DISCLAIMER: The footage playing in the background of this video is of the Windows program "Big Box", a variant program of the program known as "LaunchBox", a frontend for video game emulation designed and distributed by Unbroken Software, LLC. I am in no way affiliated or sponsored Unbroken Software, LLC - I wanted to use LaunchBox/Big Box for this video merely to give you guys something I personally find cool and interesting to look at as you listen to me give my announcement in this video, because who among you looking at this video wants to look at a boring still image (or PC desktop) ON TOP of listening to my boring lil' announcement? I couldn't bear to inflict THAT much torture on you!


I'm beginning to feel a bit burned out due to a very busy schedule as of late, and I want to take some time off to get some R&R before resuming making more content since I feel that NOT letting myself have some time off will just make the quality of my content suffer later on in some fashion or another. I elaborate more on this in the video proper, so if you want more details then feel free to give this video a quick watch. Regular content will resume being published approximately 2 weeks after the publishing of this video, about a couple days after my 2 week break from content creation is officially over (I want to give myself a couple extra days after the 2 week period is over in order to work on generating new content, before what I currently already have made resumes being published on YouTube and BitChute). I'll still make time to check any messages anyone leaves me and respond to them whenever I feel like hopping on YouTube and BitChute for a minute or two.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things 2 weeks from now, and making more content for you guys! Stay tuned for new uploads around that time! In the meantime, if any of you watching have any games you'd like to suggest I do a Let's Play on, feel free to comment in the comments sections of any of my videos (including this one), or on the Discussion tab on my Channel if you're viewing my content on YouTube! Take care, guys!


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Greetings, my name is Neosekken. Welcome to my channel! I mainly do Let's Play videos of games I want to play, popular and obscure, new and old, but I also use this channel to create whatever kind of content I want whenever I want (that could range from dramatic readings of classic literature and amusing fan fictions, reviews if I feel like reviewing something, etc.). Whatever you came here for, I sincerely hope you enjoy checking out my content - have fun!

With my current upload schedule I try to publish at least one video minimum every 2-3 days, sometimes more if I can squeeze something extra in.

If you want to find me anywhere else outside of YouTube, here's a list of other websites I use:

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