VB.Net DataGridView - if you use this conventionally then you will have perhaps a couple of dozen columns and an indeterminate number of rows. This seems to incur a large system overhead in the display - it can take 25-30 seconds to show you an empty grid! There are lots of Google responses on how to handle massive data load (page it, whatever) but I had a real job to find somebody who could tell me how to load a DGV with 200 columns and 150 rows (for example). I did find a site that used DoubleBuffering (a term I am familiar with, but have never correctly used)

Hector Berlioz - The Shepherd's Farewell (from L'Enfance Du Christ, Op 25). Written for SATB + piano/organ accompaniment. This is an interesting piece, because there are bits in it that will catch you out! Well, they caught me out...
as usual, if I've made a whoopsie with anything, please let me know and I will endeavour to correct it.

Barnby, Joseph O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done SATB

I loved this show many years ago. The film was good to watch, and the music is just glorious.
This track (and others) I just fell in love with. This one seems to tug at my heart - the dreamer, who never gives up, and fails almost every time.
A bit like another of my heroes, Scrat, from the Ice Age cartoons.
I have copied this as accurately as I could, but have not put in ALL of the dynamics. You will need the score to work out the pacing.
It plays quite fast, in Finale, and I have slowed it down to where I think it could/should be performed.

VB.Net and DataGridViewer. It is essentially an Excel spreadsheet (or it can be...) with nothing more than an X,Y co-ordinate. This video is my attempt to make something useful of the DGV, outside of Excel.

Leonard Bernstein / Stephen Sondheim - West Side Story - One Hand, One Heart. I have lots of mixed scores, and actually forgot about this one! It's short and a lovely little song.

This is my rendition of ROD - it is the music tracks and the lyrics. I just hope that I have the right details in the right place...

George Job Elvey wrote Come, Ye, Thankful People, Come. I have an issue with music laid out so that verse 1 is with the music but then subsequent verses are listed separately - I like to see my lyrics as close as possible to the music, so I put this into Finale.

Billy Joel River Of Dreams (Solo+SATB)_All_Parts
Like many small-scale choirs, you get a mixed bag of people, and abilities. Some read music, and sing from the sheet on first sight, others have to work at it quite a bit harder. Like, me...
The point of this and other videos is as a teaching assistant. It works (for me, at least) on different levels.
I can adjust the speed, so that if it's slower (like this one), you can hear the notes, and get a 'feel' for how they all come together (well, hopefully)
I can split out any of the parts - I can give you just Solo, just S, or A, or T, or B, or I can isolate the Sop+Alto, so that you can hear how they sound.
It also allows me to look at the on-screen score, and hear the piece as it progresses.
This and other scores are written in Finale.
After some hurdles, I settled on OBS for the recording, and I find it works very well.

Originally by Yazoo, this was covered by the Flying Pickets. This version is for SATB (all parts)

The original was the Flying Pickets. This version is for SATB

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah - Tenor line

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah, for Alto

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah Soprano written for SATB 2020-01-24

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah Sop+Alto written for all parts SATB 2020-01-24

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah, arranged by Barrie Carson Turner. This is all SATB parts.

I experiment in, and came up with an approach to create a maze.

This extremely short piece was written by Ronald Gomer for my parents, when they got married in 1941. By then, my father had survived part of WW2 and still had the last part to go. He made it back. Millions did not. The Golspie reference is down to part of my mothers family coming from Scotland, centuries before - yes, I am a MacBeth!!!


Arthur Somervell. Passion of Christ. 6 O Jesus, My Master. This is part 6 of this work. I have followed the instructions (The small notes between the brackets should be used, if possible, only at rehearsal) and left the keyboard part out when the vocals start. Otherwise you can't hear the notes! Using Finale I can isolate any particular line (SATB) quite easily, which makes it fun for any small choir that wants to hear just their part.

Arthur Somervell. The Passion Of Christ. 5. The Washing of the Feet


Arthur Somervell. The Passion Of Christ. 4. Bread Of Heaven.

Arthur Somervell. The Passion of Christ. 3. Greater Love Hath No Man

Hands up - who has even HEARD of Arthur Somervell? Go on, be honest... Anyway, among the many scores that I have inherited from my father is The Passion Of Christ, composed by Arthur Somervell, and published in 1914 - yes, this score is over 100 years young!
I had a look, and found one recording by a Cambridge church choir, so, yes - I bought it! And I was delighted with it - a really good-quality recording.
It's a lovely piece, well performed by this choir. (
I did wonder if any small choir might be interested in performing even one part of it, but it's all midi files, so I made this, as a starter.
I don't have all the piano done, as I wanted to hear the vocals.


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