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There are no more opportunities for Washington based political solutions.

In this lengthy discussion we talk about the latest developments with the democrats and our disdain for the duopoly.

A long conversation about that has 2 parts and covers other topics as well including Jo Jorgensen and Tulsi Gabbard.

Checkpoints and jargon that comes right out of the Nazi playbook. They are smashing car windows in order to lock you in place.

I am back on this platform to share some uncensored thoughts and measured observations.

It's not just the disinformation campaign. It's also their business model. Keep people angry.

The country and the world face monumental problems and moral dilemmas


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The entire political process is a joke. We have been duped into thinking that we matter. The left and the right are constantly fighting and the news media covers these events to get ratings rather than getting to the truth. The left-right paradigm is a farce and the choices we are given ignore real solutions and have created out of control tribalism which might cause wars between these rival factions. People have no idea what is happening to them. They are often self medicated or hooked on some sort of entertainment that alters their reality. Critical thinking is no longer relevant.