Neal Fox - Composer, filmmaker.

I also don't write songs about how much I love your booty and that you should be shaking it all night long.
F**k THAT!

I write songs about the Federal Reserve, climate warming (or is it cooling now?), the New World Order, vaccines, government coverups and FREEDOM.

Yeah, I'm guaranteed to get into the Billboard top 100!
The closest description I've heard about my music is that "if George Carlin wrote songs..."

Anyway, check out my stuff. If you like it there are so many ways to support what I do. Thanks for listening.

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Definition: HiPOCRACY - the state or condition of momentary hipness. A new music video by Neal Fox.

The HiPOCRACY CD and Downloads are available at ,, iTunes and CD Baby.

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Some photos and video clips used under the FAIR USE copyright (satire.)
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Can we ever have enough stuff? This new song by award-winning composer/filmmaker, Neal Fox, pokes some fun at our obsession with STUFF.



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Extra video clips used as satire. Fair Use copyright.

Uncle Neal exposes a nasty secret from his past.

Catch Uncle Neal's Neighborhood episode 1 here:

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Don't we all love politicians! A preview of one of the songs from the full-length musical documentary, "The Conspiracy Project."

See the full "They're Lyin'" here:

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“ An eye-opening musical documentary on the global conspiracy .”
—Oaxaca FilmFest

A song about politicians from, "The Conspiracy Project."

An animated music video about human rights.


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I write, produce and perform all my music. I also create my own films. Music videos, shorts and even a full-length award-winning documentary.