Clearing Chapter 2, Neosekken starts Chapter 3, this time taking control of Satoshi and his younger sister Yuko as they begin their exploration of their own version of Heavenly Host. Before then, Neo watches Naomi have a brief encounter with Naho Saenoki, where the latter gives information to the former on how Heavenly Host's curse slowly drives it's living occupants insane over time if they aren't killed in some fashion or another before then, and that Seiko likely was afflicted with this same form of madness before killing herself. With this information it becomes obvious that the living cast members cannot stay within Heavenly Host for too long lest they suffer a similar fate. On top of that, Neo realizes that this also means that he'll have to contend with other living humans suffering from the same madness at some point or another, increasing the number of potential threats by a noticeable margin.

And if all THIS wasn't bad enough, it would seem that Yuko is in dire need of a working restroom, and so far all the ones Neo finds are either inaccesible or destroyed outright.

With the stakes haven risen and likely to keep doing so as time goes on, it's clear to Neo that he needs to stay on his toes as he continues navigating Heavenly Host if he wants to get as many of the cast out as he can in one piece...

(NOTE: For some reason I ended up confusing Yuko with Mayu at 19:23 when I saw the former in the beginning of Chapter 3. Don't know what to say about it other than the fact that it's a rather epic brain fart on my part. Feel free to laugh at my head flatulence in the comments section, if you feel so inclined - I'm a big boy, I can handle the banter!)


Taking the advice of Naho Saenoki on how to save Mayu, Neosekken, Yoshiki and Ayumi find a doll that apparently contains the regrets of the killer of the Heavenly Host children that were murdered decades ago, which Ayumi speculates is what the spirits of the dead children need to hear in order to pass on, which Neo voices skepticism about, not believing that hearing the words of some random doll lying about apparently containing the regretful words of their killer would be enough to get them out of their situation and back to the world of the living.

Spoiler alert, Neo's suspicions are ultimately proven correct, much to his, Yoshiki and Ayumi's regret as their actions drive the children to violently murder Mayu in retaliation for their futile attempt to relieve their vengeful emotions. The end results are NOT pretty, to put it bluntly - so much so that it ends up horrifying Ayumi to the point of running off on her own in abject terror, and before Yoshiki can give chase he is struck from behind by a tall, dark figure wielding a hammer, who drags his body away once Yoshiki stops moving. However, on a brighter note, towards the very end of Chapter 2, Neo learns that another cast member who he thought had died did, indeed, survive her encounter with another vengeful spirit.

With Chapter 3 now unlocked after seeing the correct ending to Chapter 2, Neo decides to see all the Wrong Ends to Chapter 2 before advancing the main story, seeing how they may flesh out the story and his current understanding of the situation surrounding Heavenly Host, however little such new information may be - if there is any new information that CAN be gleamed from Chapter 2's Wrong Ends at all...


Not knowing what happened to their teacher, Yoshiki and Ayumi continue their exploration of Heavenly Host, hoping to find some clue as to the whereabouts of the other Class 2-9 members, along with finding their own way out of their current predicament. Unfortunately, much like Naomi and Seiko, Neosekken can't seem to find any straightfoward way out of the school building. Indeed, all that seems to be around are the corpses of various people, all of them being students from other schools besides Kisaragi Academy.

Yoshiki and Ayumi try to keep each others' spirits up in spite of the ever-increasing number of corpses and the lack of any real exit, although as time goes on Ayumi begins to show signs of pain in her head. On top of that, Neo begins having to keep them safe from the spirits of dead children inside the school, lest they meet gruesome ends.

Eventually the nature of Ayumi's sudden headaches becomes apparent, and Neo is forced to help Yoshiki bring Ayumi to her senses, and thankfully succeeds. The good feelings behind said success is short-lived, however, as the group finds their friend Mayu being held hostage by the ghosts of school children, with no clear way to save her. It is around this time that Neo, Yoshiki and Ayumi meet the mysterious Naho Saenoki, someone who seems to understand what is happening in Heavenly Host who offers them advice on how to save Mayu...


With Chapter 1 having ended in unexpected tragedy, Neosekken decides that it'd be worth unlocking Chapter 1's various "Wrong Ends" before moving on to Chapter 2 proper. And experience Chapter 1's Wrong Ends he did - from seeing what happens when reading all the "Victim's Memoirs" to seeing Naomi sever her own tongue via the influence of the spirits of dead children, Neo is beginning to get a pretty good idea of the kind of brutality he should come to expect from this game.

After eventually starting Chapter 2, Neo briefly takes control of Class 2-9's instructor, Yui Shishido, before something happens to her, where he then takes control of Yoshiki Kishinuma, with Ayumi Shinozaki to accompany him. Wanting to locate Yui after she disappears on them, along with trying to find any of the other members of Class 2-9, Yoshiki and Ayumi decide to venture out into the rest of the school - and given all the dangers he's seen thus far, Neo isn't expecting their voyage through Heavenly Host Elementary to be any more pleasant than Naomi's and Seiko's...


