After Neosekken finishes his conversation with Sans, he moves on to the Core, where the strongest monsters Neo has encountered thus far appears - and actually manage to kill him a couple times, thus finally bringing Neo's winning streak to an end. On top of that, Dr. Alphys' advice to help Neo starts leading him into traps, a couple of which managed to hit Neo, although not killing him. Dr. Alphys acts surprised whenever her "information" on the Core is proven to be outdated and worthless, although her "surprise" is awfully transparent to Neo. Also, there's more puzzles for Neo to solve in order to open new pathways. Despite the tough monsters, the increasingly unhelpful advice, and more puzzles, Neo manages to reach the top of the Core - where Mettaton is waiting for him.

Neo then confirms his suspicions towards Dr. Alphys, revealing that Neo was being played for a fool in order to make Dr. Alphys feel better about herself - and instead of allowing her to come "save" Neo, Mettaton locks her out of the room and begins another battle with Neo. Dr. Alphys calls Neo over the phone and gives him advice on how to stop to Neo, and to the absolute lack of surprise of Neo it turns out that advice only ended up making his situation worse in a lot of ways by allowing Mettaton to transform into a new form.

Neo barely manages to come out on top in the end, managing to reach a peaceful end to the battle. Neo then presses forward, and on his way out of the Core Neo finds himself confronting a meek Dr. Alphys...


In the beginning of this latest episode of "Corpse Party: Book of Shadows", Neosekken finishes completing Chapter 5 in its entirety, with some of the Wrong Ends and new scenes in the chapter being unlocked AFTER he had reached Chapter 5's true ending. The new scenes in question shows what happens to the Byakudan students after they leave Morishige behind to pursue Emi - and how they meet their demise at the hands of both Hammer Time and one other individual whom Neo has been dreading to possibly run into since he started this game: Byakudan High School student, Yuuya Kizami (whom Neo later on in this episode decides to nickname "Pocket Knife"), a deranged killer whom left quite an impression on Neo back during their last encounter in "Corpse Party: Blood Covered ...Repeated Fear". Luckily for Neo he didn't have to contend with Kizami directly in the new scenes in Chapter 5, although that didn't stop him from wishing he could so he can try and save the other Byakudan students from him...

This fortune of not having to contend with Kizami directly turned out to be VERY short-lived, however, as right after Neo completes Chapter 5 and moves on to Chapter 6 he finds himself in the role of Yuka Mochida, who's been successfully captured by Kizami and is being held hostage in Heavenly Host's science lab - a set-up that Neo notices is very reminicent of a Wrong End from Chapter 5 of "Blood Covered". Seeing himself controlling the ONE person in the entirety of Heavenly Host that'd be the most helpless against Kizami on TOP of the fact that he even HAS to deal with Kizami at all, Neo begins Chapter 6 with a bigger sense of dread than any prior chapter has instilled in him by this point, convinced that only a divine miracle will be enough to save him and Yuka from a fate where they're otherwise completely screwed.

Neo watches Kizami's physical and mental torture unfold throughout most of the episode, where every second seems to go by twice as long as Kizami draws out the tension and milks it for everything its worth. But as he's doing this, Neo is treated to some flashbacks of Kizami's life from his perspective, and after watching these memories and listening to Kizami's attempts to analyze them and rationalize his actions throughout his life, Neo can't help but compare him to a child throwing a temper tantrum because he's not getting his way in life - which stops being funny to Neo once he remembers that Kizami is also a psychotic lunatic who's got Yuka strapped to a table and holding her at knifepoint...


With the threat of Mettaton to contend with, and with only Dr. Alphys being the only real help that he has as he navigates more of the Hotlands, Neosekken presses forward not knowing just what is in store for him until it's right on top of him. Many of these unknown things are, of course, new monster types, with one type in particular called "Tsunderplane" being... exactly what it sounds like if, like Neo, you're in any way familiar with the term "Tsundere". There's puzzles too, but who else but puzzle lovers (like Neo) actually cares? I bet YOU don't, puzzle hater. Finally, there's also the occasional lethal game show from Mettaton that Neo finds himself being roped in, and Neo BARELY manages to survive them thanks to Dr. Alphys' cellphone that she made for Neo that seems to conveniently hold a feature that Neo needs to get through each segment - something Neo gradually grows suspicious of the more this happens...

