A new Hollywood Reporter article give us some interesting news about D & D from Game of Thrones. They are only writing one Star Wars film and not directing. Equally interesting is the news, according the THR, chose chose to let them walk and sign JJ Abrams instead. Looks like the shine is off David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.
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An update on the rumor that George Lucas may be entitled to residuals from some of the original and prequel Star Wars characters I reported on a few days ago. As well as providing more evidence that apathy has set in with the franchise.
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Galaxy's Edge has brought down Disneyland attendance. Bob Iger has admitted this. Now, why is the attendance low, for all the reasons already discussed, boring, one ride, one Krylo skit, one Millennial Falcon Ride, and NO ORIGINAL TRILOGY or PREQUEL TRILOGY iconography or characters. Well, someone has passed on news I can't verify, but I can certainly believe on that very subject.
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We heard something similar to this from Marvel back in March and now we hear it from Forbes and Bounding Into Comics. DC Comics' future at WarnerMedia may be in question. This is extremely bad news for comic shops, what there is left of them. I give a former comic retailers perspective.
Bounding Into Comics:
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Taika Waititi took to twitter doing his best Rian Johnson and trolled fans who voiced there opinions about the Female Thor announcement at comic-con as well as not being happy with what he did in Thor Ragnarok. Stating he will "destroy your mythos in a minute, baby." It doesn't end there. Seems he fits right in at Disney and Marvel comics who make a pass time with petty responses on twitter. More of that great Marvel Comics customer service making it's way to the MCU!
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Star Trek Picard has failed to tell a complete story before it airs. After paying to watch it on CBS All Access you are required to buy 3 comic books and a novel that include major plot points and characterizations to fill in the blanks that couldn't be told within 10 episodes of television.
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The talk of the Game of Thrones Season 8 petition has died down a bit in the fandom, but not with the creatives, actors, and even the CEO of HBO. Proving the petition worked better than intended. It is firmly stuck in the head of everyone involved making YOUR voice heard. This is a rare victory for the fans.
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With big announcements come with big expectations when it comes to Star Trek Picard. Time to lower them, Data is not alive, not B4 and may be a simulation? Along with that he won't be a main character but a "story point" according to Brent Spiner.
See you in Las Vegas for the Star Trek Convention. Live streams daily!
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Sam Wilson is currently Captain America in the MCU, but times are changing fast. As we head into the all new, all different MCU it looks like we are taking steps towards a female Cap in the comics. We know what follows.
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The fallout from Comic-Con continues as Variety is the latest of the Access media to attack fans using Lady Thor, The Terminator, She-Ra, and dredges up the Rose Tico. All to continue the narrative that any critic of the obvious pandering. Proving that the current choices aren't for a cause, they are for free advertising and also claiming "Entertainment is Female?"
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Esquire is reporting that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are in for the Lord of the Rings TV Series helping the billion dollar show get off the ground. How involved are they? Say it ain't so Bilbo?? Maybe Gollum will kinda forget about the ring? Maybe Gandalf kinda forgot Saruman was a jerk?
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The Expanse has been renewed for a 5th season before we see season 4! This is BRILLIANT news. Season 4 will be based on Cibola Burn, one of the better books in the series followed by Nemesis Games, which is the best book in the series so there is a lot to look forward to. It will be worth the wait. This is the best show on TV along with The Orville in my humble opinion and the heir to Game of Thrones often called Game of Thrones in space. Great news!
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Female Thor is not enough for the Access Media and fringe elements of Fandom. "Let's plunder all male superheroes" says KT Roberts the authority of all things MCU because she wrote a play and bought a pop. Unfortunately she doesn't really know much about Marvel outside of maybe the last few MCU films. It won't stop her though. Thank you to John F. Trent from Bounding Into Comics for passing this on to me.
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The fact that HBO's Watchmen will be a woke is not a surprise considering it is political story and it is current year. Damon Lindelof declares the series will be about hate groups and the police calling them the problems of our time equivalent to the cold war in the 80's according to reports from Deadline. PC Hollywood would never pass up an opportunity like this. I will be covering every episode live after it airs in October.
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Was the plot from Star Trek: Picard ripped off from Brian Fuller? Sounds very familiar to some of the things we have heard from the Star Trek Discovery lawsuit from Anas Abdin. Robert Meyer Burnett is reporting that he has heard the pitch for "Data and Picard" and it is very similar to what we all witnessed in the Star Trek Picard trailer. More shame on CBS and our beloved Star Trek franchise and involving Patrick Stewart and Michael Chabon makes it worse. We have gone from engage to ENRAGE.
Star Trek Las Vegas is 7/31-8/4 and I will be there. Follow me on twitter @Nerdrotics for information on the meet up.

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JJ Abrams (Jar Jar Abrams to us here) will be directing Superman and Green Lantern according to Cosmic Book News and We Got This Covered. Looks like there are still franchises to destroy.
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More "Movement Marketing" from The MCU with the announcement of the "First Female" Thor. This strategy does not seem to be going away and ignores the eventual consequences of alienating half of your fanbase fr a cheap and easy way to get attention for something that doesn't need it. Maybe The House of out of ideas.
The Inquisition Episode 7:
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3 videos in one! Batwoman's Ruby Rose pulls out of San Diego Comic-Con, io9's review saying it is mediocre and that is a good thing? Also my reaction to the new teaser.
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My first and probably last impressions of a Star Wars like experience that kinda feels like it could have been Star Wars. Is it crowded? For a Friday in the middle of summer

Now that the dust has settled on the unsurprising decision to brings #MeToo into the James Bond franchise as well as the first female 007. There are those of us who see through the Ghostbuster 2016 marketing for what it is. The last gasp of a dying franchise using the access media to stir up interest, and of course, they oblige. The Telegraph of all places brings some sanity to the debate. We have reached the end with the Bond franchise with current year Hollywood.
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Today is a red letter day when the Access Media provides proof of an empty Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. It has been a bad last few days for Disney. The one thing they can't control is Karma.
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Welcome to a very special Nerdrotic Nooner
Today we will talk about the celebration of the comic book, as the retail industry burn. The good news is The Orville and the Expanse being here.! We will also discuss what is happening to James Bond. Bending the Knee to the blue check marks and Access Media. Empty Galaxy's Edge and StarWars reshoots!

No, it is not Brie Larson, but it is her friend from Captain Marvel. According to The Mirror we will be getting our first female 007 played by Lashana Lynch in Bond 25. Is this a clever way to appease the 10 people who want a female Bond, or are they setting up a new character to continue the franchise?
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