Still not finding signs of any of the other survivors within their version of the school, Naomi and Seiko rest up whenever they can, trying to stay positive despite the bleakness of their situation. After Seiko leaves Naomi to rest up in the infirmary at one point, Naomi is attacked by a black malevolent spirit, and Neosekken has to watch her die a couple times before figuring out how to escape from said spirit. After said encounter, Neo watches Naomi and Seiko have a tense conversation that ends in the duo splitting up to cover more ground, with both of them feeling upset about the way they parted ways.

However, the next time the two meet is far from a pleasant occasion - quite the opposite, in fact, as Naomi finds Seiko in the girls' lavatories, having apparently hung herself through no obvious method, and Neo is unable to help Naomi save her in time, and as a result Neo has to watch Naomi break down in tears over Seiko's sudden & violent death, questioning why she'd do such a thing when the argument they had wasn't severe enough to warrant such a suicidal response - a sentiment Neo also agrees with, based mostly on gut instinct.

After this sudden and tragic end to Chapter 1, Neo finds he unlocked the first Extra Chapter of the game, and deciding to give it a look he basically quickly finds himself taking control of a group of girls from another school who agree to help a polite ghost that lives in one of the stalls of the lavatories help him find some of his personal belongings that are scattered around the school. Yes, you read that right - After witnessing the emotional, tragic end of Chapter 1, Neo ends up spending the rest of this episode essentially participating in a decidedly light-hearted scavenger hunt for a ghost. Mood whiplash at its finest!


Deciding to make the most of their current predicament, Naomi and Seiko begin exploring Heavenly Host Elementary for a way out and to see if they can find any of the other members of class 2-9, and Neosekken is eager to see if he can help them do just that without getting either of them killed.

Shortly after beginning their journey, Neo and co. learn from a disembodied spirit that they are apparently trapped in a series of alternate dimensions that each resemble Heavenly Host to some degree or another, with each and every different version of the school connected in some way - and that everyone from class 2-9 is scattered across them. If Naomi and Seiko want to reunite with the others, they'll need to find a way to enter the same physical planes they are occupying or vice versa, otherwise they're not likely going to run into them or anyone else who's alive on their particular plane of existence.

Faced with these prospects, Neo and co. decide to continue their investigation of the school, meeting more spirits along the way, gathering whatever information they can about their surroundings and the souls that are trapped there. As they do so, they find more and more corpses of various students from different schools, each having died in tragic, and often brutal ways - along with tibits of information within the various school rooms that help shed some light on how parts of the school work, along with the other spirits occupying it. Eventually, Neo and co. hear the voice of Yuka somewhere within the school, with no idea where she might be...


Years ago, a series of terrible incidents occurred at Heavenly Host Elementary School - mysterious accidents, disappearances, and outright murders eventually resulted in the school being closed and torn down, with Kisaragi Academy, a high school, having been erected in it's place. Heavenly Host would eventually fade from the public conciousness, it's dark history becoming fuel for bad memories and your typical ghost stories.

The same kind of ghost stories that Ayumi, class president of 2-9, loves to tell her classmates. This doesn't bode well with Satoshi, one of Ayumi's friends from the same class - No matter how much he tries to be brave, he is very easily spooked. Naomi, his childhood friend, isn't much help either, giving him even greater grief whenever he gets frightened. Thanks to their teasing one another with ghost stories, Class 2-9's cleanup after their culture festival takes much longer than anyone else's, and they find themselves working well into the night long after the rest of the student body has left the campus. Right after they finish up their work, Ayumi proposes to the group to perform a charm called "Sachiko Ever After" as a send-off for one of their classmates who is transferring to another school, the ritual culminating in each member of the group taking a piece of a paper doll that Ayumi brought with her. However, after the charm is performed a sudden earthquake hits the school, splitting the floor of the classroom and separating everyone... And when they eventually regain conciousness, Satoshi, Naomi, Ayumi, and the other students (along with their professor, and Satoshi's younger sister, who came to their school to find her brother when he didn't come home straight away) find themselves trapped in an utterly impossible location: the long-destroyed Heavenly Host Elementary.

Join Neosekken as he, along with the group of students from Class 2-9 and other characters, attempt to find a way out of the clearly dangerous Heavenly Host Elementary school, try to solve the mystery of why and how they ended up within the school to begin with, and uncover the mysterious origins of the building they've found themselves trapped in - if they can live long enough to accomplish these tasks, that is...


After experiencing our first encounter with ghosts and other creatures from beyond the veil with Jill Count, Neosekken decides to check out the two remaining stories for Perceptions of the Dead - both of them featuring a young man named Tyrone, a self-styled paranormal investigator with an ability to perceive the spirits of the dead.

In the second story of the game we check out, Tyrone investigates a phantom ice cream truck going around some neighborhood kidnapping children late at night and taking them God knows where, after the family of one of the missing children contacted him for help. Sounds like an absurd story that someone came up to try and explain the mysterious nature of the disappearances, but unfortunately for Tyrone, the ice cream truck is quite real indeed...