As Neo gradually progresses through the Hotlands, Neo spends a lot of time having mostly one-sided conversations with Dr. Alphys and reading her posts on the Underground's social media - and Neo can't help but think that Dr. Alphys is in dire need of another nerdy friend, since she doesn't seem to really have on, sans (ha!) Undyne. But with Neo's growing suspicion of Dr. Alphys, his overall feelings on her grow mixed, with Neo not quite sure what to make of her.

Eventually, Neo finds himself faced with another spider bake sale - with prices that are completely through the roof and out of his price range, forcing Neo to ignore the sale. As it turns out, this apparently ended up being a mistake on Neo's part, and I say "apparently" because apparently Neo was SUPPOSED to make himself a victim of highway robbery lest he incur the wrath of some spider girl, and since he DIDN'T go out of his way to let himself get scammed in such a way... well, take a wild guess as to how the spider girl decides to respond to Neo's lack of absurd finances...

Finally, after getting through his encounter with the spider girl and a third encounter with Mettaton, Neo arrives at a fancy hotel, where he finds himself having a VERY interesting and enlightening conversation with Sans...


Finally locating an unconcious Taguchi, Neosekken attempts to examine him from afar - but an earthquake strikes right at that moment, and before he knows it he's in a stairway with Morishige looking at a candle with a note that tells them: "Whatever you do, don't look behind you". After ignoring the warning and seeing what happens (which results in a Wrong End), Neo then chooses to heed the letter's advice, and upon doing so he and Morishige find themselves confronting a hysterical Mitsuki, who accuses Morishige of being "in league with him", but in attempting to inquire with Mitsuki over what she's talking about she flees in terror, leaving Neo confused and Morishige irritated. Neo and Morishige eventually make their way back to the area that Neo saw at the beginning of the chapter, all the while listening to more of Morishige's thoughts over the situation around them and his increasingly-insane attempts to justify his own growing excitement for the bloodshed surrounding him - not unlike an addict attempting to justify their own addiction to a drug or self-destructive hobby. Indeed, as Neo finds himself watching the true ending to Chapter 5, Morishige takes his attempts at self-justification to its logical extreme - promising himself that he'll delete all the photos of corpses he's taken AFTER he and Mayu return back home...

After this, Neo then begins getting to work on completing all of Chapter 5 by unlocking some of its Wrong Ends - like seeing what happens when Neo has Morishige jump into the hole to get an item instead of fishing it out like he did in Part 16, & finding out what happens when Neo allows Morishige to fully succumb to Darkening...


After escaping from Undyne, Neosekken decides to follow a suggestion Papyrus made towards the end of the last episode and go hang out with her and Undyne. After all, how can you say no to someone who gave you a glass of water when you needed it most??? Only someone with really fishy morals and etiquette would say no to that (yes, I just made that joke. I regret nothing.)! So off Neo went to Undyne's house, and after he and Papyrus are invited in Papyrus does something straight out of a Top 10 Anime Betrayal list and ditches poor Neo when he least expects it, leaving him all alone with the anthropomorphic fish who's clearly looking for an excuse to put Neo's head on a pike. Neo places Papyrus's betrayal of Neo at number 2 on the list, right behind Neo's own betrayal of Flowey when he declined to grab the latter's "friendliness pellets" when he was in the middle of explaining how the Underground worked to then-newcomer Neo. As the number one contender on the Anime Betrayals list in question, Neo knows a serious betrayal in trust when he sees it - or experiences it firsthand, in this case.

Anyway, when things don't seem to be going well for Neo, Papyrus shows back up to trick Undyne into attempting to become Neo's friend before betraying Neo AGAIN and leaving him alone with Undyne, again. Neo then decides to play the role of houseguest that's assigned to him, and eventually, with Undyne's help, he finds himself setting her house on fire (it makes sense in context - sort of.), although not before learning some of Undyne's backstory and her relationship to Asgore.

After parting ways with Undyne, Neo makes his way back into the Hotlands and enters a laboratory placed near the Hotlands entrance, and it is here where he meets two rather interesting characters: the first is Dr. Alphys, the royal scientist that Neo has heard about several times before throughout his journey. He learns that Dr. Alphys has been observing his journey through the Underground on a monitor, and offers Neo her assistance in proceeding futher into it. Now, as for the second character Neo meets at Alphys' lab? Its a killer robot that also doubles as an entertainer for the populance of the Underground, and he desires to give Neo an untimely demise and televise it to the entire Underground for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Neo can only speculate what OTHER kinds of wacky, possibly psychotically-insane characters he'll end up meeting before he can escape the Underground for good, because if Neo has learned ANYTHING for certain about the Underground is that its far from lacking people with strong personalities...

