Welcome to the Nerdrotic Nooner - Today we will discuss The Lord of the Rings casting. Star Trek Picard and Doctor Who losing their sense of wonder and fun. CBS All Access' idiotic marketing department. Robert Meyer Burnette's Star wars leaks. The art of speculation and some unsolicited tips for YouTubers. The Morbius trailer and whatever YOU want to talk about. Will you be my Nooner?
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Doctor Who just aired its worst episode and The Wovians who are left are not very happy. With a Rotten Tomatoes audience score fluctuating between 5% and 8% along with the sinking ratings. It looks like The "Doctor's" time is up. Unfortunately the BBC either is not aware or doesn't care. Guess we will get to see how low it can go with 7 more episodes and another season.
Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 3 Review | Orphan 55 live stream:
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Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 3 Review | Orphan 55 - Live Review with guests
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Welcome to Friday Night Tights - Tonight will will discuss a Buzz(bottom)Feed article about The Fandom Menace. Discuss The Mandalorian Season 2's connection to The Fall of Skywalker. Star Trek Picard destroying The Next Generation's (and Star Trek's) legacy. The fall of Collider, Ricky Gervais's epic moment, The Dave Chappelle Effect, Doctor Strange losses a director, and more.

If any were hopeful that Star Trek Picard would be different from Star Trek Discovery. Those hopes have been crushed by none other than Patrick Stewart himself, with his help from Alex Kurtzman and Michael Chabon. The ladder felt so strongly about his work he quit (or was fired) from the show. Another beloved character and franchise sacrificed of the alter of agenda.
Featuring Robert Meyer Burnett:
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In the latest episode of the Disney Star Wars Disaster Blame Game Chronicles. Some reddit leaks and an Indie Wire article shed some light on the chaos behind the scenes of The Fall of Skywalker. Leading to a Release The JJ Cut and Release the Abrams Cut trending on twitter. All brought on by our friends at @Geeks + Gamers . The real question is who is behind the leaks? The factions have divided and we are set for some epic spin and damage control.
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The Rise of Skywalker is a mess of epic preparations. Hidden behind the vale of quick edits, hyperkinetic shots, and effects is a deconstruction of the mythos. An attempted course correction in the third film of a trilogy is never advisable. on the surface it may look like some corrections were made, but on second look, it only cements the damage done by Rian Johnson's dumpster fire. The only thing we can do from here is pretend the Disney Trilogy never existed. Disney has turned modern mythology into a bad soap opera.
The Rise of Skywalker Live Reaction:
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The Fall of Skywalker is an embarrassment to cinema, Star Wars, Star Wars fans, and George Lucas. This film wasn't fan service, it was JJ Abrams service.
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The Fall of Skywalker is almost here and like the wounded beasts that they are, the MSM and The Access Media lash out one last time before getting on their backs and submitting to the fans. The latest "news organization" the get into this debate in its 11th hour is The Cable News Network and they serve up some old favorites that are a perfect reminder what The Fandom Menace (fans) have been accused of over the last 2 years. Never Forget.
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The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6 Review | The Prisoner
Bill Burr and Clancy Brown make this the best episode so far. Is it good enough to distract me from what will happen to my once beloved franchise in a few days? Watch and see.
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The Access Media is as responsible as anyone for the creation of our fun little group of rebels and heretics The Fandom Menace. Disney Star Wars' partner, protector, and tool won't be able to save Rise of Skywalker. They did there best after Last Jedi, but the tables have turned. After Jar Jar Abrams' acknowledgment of The Fandom Menace the same year-old stale, debunked arguments were used against our favorite hashtag. It almost seems like they know they have lost. The funny thing is, it may be The Fandom Menace that is saving Disney Star Wars and Dan and Dave from Game of Thrones can't wait for this film to come out.
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Another bad week for Disney Star Wars and another win for The Fandom Menace. This time it comes right from one of its architects. JJ Abrams. It wasn't praise, but it was acknowledgment and validation. We also got confirmation of reshoots and a possible source for the leaks. A script that ended up on eBay. On top of this JJ tries to spin the news that Palpatine was not part of the Disney Trilogy plan from the begging. Either Kathleen and JJ are lying, or Colin Trevorrow is.
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Tim Miller and Hollywood remain confused as to why Terminator Dark Fate failed so miserably at the box office. In a recent interview Tim Miller discusses all the reasons that might be behind this besides the obvious one.
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Kathleen Kennedy caught again. According to Colin Trevorrow Emperor Palpatine was not originally in The Rise of Skywalker. Contradicting what she said to Yahoo! News this past April. It was Jar Jar Abrams idea to bring him in further proving there never was a plan aside from dispatching the new characters. Soft reboot, retcon, or disaster? You decide.
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The Mandalorian Episode 3 Review Live and Shill Free | Join me every Friday at 8:30am PST
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Kathleen Kennedy should have been fired a long time ago and after her recent interview in Rolling Stone my mind hasn't changed. it also looks like the Access media has finally caught on as well and this has everything to do with The Mandalorian and the Fandom Menace. Let this be proof to back up speaking your mind, because if we hadn't, the Mandalorian wouldn't exist. Too bad Disney Star Wars didn't recognize this in time to save Luke, Han, and this franchise for a large portion of the fandom.
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The spin is on from Disney Star Wars as we hear conflicting reports on wether or not the film is finished.We also here The Skywalker Saga will end with questions. In a recent EW interview JJ Abrams confirms there were reshoots and the film is not finished. While the interview was conducted in late October I doubt much has changed in a 3 weeks.
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Doctor Who series 11 was a disaster for the franchise and it looks like the expected double down is on the way.So much for the course correction. More soap opera writers to join the other soap opera writers and political play writes. So many franchises have sacrificed their canon and characters on the alter of agenda. According to a RUMOR (not news, a rumor) Chibnall and company may be making some changes similar to ones we have seen in Disney Star Wars, Star Trek Discovery and Terminator Dark Fate.
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The Mandalorian Episode 2 Review | Chapter 2 | Spoilers
Live shill free review and recap where you are my co-host.
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The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 1 Review. Shill free and live. Disney Plus (D+) has entered the streaming wars with what may be a distraction for the end of the Rey Saga. Was it good? We'll find out. Spoilers start: 06:30
A Mandalorian bounty hunter tracks a target for a well-paying client. soon.
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The Rise of Skywalker has had no shortage of rumors and reports is the last week and a lot of the lead to the natural conclusion that Disney Star Wars is being run by fear. While Disney Star Wars (Lucasfilm) plays it cool in public the signs are there that the problems with The Rise of Skywalker have not been fixed and Disney may be turning the page.
Overlord DVD's Video:
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Star Wars films are going on hiatus after The Rise of Skywalker with no mention of Rian Johnson's trilogy straight from the mouth of Bob Iger. The focus will be on Disney+ for the foreseeable future. Looks like the rumors were correct. Confirmation by omission.
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Terminator: Dark Fate bombed because of the agenda that comes with Hollywood's superficial diversity that fans are now aware of. So it's obviously the audiences' fault for not being enlightened. Some good has come out of this, a message has been sent to Hollywood and Forbes' Scott Mendelson recognizes that Social Media is not the world and maybe, just maybe, audiences go to movies for entertainment and not for agenda disguised as superficial diversity.


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Terminator: Dark Fate has terminated the franchise according to The Hollywood Reporter. Plans for a trilogy are over as James Cameron throws some shade on Tim Miller. The last of my Herminator Trilogy.
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