In the third and final story, Tyrone once again takes the center stage as he investigates a haunting in some house some couple wanted investigated due to strange sounds plaguing the building. However, this simple investigation takes a much more dangerous turn when he least expects it, and an innocent soul who showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time may pay the price if he doesn't do something about it...


Perceptions of the Dead is a collection of three separate stories featuring ordinary people and their tales encountering spirits of the dead, and other creatures "beyond the veil".

In our first tale of this collection, Neosekken joins "Jill Count", a moderately successful streamer, on a "Life Stream" of hers, where she streams her real life activities to any viewers who find Jill and her life engaging. For this latest steam in particular Jill is planning on going to a haunted hospital as part of a Halloween special she has planned for her subscribers, and tales of the hospital she is visiting (i.e., like the whole place shutting down as a result of a nasty disease that killed almost every patient and doctor in the building over the course of a single week.) makes the place sound particularly promising for potential scares.

The kicker in this little excursion? The place is actually haunted, and Jill has no idea that she is walking into very real danger. But the big question Neo has in his mind is simple: she's clearly going to walk into danger, but how is she going to get out of it? Whatever the outcome to Jill's Halloween special may be, Neo intends to find out, one way or another!


Her nightmares continuing to grow in their intensity, and having not done any real studying for her GCSEs during her time off, Neosekken can practically feel the anxiety flowing out of Lynn at the date for the actual GCSEs quickly approaches, and to make matters worse everyone around her still continues to largely ignore or downplay the increasingly obvious signs that something is blatantly wrong with Lynn, still quickly backing down when assured by her that the stress she's feeling isn't as severe as it appears to be, which only frustrates Neo more and more.

To top it off, Lynne has played a very prominent role in Lynn's most recent nightmares, and the effect Lynne's dream counterpart is having on Lynn isn't something to be understated - indeed, Lynn's hatred of Lynne grows to the point to where, later on, even she acknowledges how irrational it's becoming, but with her stress reaching radical heights she's finding little to no reason to care.

Soon, the day of the GCSE tests arrive, and Lynn finds herself staring at her papers, her mind drawing a blank, unable to get herself to focus on the problems presented to her. It is at this time that her stress reaches the breaking point, and as this happening she decides to watch Lynne from across the room, her envious, spiteful thoughts and emotions for the seemingly well-adjusted girl growing more and more wild by the minute. The clock continues to tick, and Lynn finds herself increasingly unable to focus on anything else but her doppleganger, the world around her fading more and more.

Eventually, the tests come to an end - and the resulting outcome for Lynn's story goes well beyond what Neo expected...


As her GCSEs draw closer, Lynn's stress levels continue to grow, and constant remarks and questions being made by her friends and family only serve to contribute to it even further.

Having woken up from another terrifying nightmare and having a brief conversation with her sister and one of said sister's friends, Lynn spots Lynne on her way to Susie's residence, where she thinks bitter, envious thoughts of her doppleganger before continuing her journey. Arriving at Susie's home, Lynn has a conversation with her about her streaming career and her relationship with her Asian boyfriend, where Lynn gets Susie to admit that he's been successful in requesting sexual favors out of her over webcam, all the while giving flimsy justifications for her own actions despite her obvious discomfort with where the relationship seems to be heading. However, hearing Susie talk about her relationship damages Lynn's self-esteem, thinking that she'll likely never find a romantic partner due to being unattractive compared to her friend.

This self-loathing later inspires her to go on a date with Rosie Palms after eventually settling in for the night, with her attempts to conjure up an appealing fantasy failing miserably - until she starts thinking of Lynne. Unfortunately for Lynn, she doesn't have long to indulge in this bizarre love-hate fantasy before she is caught by Jas, filling Lynn with shame, embrarassment and even more stress before going to bed for the night.

Neosekken can only anxiously watch as Lynn's stress level grows well past 60%, and with Lynne growing more and more prominent in the forefront of Lynn's mind it's obvious to Neo that her psyche is very much on a dangerous path, and he can only sit and watch in mild amazement as everyone around Lynn either misses the subtle to blatantly obvious clues to Lynn's growing stress, or doesn't pursue them when Lynn assures them everything with her is fine. Then again, given how everybody else in Lynn's life seems preoccupied with their own issues, this lack of interest in everyone else's part doesn't seem TOO surprising - unfortunately for Lynn and the poor sap watching the slow-motion trainwreck that is her upcoming GCSEs...


In this kinetic novel, Neosekken enters the life of "Lynn", a fifteen-year-old student who doesn't have the easiest life - her parents are always arguing, she has an older sister who's pregnant and has something of a strained relationship with, and she has a lot of pressure put on her as a result of being the "smart" sibling in her family. Unfortunately, things are becoming even worse for her thanks to her upcoming GCSEs, and the stress appears to be impacting her sleep to the point to where she's having horrific nightmares.

What's interesting about these nightmares is they typically center around a girl she goes to school with called "Lynne", who's strikingly similar appearance to Lynn herself is something she finds unsettling.