In this video I discuss the 1st year anniversary of becoming a content creator and forming my YouTube and BitChute channels while also touching upon other subjects, such as what kind of content I'm considering introducing to my channels in the not-too-distant future, briefly touching upon why I decided to become a content creator, and even doing a little promoting of a little Windows program I'm particularly fond of (I want to make it clear that I'm not in any way affiliated with Launchbox or any of THEIR affiliates, nor am I being sponsored or endorsed by them in any capacity - everything I speak of about the Launchbox & Bigbox programs in this video are based entirely on my opinions of said programs as a user/customer. I just want to share something I think is cool with any regular viewers of mine who are video game enthusiasts like yours truly!).

This video isn't much to celebrate the occasion but I wanted to address it somehow, so I pretty much whipped this video together on the spot without any script to consult or anything like that. Hopefully sitting through this video won't be a chore for any of you, dear viewers! I also want to thank you, my regular viewers and subscribers across YouTube and BitChute, for the feedback gave when you were willing to give it, the words of encouragement & praise for me and my content in general, and for the fun and engaging conversations I've had with some of you in the comments sections of my videos. You guys are awesome and just plain fun! Interactions like these with you guys, along with any general enjoyment my content can bring you, are the number one things I look forward to now as a content creator. Here's to another year of wacky hijinks with these YouTube and BitChute channels -- I hope those of you who've found and subscribed to either of them will choose to stick around to see whatever happens next!


Continuing to guide Morishige and Co. through the first wing of the school, Neosekken looks for anything he can to help him gain access to locked rooms and the like, hoping to find other survivors. Indeed, Neo had to help them piece together a combination to unlock a lock to the reference room on the third floor via some entries in a class journal. After doing that, the group finds a statue that they decide to take with them, while they also discuss Morishige's knowledge in art history when Morishige points out what the shape of the statue itself was likely inspired by. Neo later finds an alcohol lamp that turns out to be exactly what he needed to open a path to the outdoor pool and its locker room - and it is at the pool that they find Emi Urabe, a member from Fukuroi and Yamato's group, and Emi is hysterical, convinced that something is coming to kill them. Emi flees, and her classmates give chase - but Morishige doesn't, deciding to resume searching for Mayu on his own after reaching his limit dealing with the Byakudan students.

Meanwhile, Neo finds himself controlling ANOTHER group of students - this time two characters that Neo is also familiar with: Nari Amatoya and Chihaya Yamase, two students from Musashigawa Girls' Junior High School who are looking for a friend of theirs, the one and only Nana Ogasawara. Neo guides them through the second wing of Heavenly Host while switching back to Morishige from time to time.

While everyone is busy looking for somebody important to them, Neo can't help but notice that Morishige's excitement for some of the corpses he finds grow more and more intense as time goes on, which makes Neo think that Morishige is getting more and more corrupted by the Darkening, which in turn also makes Neo worried for the people AROUND Morishige...


More hijinks are abound as Neosekken continues making his way through the waterfall-filled caverns, using whatever non-lethal options he has available to him to get out of every enounter with a monster he comes across. The caverns are vast though, and still having little idea on where to go Neo takes his time exploring so as to not rush himself into getting lost somewhere. Sadly for him, however, he still has to contend with Undyne, who is still ambushing him when he leasts expects it.

As he explores, Neo stumbles upon Temmie Village. Neo is not quite sure what to make of his discovery, even now, although he thinks the Temmies are endearing - in their "LOL SO RANDOM" kind of way. While he's in the village's shop, he discovers the option to pay for the shopkeeper's college education, something that Neo makes a mental note of to try and do later.

Later on, after progressing far into the caves, Neo finds himself facing Undyne in intense, boulder-suplexing combat - with a side of magical spears that Neo finds himself having to deflect everytime he's turned green. Unfortunately for Undyne, magical spears don't make for a good diet and Neo can't suplex boulders (although he can certainly kill human-shaped ones if given some guns and enough ammunition to put down a herd of elephants.), so he is forced to flee into the Hotlands. Neo barely makes it there alive, although Undyne is relentless in her pursuit. But when something Undyne didn't take into account as she entered the Hotlands occurs, Neo decides to help her out by giving her a glass of water. This suicidal act of kindness is apparently enough to get Undyne off his back...


