After overhearing the location of the Moon Pendant from Klonoa & Granny's conversation in the last episode, Joka begins to make his way back to Klonoa's village with the intent on retrieving it. Neo races back home to try and prevent this from happening - although perhaps a bit TOO quickly for his liking.

Failing to prevent the Moon Kingdom from manifesting in the world, Neosekken manages to get his vengeance against Joka. Afterward, everyone travels to the Moon Kingdom itself to try and stop Ghadius from carrying out his apocalyptic ambitions. After making his way through the Moon Kingdom, Neosekken & Co. eventually run into it's residents, and learn of Huepow's true identity shortly afterward. Not having time to ponder this revelation at length, Neosekken eventually ends uo confronting Ghadius himself, and after a long battle Neosekken eventually succeeds in saving the land of Phantomile from total destruction, and everybody gets to celebrate this victory & the age of prosperity for Phantomile that is soon to follow.

Well, ALMOST everybody...

While dealing with Joka's constant attempts to slow him down & his own moments of sheer incompetence, Neo eventually makes his way to Granny's side, where he finds himself having to fight another of Joka/Ghadius' monstrous minions. Also, Granny has a nice house.

Finding himself among a flock of sentient toast that all feel pushed to calls to genocide when they themselves are apparently in the middle of their own genocide as a result of supermarkets, Neosekken explores explores the realm that is owned and controlled by the cult-like group known as "The Confraternity of Toast" while conversing with it's members. While Neo is sympathetic to their plight, he feels that the Toast themselves making their own call to genocide will only lead to more bloodshed, and the surreal dimension in which all these Toast live in doesn't appear to be a very happy place, either. As a result of these things, it doesn't take Neo long to start looking for a way out. If only it was as easy to get back out as it was to initially get inside...

Waking up in a mysterious set of hallways, described by the game as some kind of purgatory-like place, with no idea how he got there or why he's even there to begin with, Neosekken takes a weak lamp and travels through said hallways hoping to find an exit and maybe some answers. Along the way there, he learns some rather disconcerting facts about purgatory, which in turn only raises further questions. Will his prediction that he'll never escape alive turn out to be true? Only time will tell.


After having spent as much time as possible with Yuri and Natsuki in the last episode, Neosekken has "Neo" spend time with Sayori all the way until the second act in the game begins, and proceeds to work his way to the end of the game to see if his efforts had paid off. On the way there, he sees a new scene involving Yuri that he thinks he unlocked by spending all his time with her writing poems in the second act. When he DOES gets to the end, Neosekken eventually learns that he succeeded in doing what he set out to do, and thus sees the other ending he heard about.


Shortly after completing his initial run of Doki Doki Literature Club!, Neo learned of the existence of a better ending for the game that can be achieved in only a very specific way. Feeling down over how the game ended normally, wanting to see if he can bring a happier end/future to the literature clubs' members, and also just looking for a good excuse to spend a little more time with the members he quickly grew attached to, Neosekken eventually decided to go ahead and see if he can accomplish this goal. He begins this new quest of his by looking to spend some time with Yuri and, later, Natsuki.


As Neosekken continues to watch Natsuki be indirectly tortured through various means, it becomes clear that something is also corrupting Yuri, and as time goes on her sanity continues to degrade. Neosekken only expected further tragedy to occur at some point or another, and sure enough it did. Only, he didn't expect to directly confront the very thing behind all the horror in this very episode as soon as he did. Feeling like he was approaching the climax when he did, Neosekken decided to see how things would ultimately play out between himself and the root of everybody's suffering. Eventually, at the very end, after everything he and everyone in the club has been through, hoping that his efforts to set things right would ultimately bear fruit, Neosekken is unexpectedly forced to face a painful realization about the nature of the game itself, and what it's implications are for all the characters...

NOTE: After finishing this episode, I've learned through me looking up information on this game that there's a "golden ending" of sorts, and it involves me spending as much time as possible with all the girls via save scumming before everything goes completely downhill. So if any of you see any new videos in this series after the FINALE with something like "EX PT.#" in the title, that means I'm making extra episodes (hence the "EX") where I'll be covering the routes of the other girls in order to see this "golden ending" I've read about, although chances are you're most certainly going to see them being made, since I'm feeling the urge to do so more and more as time goes on. So if you want to see me spend some extra time with the other members of the literature club after this episode, then you can go ahead and check those videos out as soon as I publish them! After all, maybe it's possible that doing this will produce a noticeably better outcome for everyone involved?


It seems that despite his desire to befriend and otherwise give support to Natsuki, Neosekken is being forced to pursue Yuri again instead, and as this is happening he is also forced to watch the different ways in which the horror behind all this madness is likely trying to push both Natsuki over the edge. And if this wasn't bad enough, it seems like Yuri might be getting affected more by what's going on than Natsuki is... In the end, Neosekken feels like something (or someone) is mocking his efforts to try to do ANYTHING to help everybody out.


While Neosekken tries his best to piece together every little clue he can find as he plays, along with every little detail he can remember up to this point, in order to paint a clearer picture as to what might be causing reality as he perceives it to be going haywire, he has "Neo" pursue a friendship/relationship with Natsuki instead of trying to keep pursuing Yuri as he did before everything seemingly reset itself into a different timeline (for lack of a better word to describe just what this new reality he's found himself in is). While he isn't %100 certain as to what exactly is causing every bizzare occurence he sees, he feels that he has a pretty good idea that a certain someone is directly involved with both these bizzare occurences AND what happened with Sayori. Whether he's right or wrong, Neosekken plans to get to the bottom of things, no matter what it takes, and discover the truth for himself, and hopefully find a way to set right what once went wrong. In the meantime, Neosekken's going to work to help out everyone else who he feels is trapped in the same nightmare he is.