What will Lynn do to prepare herself for her upcoming GCSEs on top of trying to deal with the stresses of her daily life? Neo can only speculate, as since this game isn't a visual novel he has no input over any of the decisions Lynn decides to make throughout the story - for all intents and purposes Neo is just along for the ride, same as you, dear viewers. And Neo is quite curious to see how Lynn's story will unfold, although truth be told, he's not expecting things to end on a happy note. However, only time will tell if his prediction is ultimately proven right...


So Neosekken takes the role of a guy called John. John is taking sessions with a psychologist as per ordered by his job as a result of him threatening some co-workers of his at his job with violence when he had a sudden outburst. Why did he have this sudden outburst? Apparently, John and is wife Jane has experienced a heavy loss recently, and on top of making Jane severely depressed it's made John's depression, which he's apparently already had before experiencing this loss, even worse than it was before. With his life and relationship at the lowest point it's ever been, obviously John is not going to be in the best mental state to keep his emotions in check at certain points, but even so he still needs to see this psychologist and answer any questions she has in order to try and get approval to return to work.

However, suffering severe depression as a result of a heavy loss and seeing his relationship with Jane become strained is not the end of John's list of problems. Apparently, John had at some point had an affair with a woman from his job called Alice, and while John is trying to get his life back together after his loss happened Alice keeps pestering him for attention, clearly wanting to pursue a relationship with John despite Neo having John repeatedly make it clear to her that such a thing is simply not going to happen. Alice's perserverence, however, gives Neo an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach...

The interesting thing about these sessions with the shrink that John is having is that the questions require input from Neo, the player, and since the game told him that it'd be analyzing HIS psyche as he played it's pretty easy to assume that the questions being directed at John are actually being directed at Neo. Naturally, Neo is curious to see what kind of psyche profile Botched can give him, so as Neo plays along with the game's attempts to analyze him he watches as all the bad things already going on in John's life continue to get worse despite Neo's attempts to steer him in a direction where he thinks John is likely to get the best outcome for himself and Jane. If any of this sounds interesting to you, the reader, then play the video and join Neo on this interesting journey into a glimpse own mind (or at least what the GAME thinks of his mind) and John's steadily-declining quality of life and happiness.

(NOTE: I already mentioned this in the comment I posted with the video, but I'll say it here too just to make sure it's less likely to be missed by any of you watching: In case you don't want to listen to my LONG ramblings in the latter half of this video about my thoughts/opinions about Silent Hill 2 and some of its characters after, skip from 39:09 to 1:11:56 to get to my finishing up the video proper. Yeah, I clearly got carried away with my ramblings, and I don't want to force you to listen to them if you don't want to. I'm passionate about this game, what can I say?)

Exploring more of Earnest's mansion, Neosekken finds a mysterious birthday present in the mansion's attic, which a disembodied voice asks Maria to "give it to my daddy". Seeing as the present is from an "Amy Baldwin", putting two and two together Neo doesn't think it's unreasonable to immediately assume the voice belongs to this "Amy" character. Eventually locating Earnest himself in a study, still hiding behind a locked door, Maria has another conversation with the man, asking him about the present he found and Amy's relation to Earnest. Confirming that the two are father and daughter, Neo also learns that Amy fell to her death from the attic several years ago, which clearly drove Earnest to a life of solitude in his mansion. The conversation doesn't stay on Amy for long, as Earnest begins asking questions about Maria to himself that doesn't appear to make sense, and in trying to find out the nature of his musings Maria is asked by Earnest to go to the apartment building next to the mansion to find a bottle containing a white liquid.

Putting some information Neo has found throughout the mansion relating to what the bottle itself might be and it's relation to occult rituals involving reviving the dead, Maria asks Earnest if he thinks the ritual he wants to perform for Amy will even work, to which Earnest admits that he doesn't know for sure if it'll actually work. Maria also asks why Earnest can't get the bottle himself, but Earnest cuts himself off before he can give a complete answer to Maria's question. Deciding to honor Earnest's request, Maria decides to go to the apartment building and get Earnest the bottle he needs.

Guiding Maria through a previously locked pathway within the mansion that eventually takes her directly to the entrance of the apartment building in question, Neo enters the building and quickly finds the bottle Earnest seeks. Neo eventually returns back to the mansion and makes his way back to Earnest's study, with the bottle in his inventory. As soon as he does, though, Maria and Earnest have another conversation, and it is this conversation that Maria learns the awful truth of her existence and how it's tied to a certain man who has recently entered town...

Beginning the Sub Scenario of Silent Hill 2, "Born from a Wish", after having completed the main scenario of the game, Neosekken takes control of Maria, the woman who strongly resembles James Sunderland's late wife, as she tries to survive in the monster-infested town of Silent Hill, after finding herself having woken up all alone in the town with seemingly not a human soul in sight.

Deciding to try and search the clearly dangerous town for any survivors besides herself, Maria springs into action and decides to enter the fog-enshrouded streets of the town. Guiding her through the western half of the district of South Vale, gathering any supplies he finds along the way, Neo eventually stumbles on some blood trails that lead to a door that wasn't accessible in the main game. Behind it lies a mansion, and with nowhere else to go Neo takes Maria into said mansion to try and see what can be found there.