In this episode Neosekken continues to guide Mitsuki and Fukuroi through Heavenly Host alongside Morishige, switching between the characters as the plot demands. All three characters are looking for members of their respective groups, which is proving to be like walking in a minefield when faced with homicidal ghosts that are looking to tear them all apart at the first opportunity, as demonstrated in some wrong ends that Neo ends up unlocking as he progresses through Chapter 5. But Neo isn't deterred, and continues to press on.

Eventually Neo, controlling Morishige, runs into Taguchi, where the two agree to meet up with each other after exploring the building some more when Morishige declines to allow Taguchi to accompany him on his search for Mayu. Morishige's insistence on searching for Mayu by himself in a school full of supernatural entities and death traps only serves to irk Neo. On top of that, before Neo knows it, he has to help Morishige craft a makeshift fishing rod in order to fish out a shiny item that they found in some random hole near the entrance to the school, and sometime after THAT Neo and Morishige find themselves meeting Fukuroi and Mitsuki face-to-face, and this time Morishige DOES agree to have some people accompany him in his search for Mayu while he also helps the newcomers search for their friends. Needless to say, a good bit of progress is made, although Neo certainly couldn't have predicted that he wouldn't get any CG artwork to make a video thumbnail with for this episode, and Neo didn't feel like using a random screenshot from regular gameplay to use instead.

Luckily for Neo, post-recording, he came up with an idea. An awful idea. Indeed, Neo came up with a wonderful, awful idea...


Starting the fifth chapter of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Neosekken now finds himself in the role of Sakutarou Morishige, one of the members of Class 2-9 from Kisaragi Academy. In this chapter Neo gets a first-person account from Morishige himself as to how arriving at Heavenly Host seems to be instilling a rather unsettling hobby in the young man that was never present in his mind before the events currently unfolding before him, that being a morbid fascination with the various corpses littering the haunted elementary school. While Neo is familiar with this particular trait of Morishige's, unfortunately for him he's far from eager to see Morishige engage in it - especially when he finds truly disfigured corpses lying around.

Besides this, Neo also learns of how he perceived an earlier encounter with Yuka Mochida, the younger sister of Satoshi Mochida who was also dragged into Heavenly Host alongside the other members of Class 2-9 - an encounter that Neo is familiar with after the events of "Corpse Party: Blood Covered". Neo also learns that, unsurprisingly, Morishige is looking for Mayu, and Neo, knowing already how much importance Mayu has in Morishige's life, knows that bad things are undoubtedly going to happen if Morishige is unable to locate Mayu in one piece.

After marveling at one especially gruesome corpse, Morishige resumes his search for Mayu, and Neo can only speculate what kinds of horrors Morishige's clearly deteriorating mental faculties will bring to the table on top of everything else already occurring within the school walls...


Preparing to leave Snowdin, Neosekken encounters Papyrus on the path leading out of the town. Deciding that the best way to capture Neo was to do so directly instead of relying on puzzles or traps, Neo suddenly finds himself having to fend off Papyrus, who quickly proves to be a lot tougher than Neo thought he would be. After a while, Neo manages to survive the battle, sparing Papyrus when he was finally offered the chance to, and before leaving Papyrus gives Neo some information on what lies ahead along with offering Neo the chance to go on a date. Before continuing on, Neo takes Papyrus on his offer and doubles back to Snowdin, where Neo then experiences one of the most interesting dates he's been on in his series of fictional lives as a gamer. SPOILER ALERT: Neo didn't get the skeleton.

After his date with Papyrus, Neo moves on to a new cave-like structure filled with waterfalls and a host of other unique sights. But shortly after arriving, Neo finds himself having to contend with both a new group of monsters and the local hero he's heard the residents of Snowdin talk about: Captain of the Royal Guard, "Undyne". Out of all the monsters Neo encounters in this episode, Undyne proves to be the most stress-inducing for Neo as Undyne frequently ambushes and tries to impale him with dozens upon dozens of magical spears.

With little to no idea on where he's going, Neo pushes on forward, hoping to get out of the new cave he found himself in while making sure he isn't given new holes in his body besides the ones he was born with via Undyne's spears. At least Neo has a little monster kid to keep him company...


