If you sift through the mountain of dross that the BBC churns out, you can occasionally find something worthwhile. One example of this was the recently broadcast documentary “Churchill and the Movie Mogul.” The movie mogul in question was the “Hungarian” Jew, Alexander Korda (real name “Sándor László Kellner”).

It tells the story of Churchill’s curious relationship with Korda, summarized in bullet points below:

Churchill wrote scripts for him.
In the 1930s, with script input from Churchill, Korda made high-profile Hollywood movies, such as “That Hamilton Woman” and “The Four Feathers,” which cast Britain in a heroic light, fighting off dastardly foreigners.
Korda was accused by some American politicians of making propaganda designed to bolster American support for Britain in a potential future war with Germany.
Korda was summoned to appear before the American senate to answer this charge.
Then Pearl Harbor happened, rendering it all irrelevant.
Korda was knighted shortly afterwards.
Before, during and after the war, Korda paid Churchill a fortune for movie rights to his books. These movies were never made except one, thirty years later.

For a long time, people have sought to identify a source of secret Jewish funding for Churchill. Well, here was at least one of them.

MurdochX2 latest, brilliant as usual. Published 6th July 2019 at

Feminism is a jewish ideology that promotes the rape of girls by jews, and therefore prevents men from protecting girls. Goyim Goddess - Not Enough 'Hung Up' by Madonna Parody shows this.

Every politician is controlled by jews and the zionists. The only "freedom" any politician is allowed is the small wiggle room the jewish zionists allow him. Donald Trump is no exception. See Goyim Goddess - New Right 'Cake By The Ocean' by DNCE Parody.

Imagine for a moment that the jewish control over the media would be broken, and just for one year it would be this song that would be promoted: Goyim Goddess - Mud Blood 'Bad Blood' by Taylor Swift. It's easy if you try. No more whites killed by negroes...and no more kikery too...

Goyim Goddess - Mossad 'Applause' by Lady Gaga Parody shows that the zionist secret service is behind every major terrorist attack against the USA. THE JEWISH BASTARDS WERE EVEN DANCING WHEN THEY KILLED 3000 PEOPLE AT THE WTC BUILDINGS ON 911!!! It seems for every thousand Americans they kill, the zionists receive a one billion dollars bonus from the boobus Americanus taxpayer!

Goyim Goddess - Mohels 'Royals' by Lorde Parody is a song about the jewish sadistic ritual of cutting off part of the penis of little boys, and then sucking the blood of what is left from the penis. The sick freaks that do these things are called 'mohels'.

When the jews do this to their own babies, it is clear that they do far worse things to others when they get the chance to do so. Jews practice human sacrifice, and are known to have kidnapped children and drained those innocents of their blood.

Goyim Goddess - Like a Degenerate Lana Del Reich 'American' by Lana Del Rey Parody shows how the zionist-controlled (((free world))) is now far more degenerate than even Weimar Germany was.

The creators' Bitchute channels:

Goym Goddess

When I did a search for those channels (on Duckduckgo, not Joogle), in both cases I saw the message "Thank you for submitting your appeal. We will investigate and inform you of the outcome." This means there are concerted efforts by the jews to shut them down, which means they tell the truth about the jews.

WARNING! Goyim Goddess - Kissed a Groid 'Kissed a Girl' by Katy Perry Parody is a disgusting video. Jews promote the rape and murder of white women by violent negroes. (While I'm typing this the spell checker insists the word negroes is spelled wrong...pure cohencidence I'm sure).

However disgusting this clip may be, the modern pop music videos are far worse! In fact Jewtube banned this for not promoting bestiality, meanwhile its jewish director Susan Wojicky always makes videos promoting pedophilia, bestiality, murder and other crimes trending, and targets those videos at children.

Goyim Goddess - 'I've Seen The Needle and The Damage Done' Neil Young Parody. This is a heartbreaking video. Massive vaccination of babies is harmful. Hassidic jews don't vaccinate their own children. And the most terrible disease of the 19th century, tuberculosis, almost disappeared without vaccination.

Goyim Goddess - Internet Troll 'Hot & Cold' by Katy Perry Parody is a truth song about Jewtube, a zionist group that controls 90% of the internet videos.

Goyim Goddess - Guadalupe 'Alejandro' by Lady Gaga Parody, by the good people of Worthless greasers get in by the millions, president Trump doesn't seem to be able/willing to stop them, let alone send them back.

Goyim Goddess - Good For jews 'Good For You' by Selena Gomez Parody exposes the self-proclaimed jewish fraud Alex Jones.


Goyim Goddess - What Happened to Children? is as far as I know an original composition. It compares children's lives in the free national-socialist Reich to how they are abused now under Talmudic misrule. Subtitles in German.

Creators' site is

Goyim Goddess - YOLO - 'Halo' Beyonce Parody

Goyim Goddess - Gassed No jews 'I'm With You' by Avril Lavigne. Channel of the makers has some more videos by Goyim Goddess/Shiksa Goddess. I will try not to double-post those.

Goyim Goddess - Cut You Off 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift Parody

Another great parody song censored by Jewtube.

June 2019 episode of Murdoch Murdoch - The Rabbit Hole. Very good. Posting it just to spread it more.

This is more than the song Goyim Goddess - We Can't Go To Space. It's in fact a mini-documentary on the space hoax.

When I first tried to upload the file I found out that Bitchute had trouble with names that had punctuation signs in them.

Nice short parody song, testing if Bitchute censures the word "holocaust".

Goyim Goddess sang a lot of great parody songs, with very well videos made. All of them are banned by Jewtube.

Check out related website

Goyim Goddess and Shiksa Goddess are the same person, check out her work at with her recent radio shows. I saved everything from Jewtube in one big directory, I wish I had kept everything in different subdirectories.

I don't know how to change Description text in Bitchute...don't even know if that is possible.


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