Great little soldering kit

This is a cerambot that I'm helping someone with by putting it together for them, this is the first test run of it. Still have to mount the clay pump, pump controller board and install belt tensioners and the wooden bed but it's running great!!!

Trying to print a handle on the mug this time with my Cerambot. Need to tweak the settings some more but after it gets leatherhard I'll hit it with scotchbrite and make it smooth :)

A bowl I designed using Openscad and the extrude function printed on a Cerambot printer. One of the steppers missed some steps near the end and it shifted so I stopped the print, I'l clean up the boogers after it dries a bit

Modified my model a bit so that the opening that I need to cut out is a depression now so it will support the print but it'll be easy to cut out and I added some drain holes in the bottom. The hanger didn't print very big so I'll make it larger, and I'm going to make one drain hole in the center so it doesn't do the funky patterns while printing the base.

Second attempt in printing a bird house. First one fell apart when I tried to cut out the hole and shake out some debris inside. This one I actually was successful adding a 'hanger' on the top that I'll drill out after it's leather hard, and that's when I'll cut the hole as well. I printed this at 1.5mm layer height with a 4.4 mm nozzle and it's much beefier I think :)

Another large 3d printed mug, largest thing I've printed on my Cerambot printer. Finally have it dialed in and working well.

I bought some barb fittings from home depot and didn't use the extruder module and I was able to push much more clay out. The clay I have now is a bit too soft, but now that I've eliminated the biggest restriction in the flow I can use stiffer clay.

My first print with my Cerambot clay printer


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