Having exited the ruins, Neosekken finds himself in an underground forest covered in snow, with two skeletons to keep him company here and there. One of the skeletons, Papyrus, seeks to capture Neo for the sake of popularity, while his brother Sans... doesn't seem to really care about Neo very much, so Papyrus is the one skeleton out of the two that Neo needs to worry about -- maybe. Besides the skeletons brothers themselves, Neo has to contend with a series of puzzles constructed by Papyrus that leaves Neo thinking about a lot of things, although most of them probably weren't what Papyrus was hoping to cross Neo's mind. If that wasn't enough, Neo also has to contend with new monsters. From bird-like monsters wanting to be comedians, to monsters with eye-catching hats, to some monster called "Jerry" that everyone apparently hates, and even several different types of dogs, the snow-white forest Neo finds himself in is filled with a bunch of colorful characters indeed.

Neo eventually manages to get past all this until eventually reaching the town of Snowdin, a monster settlement filled with even more monsters with colorful, charming personalities -- which also happens to be the home of Sans and Papyrus...


With no idea where Naho is, Neosekken and Sayaka explore the underground bomb shelter hoping to locate her. Initially there was no signs of life anywhere they looked, with corpses filling the twisting pathways of the underground structure - until they started hearing the voices of children singing somewhere in the distance, which fills Sayaka with a sense of unease. Eventually they came across a torture chamber where, after choosing to hide there when someone came approaching the room, Neo and Sayaka witness another familiar character being brought in, strapped to the table in the center of the room, and slowly tortured to death.

Eventually the killer leaves the room (once Neo hides in the correct spot after getting it wrong the first time - a decision which resulted in him getting Sayaka killed before the other person was.), and so does Sayaka, who feels sick having witnessed such a brutal murder. With Naho nowhere to be found, and with there apparently being no way out of the underground shelter, Sayaka wanders aimlessly until her strength gives way, leaving her completely helpless as the killer from before eventually finds her -- forcing Neo to watch as Sayaka becomes the first senseless sacrifice to Naho's horrific scheme that she set up prior to their arrival in Heavenly Host...


Long ago, two races ruled over the world: Humans, and Monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races, with the humans coming out victorious after a long battle, and sealed the remaining monsters underground with a magic spell. Fast forward to the present, a young boy climbs Mt. Ebbot, a mountain that legends say that those who climb it never return. The young boy quickly finds himself tripping down into a cave with no way back out.

It is at this point where Neosekken takes control of the boy, and both of them find themselves coming across some ancient ruins - with a helpful goat lady called "Toriel" who takes it upon herself to guide the boy through them after saving him and Neo from a dangerous monster, along with teaching them the ways of the Underground to help them get by.

Things get quirky and weird from there, as Neo encounters several types of monsters, each with their own unique characteristics, and choosing to avoid fighting whenever he can Neo uses his wits, guile and lousy reflexes (as shown in bullet-hell mini-games during combat segments) to get out of each enemy encounter he stumbles into. Some enemies he has to compliment despite facing language barriers, while others he has to flirt with before he can "spare" them, and these are just two examples out of the ones he encounters in this first episode in this brand new series. But perhaps the weird (and most gross) thing he finds himself doing in just the first episode alone is flirting and complimenting monsters left and right in order to scrape together loose change to buy himself one of the few healing items he can buy thus far... and one of them is basically liquified spiders in a jug.

If watching Neosekken encounter and work his way through an enormous underground while also working his way out of aggressive encounters with a whole slew of unique, quircky monsters, whether through passive means or outright combat - all the while he tries REALLY hard to NOT think about what exactly he's drinking in those jugs he buys in the Ruins - sounds like your idea of a fun, interesting time, then feel free to give Neo's Let's Play of Undertale a watch!


In this episode, Neosekken watches as the eventual podcast interview Naho promised Sayaka occurs, all the while she continues to try warning her mentor, Kibiki, about the increasingly obvious danger involved in investigating the Shinozaki case they've recently started investigating, since the paranormal forces involved in the case are continuing to negatively affect her body. Indeed, she begins considering calling off their investigation altogether due to how dangerous it is compared to anything they've dealt with before.

As for the podcast itself, things seem to go smoothly at first... until Neo sees what Naho is seeing sitting in the corner of the room she and Sayaka are conducting the interview in. Things go downhill from there once the interview itself is finished and the studio reviews the recorded audio, and finds something VERY faintly hidden in the audio file that causes someone in the studio to go into cardiac arrest.