"Neo" and Neosekken's concern over Sayori's well-being continues to increase, especially after, upon her seeing a tender moment between "Neo" and Yuri, Neosekken felt forced to reject Sayori's apparently romantic feelings for "Neo" in order to be fair to both her and Yuri, since he didn't want to feel like he'd be emotionally manipulating anybody and cause potential strife between the club members.

... In hindsight, despite his good intentions, Neosekken probably made a HUGE mistake, because not only did his actions cause the worst possible outcome he could imagine, he suddenly finds himself thrust into a nightmare he doesn't understand. Whether or not Neosekken has truly made the best decisions and acted in everyone's best interests, and despite the confusion he feels over everything else that's going on around him, the one thing he can be sure of that was likely caused by his actions weighs heavily on his mind...


As everyone continued to work on their poetry and other preparations in time for the school festival, Neosekken & "Neo" both begin to notice Sayori's general demeaner become more and more depressed as time goes on, so in between the club activities "Neo" decides to pay Sayori a visit to check up on her. Upon doing so, both "Neo" and Neosekken learn just a great deal over what's been troubling her, even though Neosekken is certain he's not being given the complete picture. After checking up on Sayori, "Neo" returns home to work on the decorations they want to make for the school festival.


As club activities continue, both Neo and "Neo" enjoy spending time with the club members, Yuri especially. And as the upcoming school festival approaches, everyone agrees to set up their club's own unique event that even the audience members can participate in: specifically, sharing poetry. However, as all this is going on, Neo begins to notice some strange occurances in the other members' behavior, especially Yuri's. Not only that, the poetry that everyone writes start to get noticeably bizzare, confusing both Neosekken AND "Neo", although "Neo" seems more quick to write off some of the stuff he sees than Neo is. What the significance behind these 6strange events are is something Neo can only speculate on at this point.


Finding Yuri endearing and her interests in literature aligning with his own, Neo has "Neo" work towards writing poetry out of the selections of words Neo picks out for him to work with in order to appeal to Yuri's sense of writing style. How "Neo" makes his poetry out of just a handful of handpicked words Neo chooses for him is anyone's guess, but apparently whatever "Neo" ends up making the results speak for themselves... if only we could see them. Hopefully Neo's choices will pay off in the long run and help him succeed in winning Yuri's friendship... and perhaps something more?


When proposed by a friend to join a literature club, Neosekken was interested in joining, but not "Neo", our main protagonist whom Neosekken named after himself (probably not the wisest decision on my part since this might cause some potential confusion when trying to distinguish myself from "Neo" when addressing myself in the video titles. Oh well.) When "Neo" wouldn't budge on joining for the sake of joining, his friend, Sayori, suggests he comes over for the cupcakes that one of the members made. That's all it took for both me and him to come running and check the club out. The rest is history from there.

Carol and Torque get ambushed by Breven off-screen, with Carol having to be evacuated from Breven's ship due to the severity of her injuries. Seeing that Lilac went after Breven on her own, Neo and Mila chase after her, only to eventually encounter Breven himself. After some struggling, Neo eventually overcomes and defeats Breven for the final time.

Neosekken begins his third attack on Breven's base of operations, and while he finds the bosses more challenging as Mila, he manages to overcome them without too much trouble.

Once again, the video title says all. If you're looking for any new bits of the game's story that hasn't already been covered, you won't find anything here. If you're here for the gameplay (or at least don't mind the gameplay if you're primarily here for the plot), then watch as Neosekken goes through Trap Hideout and Thermal Base as Mila.

The title says all, really. If you're here for any new bits of the game's actual plot, no matter how small, then you may want to consider skipping this episode because you're really not gonna find anything, otherwise Neo hopes you enjoy the gameplay of him playing through more of the older stages.

As Neosekken goes through the same old stages while playing as Mila, he tries to think of things to talk about as to not stay silent for too long during gameplay, and while thinking of a topic his mind drifts towards old Nintendo games he grew up playing as a kid. As soon as he does, he starts talking about just that while also pondering what he'd like to see in hypothetical future Nintendo Classic consoles. Neo sincerely hopes that him rambling about this stuff as he replays old stages in this episode might make said retread a bit less boring for some of you.

After making their way through the Red Scarves' hideout, Neo & Co. finds and gives Spade a beatdown before convincing him to help them rescue Torque & Lilac from Breven's lake base, especially since Spade's other leads into his father's murder didn't pan out -- even though we don't ever find out what these are. Afterwards, they get Lilac and Torque out, then Carol, Mila and Torque run into Shang Tu's forces, then later Shang Mu's forces, then, eventually, after one familiar story development after another, they all get on track towards storming Breven's home base.

Neo could still be doing better according to his own estimate, but he feels that he's at least getting back into the swing of using Carol. Hopefully in another episode or two he'll be at a level that's at least acceptable by his standards. Other than a slight improvement in performance, nothing new save or an extra scene or two happens plotwise, although that will certainly be different by the time the next episode rolls around.

While Neo is making progress in going through older stages as Carol, he's struggling a bit more than he expected, both with muscle memory and also poor judgements from time to time on his part. Despite this, Neo remains confident that by the time he reaches the endgame of the game's story with Carol he'll perform leagues better than how he did in this episode. Have have in him dear viewers - he can't keep sucking forever!

Neosekken eventually makes his way to Breven after making it through his deathtrap of a ship. While he didn't fight against Breven as effectively as he did when playing as Lilac, Neosekken managed to send Breven off with more than a few bruises with Carol, thus completing her route in the game. Immediately afterward, Neo starts Mila's route, and we see how she eventually meets up with Lilac and Carol for the first time.


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