George RR Martin failed to meet his self imposed deadline to have the Winds of Winter in hand. He was supposed to have 'manuscript in hand" by World con New Zealand or CoNZealand. Well, he made it to the con virtually and presented the Hugo awards. That is where the trouble started and it may have unintentionally exposed the REAL reason we have not seen the winds of Winter.
#WindsOfWinter #GRRM #GameOfThrones

Welcome to Nerdrotic at Night. Tonight I will discuss my CalEXIT. The beginning of the end of Star Trek and Doctor Who. The comic industry went out with a whisper. Hollywood is imploding and I don't think anyone is truly bothered. We will end on the good news. Amazon, who along with Netflix will run entertainment soon, looks like they MIGHT have a decent LOTR show.
#CalEXIT #RIPDoctorWho #Hollywood

Welcome to Friday Night Tights with @Geeks + Gamers featuring special guest @The Critical Drinker!
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Tonight we will discuss what fuels Cancel Culture and how the MSM is trying to distort history. Star Trek is aging out and we have proof thanks to @BirdOPrey5! Bleeding Fool's Comic Industry Whisper Network part 2 has been released. Brie Larson has a new video up. Pierry Chan dropped a new clip. some LOTR on Prime news and more. Join us!
#StarTrek #Disney #FridayNightTights

Today we will discuss Georg RR Martin missing his deadline for The Winds of Winter and what is behind it. Disney is in big trouble as is Hollywood. Our favorite franchise will be effected if productions don't start back up soon. Including Disney Star Wars. The Witcher is snubbed by the irrelevant Emmy awards and HBO's Watchmen gets 26 nominations. Wonder what lead to that? All this and a Tom (King) Karen apology. The Comic Industry is DOOMED and he is part of the reason why.
#WindsOfWinter #StarWars #RIPComicShops

The Rise of Skywalker adaptation has been removed from Disney Marvel Comic's release schedule.
According to a rumor from the blog site Bleeding Cool this may be the case. Are changes on the way, or are things so bad Disney is looking to save money where ever they can?
#StarWars #RiseOfSkywalker

Star Trek is a political PLATFORM according to Alex Kurtzman. That was the one and only interesting take-away from the virtual SDCC. The Star Trek Universe panel at Comic-Con @ Home was another CBS disaster. Likes, dislikes, and comments were disabled again and CBS took themselves down. Aside from the very short Kurtzman comments, we learned more about what isn't happening over what is. Never fear..Star Trek is saved. There is a Nickelodeon show coming sometime.

@RedLetterMedia Picard review:

#StarTrek #RIPStarTrek

Doctor Who's Female Doctor didn't work and The Access Media is starting to wake up to this.While the article I go over does ask some legitimate questions it predictably comes to the expected conclusions. It's the fans fault.
Special thanks to @Pierry Chan for the clips
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RIP Doctor Who: The Fury of the Whovians live stream:

Welcome to The Nerdrotic Nooner from the road. Today we will discuss Comic Shops reopening. Dan Didio formerly of DC Comics, Cancel Culture and the pessimism that is New Trek.
#RIPcomicshops #RIPStarTrek #CancelCulture

Marvel's New Warriors comic has been canceled and removed from Comixology. Under normal circumstances this would be great news showing Marvel is getting serious. Unfortunately, it took the destruction of the comic industry for this to happen. After Marvel's parent Disney and other establishment corporations have made vague statements in support of the protesters, where is the support for the shops that were literally destroyed over the weekend?
#NewWarriors #Marvel #RIPcomicshops

CBS Star Trek admits failure with the course correction that is Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. After the destruction and humiliation of the once beloved Picard permanently damaging the brand CBS tries to give the fans what they wan, unfortunately the Kathleen Kennedy of Star Trek Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldman are involved. What is the definition of insanity again?
#StarTrekPicard #AlexKurtzman #StrangeNewWorlds

Welcome to The Nerdrotic Nooner - Today we will discuss the need to destroy Luke Skywalker, Doctor Who, Picard and Captain Kirk (who IS next) and is this at its end? The Fans may not have saved the franchises they love, but they slayed the enemy behind it....The Access Media. All this, the latest comic industry news, and YOU! Will you be my Nooner?

Welcome to Friday Night Tights a Nerdrotic and Geeks + Gamers production. Tonight we are joined by John F. Trent from Bounding Into Comics along with The Author Stephen Walton later on in the show.
Tonight we will discuss Batwoman's star leaving the show, or was she fired? Addition by subtraction? CBS' Star Trek admits it set out to 'put Picard in his place' and the strangest thing happened, everyone hated it. Release the Snyder Cut is VICTORIOUS and now we may get an Ayer cut of Suicide Squad? We will also discuss the post Access Media world and H3H3, Keemstar, and Joe Rogan. Join us!