Finally, after all of THAT, Naho returns home after leaving the recording studio and discovers that Kibiki and Taguchi decided to go into the supernatural Heavenly Host on their own without her despite leaving them a warning explicitly telling them not to... and this ended up being the the straw that broke the camel's back in Naho's mind as she absolutely LOSES her mind. In a panic, she runs to Sayaka's home and convinces her to perform a charm that will allow them to both enter Heavenly Host and go after Kibiki, although before they both perform the charm, when Sayaka isn't around to see her do it, Naho leaves a final post on her personal blog that she thinks would "help" Kibiki in his research - a disasterous post that Neo is quite familiar with after the events of "Corpse Party: Blood Covered". When everything is set up, the two perform the charm... and Sayaka finds herself all alone in the underground bomb shelter of Heavenly Host...

When Paul and Marion find themselves unable to get ahold of David for an untold amount of time, David's friends worries for him begin to go through the roof. Eventually, though, Paul manages to get through to David's cell phone, and wastes no time asking David where he is. Something is clearly wrong with David, however, and Paul picks up on his strange tone and behavior as David answers his question, before telling Paul not to come to the abandoned hospital he is currently at. Paul and Marion immediately travel to the hospital in question and begin searching for David, and as they explore the structure they encounter some familiar figures Neosekken and David encountered throughout their journey, although their reason for being at the hospital is not made immediately apparent.

Eventually Paul manages to find David on his own, but unfortunately for Paul David is FAR from a stable frame of mind after the events of the previous episode, and this forces Paul to make a quick decision lest David does something that there's no going back from. Succeeding in this and helping David come back to his senses, Paul and David discuss David's journey up until that point, and putting their heads together they begin to piece together some clues that show a very personal connection between David and the Crooked Man - one that David decides to sever once and for all, and Neo helps him do just that at one final location both he and David need to explore...


Completing the remaining endings of Chapter 3, Neosekken immediately moves on to Chapter 4, where this time he takes the role of Sayaka Ooue, a student who happens to be friends to the one and only Naho Saenoki, who also is featured in this chapter along her mentor Kou Kibiki, and Kibiki's camera assistant Shougo Taguchi. In the beginning of Chapter 4, Sayaka and Naho are attending a music concert, and enjoy a pleasant evening together before heading home. Sayaka wants to try to get Naho to do an interview with her on a radio show that Sayaka hosts due to Naho's popularity in occultism circles, with Naho reluctantly agreeing to do so. As this is going on, Naho is doing research into a particularly interesting case, one that is beginning to fill her with a sense of unease due to how unusual it is compared to most other paranormal investigations.

Interested in witnessing first hand the events that ultimately lead to the events of Corpse Party: Blood Covered, Neo begins this latest chapter into Book of Shadows wondering when, exactly, everything will all come crumbling down...

Following the third address acquired thus far, Neosekken and David arrive at yet another abandoned structure, this time a hospital. Much like in the two previous areas, not only does Neo find several notes from the former tenant within the building, he also encounters a lone individual who's exploring the building along with David: a young boy called, "Fluffy". "Fluffy" claims that he was near the general area when his mother went off on her own, and when she didn't come back after a while Fluffy went to go look for her. This presents Neo and David with a bit of a complication as they cannot just leave Fluffy to his own devices within the run-down building, so David eventually manages to convince Fluffy to accompany him as they both search the hospital for the people they're looking for.

It is also around the time David and Fluffy start working together that the one and only Crooked Man decides to make an appearance, making an already complicated situation for David and Neo even MORE complicated - again. On top of that, much like in the law school, more skeletons in David's closet are forced out into the open, although this time in a more personal, more horrific manner than before...


With the warning from the mysterious old woman still troubling Yui's thoughts, Yui struggles with the idea of actually going to school on the final day of the mock exams... but when she discovers that she left behind Tsukasa's lucky pencil back at school, she decides to risk going to the school to try and get it back before something, if anything, happens, thinking that she might be safe if she can just pick up the pencil and leave the school before midnight. It is at this point that Neosekken knew that things were about to go SERIOUSLY downhill before long.

Yui soon arrives at the school, the whole place seemingly completely deserted due to how late at night it is, and she manages to get to her classroom and pick up Tsukasa's pencil... but before she leaves, she takes a look at the teacher's podium inside the classroom, and debates acting out her dream a little before returning home by standing at the podium, and Neo is given a choice on whether or not to allow Yui to indulge herself a little despite the anxiety she still clearly feels about just simply BEING at the school so late at night.