Initially the mansion seems to be completely deserted, but after going up to the second floor of the building Neo encounters a man hiding behind the door called Earnest Baldwin, who Maria converses with. He aparently wants to be left alone to his own devices, even when Maria points out to him that the town doesn't have any other people left - only monsters. Not only does Earnest respond to this statement of fact with indifference, he states that the state of the town has nothing to do with him and with no one around there's no one to disturb him. But Earnest then asks Maria how she can say that it's the town that it's insane when it could be that THEY are insane. Afterward, he asks Maria once again to leave him alone, although Maria promises to return.

After this strange encounter, Neo continues to explore the mansion, which turns out to also have some monsters roaming the halls after all, and as he explores he finds that there's locked doors that need to be unlocked, and a puzzle in a strange location that need to be solved...

Exploring more of the lab, Neosekken eventually runs into Annette Birkin again, who threatens Leon's life, accusing him of working with "that woman"(Ada) to steal the G-Virus. Leon tells Annette that Ada is not the sort of person who'd do something like at, which Annette scoffs at and retorts that he doesn't know Ada as well as he thinks he does. Before Annette can finish Leon off, however, Big Green drops from the ceiling to save the day... only to try and ruin it with his own hands by beating attempting Neo's face in yet again. Neo responds to this behavior in a way that is completely natural at this point, and with an upgraded Magnum he made to boot.

Going into a previously locked area of the lab, Neo is attacked by Big Green again, but Ada shows up to distract the monster. When Big Green grabs her by the throat, Ada shoots Big Green in the face, causing him to fall into a pit of molten metal, although not before throwing Ada into a control console that activates the lab's self-destruct sequence. As she laid on the ground, Ada tells Leon to escape, although Leon insisted to her that he wasn't going to leave her behind, causing Ada to remark that she was merely "a woman that fell in love with you - nothing more." She and Leon share one last moment before she succumbs to her injuries, leaving Leon to despair over her demise.

With the lab set to self-destruct, Neo, after getting a call from Claire, picks Sherry up and takes her to the train in the underground platform, where he leaves her in the safety of the train compartments while he worked to get the train up and running. On top of this, Neo will need to overcome two more challenges before being able to escape the lab alive - and they both involve REALLY pissed off abominations, one of which had recently "gone through puberty", in a manner of speaking...

But Neo didn't come this far to let some man-made freaks of nature stop him of his ultimate goal (that being his survival), so as he faces these abominations he'll bring in his biggest guns. In these two fights involving man and monster, only the strongest will survive...

Having recently parted ways with Pipsqueak (Laura) once again, Neo decides to continue exploring the Lakeview Hotel. In the hotel lobby resides a large music box with 3 empty slots for additional music boxes based on three fairy tale characters: Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid. Having already found one of the three boxes outside the hotel before entering the building proper in the last episode, Neo is already a third of the way through this latest puzzle and only needs to find the other two boxes that are located somewhere inside the hotel. With a clear objective in mind, Neo searches every nook and cranny of the hotel that he can access, unlocking more rooms and pathways as time passes, all the while trying to stay alive with the minimum amount of healing items he has left in his inventory.

While exploring the building, Neo eventually finds the video tape that James made of his and Wife-Fu's (Mary) vacation - the same tape that Maria had told James about back in the labyrinth. However, with no TV and VCR to play it on, Neo has no choice but to keep exploring the building. However, it is some time after finding this video tape that Neo finishes acquiring the other two music boxes he needs to put in the large music box in the hotel lobby, and upon doing so he immediately goes back to the lobby and inserts the remaining boxes in the empty slots where they belong, and plays the large music box. With the large music box having all it's missing pieces returned to it, Neo is awared a key that opens the stairway gate leading to the floor containing room 302 - the same room where James and Wife-Fu stayed at during their vacation at Silent Hill.

Going to room 302, Neo finds the room deserted, but in it he finds a working television and VCR. With the video tape he recently acquired, Neo has James put the tape into the VCR, and watches the tape's contents. In the tape, Neo and James uncover a terrible truth about James & Mary that paints James' entire journey throughout Silent Hill in a very different, very dark light...

After viewing the video tape, Pipsqueak shows up again and asks James to continue looking for Wife-Fu with her. It is then that James tells her the truth he's recently been forced to face in the video tape, which makes Pipsqueak lash out at him before eventually leaving James along in room 302. Shortly after this exchange, however, James hears what appears to be the voice of Wife-Fu calling for him to come to her, and as soon as Neo leaves room 302 he discovers that the hotel has gone under a radical transformation.

With the revelation provided by the video tape in the forefront of Neo and James' minds, Neo moves James throughout the altered Lakeview Hotel, guiding him on the path leading to his ultimate destiny...

Exiting the sewers, Neosekken makes his way with Leon and Ada to the factory where the lift leading to Umbrella's secret underground laboratory is located. On their way there, though, they get attacked by William Birkin, but Neo is able to fend him off without any trouble. Arriving at the lift, Neo finds the lift has already decended down underground and so needed to be called back up to the surface, and while he is setting up the controls to call back the lift he is then ambushed by Big Green again, forcing Neo to fight him off in close quarters before he can be killed.

