Joker is a runaway hit with most fans and half the critics, but there are some hold outs and it isn't because of the film. The are some in The access Media who still want to run with the ridiculous narrative put out around the films release and go further than that. Despite the obvious disappointment nothing happened, it still won't stop them from taking shots at fans.
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The Star Trek Discovery Plagiarism Lawsuit isn't over yet. An Update from Anas Abdin, creator of the point-and-click adventure game Tardigrades needs our help. This isn't just a battle for him, but independent creators everywhere who may find themselves losing their life's work to a company that can outspend you.
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Welcome to Friday Night Tights.
This episode we will defend the honor (again) of The Fandom Menace. Talk about a Star Wars voice actor going after fans. Plus, a major announcement concerning the Star Trek Discovery Tardigrades lawsuit.
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Batwoman has an 8% Rotten Tomatoes audience score and a 72% critics score, higher than Joker, exposing them further as the shills they are and they don't care. The Audience / Access media divide is getting wider. Hard to believe the same company that put out Joker made this and that Birds of Prey Trailer. in the meantime the source material all of these movies and shows are based on is crumbling right before our eyes.
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My observations from Saturday at New York Comic-Con including a review of New Terra from The Expanse, A Review of Q & A, the latest and worst Short Trek and my thoughts on observing the single worst panel at a comic convention that exemplifies the need for The Fandom Menace.
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Joker Review | The first half of the video is spoiler free SPOILERS BEGIN at 08:50
If you are going to make an origin of a character who does not need one, this is the way to do it. Very happy to report that all I was inspired to do after watching this work of genius is see the film again.
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Jar Jar Abrams' reason to bring Palapatine back is to bring the Skywalker sag full circle. What it will do is make the Skywalker Saga and George Lucas' Star Wars pointless. Mystery box Star Wars is what we are in for proving he has always been the wrong person for the job. Looks like The Rise of Skywalker will be the Game of Thrones season 8 of The Star Wars.
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No one expects the Manish Inquisition! Tonight yours truly and The Overlord DVD are putting pop culture on trial! Disney Star wars had a bad couple of weeks thanks to their CEO. Leading to two major announcements. Kevin Feige's Star Wars and Spider-Man returning to the M-She-U. Is the Rise of Skywalker being written off? Is Kathleen Kennedy on her way out? Plus, the Access Media gets personal and takes shots at one of our own. Star Trek and Doctor Who, what is happening in the Star Wars fandom is coming for you.
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Disney Star Wars failure with the franchise may have just been confirmed with the hiring of Kevin Feige to work on a Star Wars film. After the week they had a distraction was needed, why not throw in some Brie Larson rumors to boot. Does not change the fact George Lucas and ultimately the fans have been betrayed by Kathleen Kennedy.

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Kevin Feige to produce a Star Wars film according to Hollywood Reporter. Is he a savior for Kathleen Kennedy or a replacement? A short live video with my reaction, and yours! The Fandom Menace victorious!
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Bye George I think he's got it! Welcome to The Fandom Menace George Lucas! According to Bob Iger's very interestingly timed autobiography he tries to throw George under the bus, but the opposite has occurred. Special shout out to @ItchyBacca and @Dataracer117 on twitter!
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Female Gandalf?? Female Thor, Female 007 and a Female Doctor are not enough. An actress wants Gandalf to be be female and a Matriarchal magic order in the Lord of the Rings TV show form Amazon. Forget the fact that Gandalf didn't arrive on Middle Earth until around the year 1000 of the 3rd age, but that doesn't matter. That is how these things get started. The constant need change the gender of major characters in genre film and tv, and comic books has gone beyond trend and gimmick. This is where we have to put our foot down. While there are some questionable folks from Bad Robot on this series, the fans of Middle Earth have some protection.
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The lawsuit against CBS, Netflix, and Alex Kurtzman's Star Trek Discovery by Anas Abdin, creator of the point and click adventure game Tardigrades has been dismissed. The bad guys win, but that won't stop us.
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The Access Media is at it again. Under the headline of uniting the broken Star Trek fanbase, that they are now admit is divided, they use this opportunity to attack fans with the same old arguments. It runs like a greatest hits of fan attacks. Stop fan blaming. Star Trek is broken because of CBS and Alex Kurtzman, not the fandom. Picard cannot save the franchise from them.
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Marvel is doomed if they go down the route of their recent source material inside the pages and behind the scenes, the forced diversity is getting to a laughable stage. Three videos in one. Female Thor needs clarification that Chris Hemsworth is indeed the star. Black Widow is getting Robert Downey Jr. because it looks like the films needs him and Those X-Men rumors. All this so they can satisfy who? The Access Media
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A Nerdrotic Nooner
Today in Disney Schadenfreude we will discuss the latest plot leaks from Rise of Skywalker. Talk about Disney employee Zoe Quinn, and discuss and investigation into the possibility Disney cooked the books for some of their parks. Plus, the BSG and Princess Bride reboots. If we have time I would like to discuss Christopher Eccleston and the real reason for his departure from Doctor Who.
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Deadline reports HBO may order another Game of Thrones prequel based on one of the books that delayed Winds of Winter, a companion history book about the Targaryens called Fire and Blood. George RR Martin's worst A Song of Ice and Fire book. Which in turn derail the show. Sounds like HBO kinda forgot Game of Thrones Season 8.
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Star Trek Discovery remains an embarrassment to the franchise and an example of all that is wrong with Hollywood overall. Walter Mosley has given an interview following his Op-Ed in the New York Times and elaborates on why he quit the surveillance state writers room.
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Dave Chappelle's Sticks and Stones Netflix Special has done all it set out to do. Entertain and trigger the Access Media. He's not the only comedian who has done this though the consequences were very different. Unfortunately we return to the irrelevant Rotten Tomatoes to show the bias in the Access Media and the Entertainment Industry over all.
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Star Trek Discovery chaos explained? A writer leaving or being fired is a normal day behind the scenes at StarTrek Discovery, but when this writer is Walter Mosley and he writes and Op-Ed in the New York Times about it. That's news and an insight, and possible explanation, why there is so much turmoil behind this poorly written show.
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Robert Downey Jr. returning to The MCU? Reports say yes as he will lend his voice to a reported upcoming Ri Ri Williams Disney+ (D+) TV Show. Te M-She-U is here and this is more evidence, not that we needed it, that the Marvel has decided to skip decades of stories to get to All New, All Different Marvel. Which was so successful hundreds of comic shops closed.
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Dave Chappelle is a national treasure and the King of Comedy. He might have saved comedy, a dying art form, and pop culture single handedly with his latest special Netflix special Sticks and Stones. A special with the help of the knee bending Rotten Tomatoes that exposes the irrelevance of the modern critic. This one is a win for the people and for free expression.
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There are a lot of ways to read into the latest seemingly innocuous statement from JJ Abrams when asked about hardcore fans AKA The Fandom Menace. Sounds like he has changed his tune and flip flopped from what he has said before. You can also sniff out some lowered expectations for The Rise of Skywalker with the statement "you can't please everyone." Sounds like a warning to me.
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Captain Marvel had fake GCI'ed hair in Endgame during one of the reshoots. I think this represents everything wrong with the character within the MCU and it represents as a whole The MCU is on its way to making the same mistakes as Marvel Comics has with her character and others in the upcoming phase 4. Marvel comics art and writing went downhill after bringing in creatives who put agenda before good storytelling, same thing is happening to the MCU represented by Captain Marvel's fake CGI hair. Everything about her character is fake and forced. Bring on the Brie-Bots!
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