It is at THIS moment that things actually START to seriously go downhill... although luckily for both Neo and Yui, help soon arrives in the form of Tsukasa himself, although why the hell Tsukasa is at the school late at night along with Yui is a mystery to Neo. Eventually, Neo manages to escape the wrath of Yoshie's spirit, although it was far from a walk in the park as far as everyone involved is concerned...


Neosekken continues to watch Yui and Tsukasa's friendship grow, but eventually Yui and Tsukasa have to deal with an upcoming event of great importance: an entrance exam that Yui has to take soon if she wants to follow her aspirations in becoming a teacher. Yui is certain this is the career path she wants to take in life, but surrounded by friends who're stressed and not as certain about their own career paths she is eventually snapped at by one of them, and this in turn makes Yui doubt her own compassion and empathy for others, qualities she feels are important in becoming a teacher. Tsukasa consoles her, and offers her a lucky pencil of his to help ensure Yui's success on passing the entrance exam, and this successful consoling from Tsukasa seems to make Yui fall more in love with him, although Yui notes that he doesn't appear to feel the same way about her.

Later on, during a rainy October day, on her way to school for her final mock exam, Yui is stopped by an old woman, tired and weak from seemingly having traveled a long way, who aggressively beseeches Yui to not go to Kisaragi Academy on the day of the entrance exams, producing a doll with Yui's name on it and attempting to give it to her when Yui refuses to take heed of the old woman's warning. The encounter with the old woman only grows more intense from there, for both Yui AND Neo...

After leaving the old hotel behind, Neosekken and David decide to go investigate the second address they find towards the end of their journey through the old hotel, and it leads them to another abandoned building: this time being an old law school. Neo and David enter the building and begin investigating the old school halls, looking through various notes and journals left behind by former teachers in order to piece together whatever information about the law school itself that they can, all the while keeping an eye out for anyone whom David feels could be the former tenant of his apartment.

Eventually Neo and David encounter two things: one of them is a young man studying to be a lawyer who goes by the name "D" (although given the guy's general attitude, Neo instead chooses to refer to him as "D-Bag", because with a nickname like "D" Neo feels that its too good of an opportunity to not pass up.), who not only went to the old school when it was still open but also seems to believe that he can find some notes from some of his old professors somewhere in the building he can use to further his studies (although how he could believe such a thing is beyond Neo's ability to grasp, since Neo assumes that any notes pertaining to "D" himself would most certainly have been thrown out years ago.), as Neo & David eventually come to understand with each encounter they have with "D".

Now as for the second thing Neo and David encounter at the law school? Here's a hint: its VERY unfriendly, and has a rather lopsided-view of everything around it. And this thing has absolutely ZERO intention on making everyone inside the old building have an easy time finding what they're searching for. And if THAT wasn't bad enough, it would seem that whatever supernatural force is at work in David's life is beginning to dig up some skeletons in his closet...


Beginning the third chapter of Book of Shadows, Neosekken takes the role of Satoshi Mochida, who is taked by one of his teachers from school to check up on another one of his teachers who's been out sick for a little while now: Ms. Yui Shishido. He eventually locates her apartment, and upon getting there he discovers that Ms. Yui is still very much ill with a nasty fever - so much so that she's delirious. Hilarity ensues.

After getting Ms. Yui back into bed, choosing to stay with her to care for her, Neo is then transported back in time to when Ms. Yui was still a student of Kisaragi Academy, and it is around this time that Neo takes control of Ms. Yui. Curious to see what this sudden flashback has in store for him, Neo eagerly watches this tale from Ms. Yui's recent past, especially when a young man called Tsukasa Mikuni enters the picture...


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Greetings, my name is Neosekken. Welcome to my channel! I mainly do Let's Play videos of games I want to play, popular and obscure, new and old, but I also use this channel to create whatever kind of content I want whenever I want (that could range from dramatic readings of classic literature and amusing fan fictions, reviews if I feel like reviewing something, etc.). Whatever you came here for, I sincerely hope you enjoy checking out my content - have fun!

With my current upload schedule I try to publish at least one video minimum every 2-3 days, sometimes more if I can squeeze something extra in.

If you want to find me anywhere else outside of YouTube, here's a list of other websites I use:

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