With the lift controls set, Neo calls the lift back to the surface, and takes Leon and Ada down to the lab. But on the way down, Leon and Ada are attacked by William Birkin yet again, and this time he manages to wound Ada, forcing Neo to take Leon outside the train cart to face the monster alone. Fending Birkin off successfully, Neo goes back inside the cart, and the lift suddenly stops due to overheating. Leon promises Ada that he won't allow her to die of her injuries and escape the city alive along with him, and assures her that he's going to come back with something he can use to heal her wounds before using a pathway the lift has conveniently stopped by to make his way into the lab proper. At the same time as Leon enters the lab, the lift starts back up and finishes descending down all the way to the end of the elevator shaft, prompting Neo to ask why Leon didn't bother just waiting a few minutes for the lift to cool down and finish riding it along with Ada, and therefore make it easier for him to get back to her rather than the option he decided to take.

Needing to find a way to get to the lower levels of the lab and reunite with Ada, Neo explores the section of the lab he's found himself in that he's never explored as Claire, finding anything he can to activate elevators and unlock doors/pathways that will allow him to make his way to the train cart Ada is in. Eventually Neo DOES find the cart and elevator again, but Ada is nowhere to be seen (shocker). With no idea where Ada has run off to now, Neo decides to keep exploring the lab, looking for any trace of her that he can find...

Having saved Angela from being murdered by a particularly-disgusting monster but getting as much gratitude for it as the town of Hamelin gave the Pied Piper for solving their terrible rat infestation (any of you ever read the old fairy tale, "The Pied Piper of Hamelin?"), Neosekken continues making his way through the corridors of the labyrinth, and soon comes across a puzzle that he messes up solving a couple times before eventually guessing the correct answer that allows him to get a key that unlocks a gate that allows him to continue moving forward. Going past the gate, Neo soon finds the room where he last saw Maria, only to find her dead again, much to James' grief.

With no other option than to continue on, Neo guides James along until he encounters Boulder (Eddie), who's clearly suffering from a case of mission control inside his brain going off it's meds, ranting and raving how he'll kill anyone who makes fun of him. James then decides to respond to the obviously crazy gun-wielding maniac in the most appropriate and non-suicidal way possible: he asks Boulder if he's "gone nuts". It is at this point to where Silent Hill briefly changes it's name to "Down Hill", because that's exactly what ends up happening as soon as James decides to ask this absolutely brilliant line of inquiry to Boulder, and before James knows it he finds himself having to fight for his life.

Why is Ed Boy here being referred to as "Boulder", you ask? Because Ed Boy is tough. VERY tough. Watch the fight between Neo and Boulder if you want to find out HOW tough, because it is Neo's humble opinion that Boulder's resilience must be seen to be believed.

After barely managing to make it out of this encounter with Boulder alive, Neo finds himself mysteriously back on the surface, right at the docks located behind the Silent Hill Historical Society. Moving forward, Neo fiinds a boat which he can use to move across the lake and to the hotel on the other side. However, it takes Neo A LOT lon..

As the title of the video outright states, while working towards unlocking the path to the sewers Big Green keeps trying to beat down Leon like dough you'd use to make bread, but Neosekken doesn't take any of these attempts to make pizza out of Leon lying down and turns Big Green into swiss cheese with each encounter, even though it's becoming more and more obvious that he'll need bigger guns than he's carrying to put any lasting damage into Big Green.

Eventually Neo opens the path to the sewers, but not before running into William Birkin, who's in the earliest stages of his mutations with the G-Virus. Neo makes short work of him - so short, in fact, that Neo himself didn't think it'd end up being as short as it turned out to be. You could say this encounter was the definition of anti-climatic. Although, to be fair, Neo brought a pretty big gun to the fight and wasted no time in using it upon seeing William - poor William didn't stand a chance.

Anyway, it is right after entering the sewers that Neo runs into Ada once again, and Leon demands that she stick together with him in order to increase their chances of survival, and Ada decides to humor Leon. With Ada in tow, Neo begins exploring the sewers once again, but not too long into looking around this location did Leon and Ada encounter Annette Birkin, who shoots Leon unconcious when he took a bullet meant for Ada. Ada pursues Annette, and after catching up with her she reveals to Ada what happened to her boyfriend John, along with sharing information with Ada about the G-Virus. Recognizing a locket Ada is wearing around her neck, Annette demands Ada tell her where she obtained it, before attempting to forcibly retrieve it from Ada, only for Ada to knock her off a railing and deeper into the sewer. It is after this that Ada decides to take a closer look at the locket she's carrying, and when she does she discovers a very big secret item inside...

Leon eventually regains conciousness, and as soon as he does Neo takes control of him and guides him to Ada's location, reuniting the two, after which Ada decides to finally treat Leon's recently-acquired wound, but in a way that make any person with any semblance of first-aid training have a bit of an aneurysm due to how ineffectively the wound was treated. Neo then decides to resume looking around the sewers for any items and supplies he can gather before he decides to leave the sewers...