#FridayNightTights #Batwoman #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

Batwoman's abysmal season has come to an end and the lead 'actress' Ruby Rose has quit the roll, which is the least of the show runners worries. After receiving a well deserved 13% audience score. Apparently the critics that the CW were relying on to protect our Pandering Princes of Power couldn't find the time to review the entire season. Never fear! Rotten Tomatoes will just change the date of old reviews.
#Batwoman #RottenTomatoes #RubyRose

Welcome! #ReleaseTheSnyder wins! Trouble on the set with Batwoman. Was Ruby asked to leave? Same old, same old with Star Trek
#Batwoman #StarTrek

Shocker! Ruby Rose just quit Batwoman ending the HERoes journey. The show will continue to Fail without her AND continue the illegal hiring practices.
#Batwoman #RubyRose

Welcome to the Inquisition! Tonight Star Trek, Star Wars, The Comic Industry and the Access Media go on trial. Presiding over tonight's ceremonies are your hosts:
@Overlord DVD alternate channel @The Harvey Zone
and @Nerdrotic alternate channel @Nerdrotic Live
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#AlexKurtzman #LukeSkywalker #AccessMedia

The comic Industry wants to 'comeback' to failure and one shop in particular wants to be first after buying 500 copies of Marvel's New New Warriors to get back at those nasty Youtubers. Stating that the YouTubers created a 'Streisand Effect' that will make Marvel's participation trophy for a self destructive industry COLLECTIBLE? Time will tell. In the meantime, two months in, Diamond has a PLAN! Back the Comeback. It's a stamp and a hashtag that doesn't mention anything about comics. It is clear that The New Warriors is just another dumb Marvel book and its the industry that's the PARODY!
@Nerdrotic Live Live Stream:

@Comic Book News with Dan Shahin live stream
#Marvel #NewWarriors #RIPcomicshops

Welcome to Friday Night Tights with Geeks + Gamers!
with special guest @Just Some Guy
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#StarTrek #NaughtyDog #Marvel

Welcome to THE INQUISITION where pop culture goes on TRIAL. Today Our future ruler of earth @Overlord DVD and Gary from @Nerdrtic will review Westworld Season 3 Episode 8 for the first 20-25 minutes. After that we will discuss Naughty Dog and Sony lashing out over plot leaks (that look horrible) from their upcoming game The Last of Us 2.. Additionally we have to discuss The Cartmel Master Plan LIE about Doctor Who the Access Media is running with. Is Star Trek for Sale? We'll talk about it. All this and YOU. Join us!
#Westworld #TheLastOfUsII #RIPDoctorWho

The Last Of Us 2 leaks disaster has put Sony and Naughty Dog into to full panic mode. Attacking YouTubers with FALSE claims and strikes. Including some of my friends. WE DO NOT NEIL

Friday Night Tights live steam on @Nerdrotic Live :

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@Ryan Kinel - RK Outpost
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#TheLastOfUS #NaughtyDog #TheLastOfUsII

Kathleen Kennedy canceled Star Wars Land in favor of Galaxy's Edge according to a former Disney executive. No Star Wars for Old Men! Last summer we were told is was Bob Iger who made that decision. More contradicting info from Disney? Seems to be the most consistent thing they can do these days. Female Star Wars squashed seems to have disappeared. At least the Disney Star Wars news has been entertaining!
#StarWars #KathleenKennedy #Lucasfilm

Welcome to the Nerdrotic Nooner
Today we will discuss Paul Cornell and the powers that be at The BBC destroying the one good thing Doctor Who had going. Female Star Wars is being erased from the internet? The plot thickens. In the Comic Book CRISIS things are getting worse as Marvel begins to furlough employees. All this and YOU! Will you be my Nooner?
#RIPDoctorWho #FemaleStarWars #RIPcomicshops

Welcome to the Nerdrotic Nooner at Night! Tonight will will discuss the latest genius move by Disney Star Wars and Disney and Hollywood are getting ready to terminate long term contracts. The latest in the Comic shop Crisis. Jonathan Frakes puts his foot in his mouth..or does he? Some doctor who and whatever you want to talk about. Will you be my Nooner?
#DisneyStarWars #RIPcomicshops #RIPPicard

Hollywood and Disney are on the brink and in full panic mode, but that won't stop Disney! Not to be outdone by Marvel's New New Warriors with Snowflake and Safespace Disney Star Wars announces a new female-centric series written by a former assistant of Hollywood's most hated man? All this while Disney and the rest of the studios prepare to start terminating long term deals. We are one step closer to the last card Disney can play. Remaking the Original Trilogy.
@The Critical Drinker live stream:
with @Geeks + Gamers @Midnight's Edge and @MauLer
#StarWars #Disney #DisneyPlus


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