a dynamic reporting function - no matter how many columns you return, the screen will handle it,

Bob Chilcott - the Lily and the Rose, SATB+Piano

I have written a VB.Net desktop application that shows a months calendar, and allows you to allocate some form of resource to an event. The resource, the event are all configurable, and it shows in a visual way what days are mapped out to who...

World Countries and Counties - how to select USA and get USA States, then select UK and get UK VB.Net

VB.Net and a screen used to display a bouncing ball. Go on - you know you always wanted one...

I recently attended an interview, and got an answer to a short test that they ran; it was not the answer that the other party wanted, but they didn't actually tell me what they DID want...

As the video tries to explain, I am currently unemployed - laid off. The code in this application is meant to show off a few features (treeview, drag and drop, DB updates, new entries, etc...) so take the actual screen contents with a pinch of salt. The treeview took me a while to get my head around (not used it before) but within its limits it works. The D&D code is just to show that one central list can be then used by more than one field on the screen.

Hey, I have over 40 years 'expertise' in IT (yes I do...) but that means I am a generalist - I am very good in maybe a dozen different things (do you want a DBA? A VB6 coder? a VB.Net coder? Do you want a project lead, a Senior Project Manager...? - wth do you want?) I can cover most bases. My C# is, but given my background then I can pick up new things pretty quickly. :)

This is trivial ditty - not at all VB.Net but a fun thing, anyway. When are the two major temperature scales the same? It's easier to present this in Excel and a graph...:)

Using VB.Net I create a Treeview display of the planets and their moons...

I have Finale Songwriter and imported a MIDI file of this. I played with the channels to make the tenor stand out, and I then used a video capture package for the animation.

I have modified the clock - only slightly. The irrelevant part is now switch on/off.

A very simple clock in

A quick update and run through the screens; I have changed a few things...

A quick run-through of the rest of the screens; all of this is customisable. It is down to - what do you, as a user, need/want? Reporting is of course to be discussed, but you need to tell me what reporting you need! What data do you need to capture?

One thing you should appreciate - I am now not a VB.Net expert (whatever THAT means!). I actually am something of a nerd/geek and like to explore what is possible within the VB world. This sampler is my base version for a CRM system. It works! It stores everything within SQL tables.

I have a background project to use VB.Net and create a CRM system. It will be developed in stages. Probably quite a few stages...

A display of the first few numbers in the Fibonacci sequence; code

In a similar way to the squares on a chess board problem, this will show you a set of triangles. I have used x,y,z locations, and calculated the origins of the points, so each triangle is separately drawn. Calendar and appointments. A home-grown calendar, with an appointments display.

A 5-octave piano, using and existing sound files. It's not perfect, but as a first-go attempt I'm pleased with the code (very economical) and the overall result.

A short display of the calculation of prime numbers, using

This is my program. It displays a standard PT grid, and if you click on any of the elements then it displays the Wiki entry.

It's an age=old maths question. Given a standard 8x8 chess board, how many squares do you see?


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I am now actively looking for alternative employment. Still a frustrated VB coder - frustrated because I have been 'doing' this since VB3 days and now find myself in a job that has zero VB exposure for me. I would ideally like to work from home (wouldn't we all!) but that is not likely.
Hertfordshire based and keen to learn new things all the time. If anyone wants to crowd fund me around 50,000 GBP then I can take this CRM a lot further; until then it's something I work at in my (all too little of) spare time.
By night I masquerade as a member of a couple of local choirs (strictly amateur, folks...) :)