Finding himself underground inside the dilapidated Toluca Prison and having recently part ways with Eddie once again, Neosekken explores his new, mysterious surroundings for any way out. As he explored the prison he came across a couple documents that offered some additional exposition about Silent Hill, specifically some ghost stories that served to paint the already strange town in an even stranger, more eerie light. Neo soon opens up a pathway leading to the prison's basement using a makeshift handle made out of several items he found throughout the prison, and it is here that Neo finds another large hole leading God knows where further underground.

With nowhere else to go, Neo decides to keep foregoing common sense and survival instinct and makes James jump down this hole, only to find himself with yet ANOTHER hole to jump down after landing some unknown distance down. Neo jumps down this hole too, and after doing so he finds himself at an elevator that takes him even FURTHER underground.

Eventually, the elevator stops, and it is here that Neo then finds himself entering a mysterious underground labyrinth, one where he apparently needs to DRAW his own map in order to help himself navigate around. Now how Neo is finding himself going through a prison, then some underground tunnels, THEN an underground labyrinth the further he descends underground is a mystery to him, but whatever the reason for his arriving at all these different locations one thing is becoming clear to him: given how far underground he's gone by the time he's reached the underground labyrinth, Neo is certain that, short of some kind of miracle, Neo is going to have one hell of a time trying to get James back to the surface.

With this thought at the back of his mind, Neo begins exploring the labyrinth, and he soon finds Maria, who is somehow alive and seemingly unharmed, much to James' amazement. Asking Maria what happened to her after they were seperated, James is perplexed when Maria acts like the incident that lead to her seeming demise didn't even happen, at least not the way James and Neo clearly remember it. Maria changes the topic of the conversation to something completely different, however - something she should have no knowledge of: a video tape that James made of his and Mary's vacation to the town, and how he likely left it at the hotel where he and Mary stayed at. James, understandably, demands to know how Maria could know something like this, as well as who she actually is, but Maria keeps dodging his inquiries and asks him to come get her from the side of the room she's trapped in. James agrees to do this, asking her to stay where she is until he can reach her.

With the goal of getting to Maria in mind, Neo continues to guide James through the labyrinth, and along the way he encounters all kinds of monsters he's become quite familiar with, including the one & only Triangle Man. Along with these lovely hostile abominations, Neo eventually runs into yet another familiar face deep in the labyrinth...

Neosekken continues to open up various locked rooms and passageways throughout the police station, guiding Leon throughout the building while trying to keep him out of harm's way. He gathers supplies and key items he needs to solve the same puzzles he solved as Claire in her route along the way, and before long he finds himself once again entering the basement of the police station.

It is here that Neo encounters Ada, a mysterious woman in red who claims to be in Raccoon City looking for her boyfriend "John". Upon being asked to, Leon helps her open up a pathway leading to a previously inaccessible part of the station Neo couldn't get to as Claire, that being the holding cells and the dog kennels that contain a pathway to the sewers. Going to the holding cells, Neo finds a man in a cell called Ben, who is apparently a reporter trying to get the scoop on what is occuring around town. Leon and Ada attempt to squeeze some information from him about what he knows, but he doesn't prove to be forthcoming about sharing what information he has with the two. Ben doesn't want to leave his cell due to fear of all the danger that lurks outside of it, and promises to come with Leon and Ada if only they can guarantee his safe passage. Ada then decides to run off, leaving Leon alone and frustrated.

Following the passageway leading to the sewers from the dog kennel, Neo encounters 8-legged freaks and Ada once again, and Leon helps her gain access to a vent that allows her to explore an otherwise inaccessible part of the sewers. As soon as she enters it though, she spots Sherry, who flees from her, leaving behind a locket containing a picture of herself and her parents. Taking control of Ada from this point, Neo has her look for items she can give to Leon that will allow him to continue unlocking more of the police station...

Finally finding Pipsqueak (Laura) in a previously-locked section of Brookhaven Hospital, Neosekken and James learn that Pipsqueak was apparently friends with Wife-fu (Mary) at one point, and both had met each other at the hospital last year. James angrily accuses Pipsqueak of lying to him, before quickly calming down and attempting (but ultimately failing) to explain to Pipsqueak that what she tells him contradicts his own account of his wife having already been dead by the point that Pipsqueak claims to have met Wife-fu. James doesn't dwell on this for long though, moving the conversation towards encouraging Pipsqueak to come with him, but before the two can make their way back through the hospital Pipsqueak tricks James into entering and locking him in a room with some nasty monsters that hang from the ceiling that want to kill him before leaving him for dead (although Neo doesn't think Pipsqueak was aware of anything dangerous being in said room and probably just thought that she was leaving James in an empty room and that James was merely annoyed with her rather than being annoyed AND deperately wanting to get out to safety.). This leads to a boss fight, and after killing all the monsters Neo witnesses James enter an altered version of the hospital - one that looks rotten, hellish even - with no clue as to how he got there. To make matters worse, there are stronger variants of the nurse monsters running around as well.

Seeing that he's found himself in a more dangerous situation than before, Neo tries to guide James back to where he left Maria, only to find the room she was staying in empty save for some empty pill bottles. However, exploring the transformed hospital Neo eventually finds Maria again, and after this reunion Neo continues his exploration, gathering key items which he needs to open a pathway out of the hospital along with any additional supplies he can find along the way. After enough time passes, Neo finally opens a stairway that leads into the deepest reaches of the hospital, but it is here that Neo encounters an obviously pissed-off Triangle Man, who seems to be focusing his aggression on Maria instead of James. And since Neo is playing Silent Hill 2 on hard mode, this means that Triangle Man is at PEAK FURY, with the speed and power to show for it, and it is this peak fury that allows Triangle Man to repeatedly kill Maria and set Neo back time and time again before Neo can help James and Maria escape to safety. Neo tries to keep his cool with this latest obstacle, but eventually Triangle Man's constant inconveniencing of Neo eventually makes Neo's temper flare up too, until he starts ranting angrily about Triangle Man while Triangle Man... just does what he does best, much to Neo's ever-growing frustration.

Thankfully, Neo manages to eventually escape from Triangle Man, but at great cost to James...

Having lost Maria to Triangle Man, James decides that the only thing he can do is continue his search for Mary, and Neosekken is hardly disagreeing with this notion. Finding a map in the director's office in Brookhaven Hospital with a message printed on it pointing him to a house in the residential district of South Vale that contains "a letter and a wrench", as well as pointing him to Rosewater Park and the Silent Hill Histortical Society, Neo leaves the hospital and begans making his way back to the eastern side of South Vale where he originally entered town. However, it is completely dark outside now, with James' flashlight being the only source of light in the pitch-black streets, and the streets now contain great numbers of the nurse monsters from the hospital on top of the usual monsters Neo has already encountered, thus making the streets more dangerous to travel than they've ever been. On top of that, Neo is running low on some of his supplies, meaning he can't afford to be careless in how he handles any threats he encounters, at least until he can stock back up. And stocking up on supplies is just what he starts to do as he makes his way through town.

Eventually arriving at the eastern side of South Vale, Neo continues to explore every nook and cranny in the streets for more supplies before checking out the house that the map from the hospital pointed him towards. When he arrives at said house, he finds the wrench and letter that the message in the hospital promised. After reading the letter, which gave James an eerie warning over how continuing his quest in searching for Mary may present him with an undesirable outcome, Neo takes the wrench and makes his way back to the western side of South Vale, where he goes to Rosewater Park to find a statue which has a metal box sealed with bolts buried in the ground behind it. Using the wrench he found to open the box, Neo finds the key to the front door of the Silent Hill Historical Society. Going to the Silent Hill Historical Society, Neo uses the key he found in the park to enter the building, and shortly after entering the building and looking around at the various exhibits (including a painting that contains a man with triangular geometries that give him angry flashbacks to the previous episode) Neo finds a mysterious tunnel that leads somewhere underground beneath the lake.

With nowhere else to go, Neo goes down this tunnel, entering through holes and passageways with geometries ranging from bizzare to outright impossible, until he eventually finds himself in what appears to be an old, dilapidated prison. Wherever Neo is going, one thing becomes clear to him: he is, perhaps quite literally, travelling down the path of madness...

After finishing Claire's route, Neosekken starts Leon's route in order to get his side of Resident Evil 2's story. Just what was Leon doing on his own while Claire was dealing with helping Sherry and contending with threats like Raccoon City's Chief of Police Brian Irons or the mutated William Birken?

Well, turns out one of those things is being stalked and harassed by a big man wearing a green coat that doesn't have a whole lot to say but a WHOLE LOT of aggression to dish out. Who or WHAT is this mean, big man in the green coat, whom Neo is taking to calling "Big Green", that literally fell from the sky and into the police station Leon is attempting to explore? We don't know, but undoubtedly we'll find out sooner or later for sure, although given a certain corporate entity's liking of experimentation with bioweapons and their very real desire to keep their public image as squeaky clean as possible it's highly unlikely that Big Green ISN'T one of said corportation's weapons, and that they sent said weapon to take care of some unspecified task.

Either way, this doesn't spell good news for Neo or Leon, who already have their hands full trying to survive all the OTHER creatures that are infesting the precinct while looking for any signs of survivors and items that they can use to both increase their chances of survival and create a means of escaping to a safer location than the precinct. And to make matters even worse, it looks like it'll take more than just a few shotgun blasts and whatever else Neo pumps into Big Green to keep him down - a LOT more. But hey, as Claire Neo managed to survive against a psychotic police chief and a mutated mad scientist. Neo is confident that as long as he makes sure to stay prepared during instances where he's likely to be attacked by both Big Green and any other threats exclusive to Leon's route that he'll encounter along the way, that he'll ultimately come out on top even if he doesn't end up smelling like roses. Only time will tell how much struggling Neo will ACTUALLY have to end up doing, though...


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