An employee who used to work at an undisclosed Starbucks location for 14 months posted a video yesterday telling his story about how this past week has been "really hard" on workers since the arrest of two men at a Philadelphia store.

He went on to say there have been a "few incidents involving some people coming in with fake coupons" and that he was unaware if the customers knew they were in fact fake. The man said at the time these incidents occurred, he didn't know how to handle it and corporate was also unsure what to do.

The former employee continued, saying he felt like employees were "being thrown under the bus."

He said when people came into his store with fake coupons asking for their coffee, he called other stores to ask for advice. They reportedly told him the following: "If you're presented with one of these fake coupons, just go ahead and honor it to try to avoid any type of future... situation."

In the video, he stated how one his partners received a phone call from a guy saying that "he and his squad" were on their way to his location for their free coffee and they would be recording the entire thing so that they "could put it on Worldstar or social media or YouTube." At the end of the conversation, the caller told the barista that "she better act right" and proceeded to call her a "white b*tch."

The former employee said his partner was very frightened and intimidated by the call.

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRH1f73nfIbMrPwMZt73glA

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One America News Reporter Pearson Sharp has been on the ground in Syria for the past week where he has been investigating the alleged chemical attack that occurred in Douma.

He got a chance to visit an underground makeshift hospital where he interviewed patients and doctors about the alleged attack.

One of the people he interviewed, who is presumably a doctor or nurse, recounted his experience the day after the event:

"I wasn't here that day, but the following day when I came I found no one injured by chemical weapons. Just normal cases."

Sharp asked the man if he heard about anyone being injured by chemicals. The man responded, "No, I heard nothing about anyone injured, but some normal cases; problems with sand or something - they treat them here."

Credit: http://www.oann.com

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9w8j-avq_0

An unidentified flying object was recently seen hovering over the city of Gaziantep, Turkey.

Originally published by Ufo Türkiye, the craft was reportedly witnessed by multiple people. In the video, the mysterious object appears to slowly rotate counter-clockwise before it quickly zooms away.

This video shows an example of a 'slider' in action: they pull up next to another car at the pump, wait until the other driver gets out to pay for gas, then proceed to open that driver's unlocked door and steal whatever they can get their hands on before casually getting back into their own vehicle and driving away.

In a recent article, KTLA5 reports that police in Simi Valley are warning gas station customers to be on the lookout for thieves who have recently been taking wallets and purses from people’s vehicles as they were pumping gas.

"The thieves are targeting women who are alone and get out of their vehicles to pump gas."

"Authorities reminded drivers to remove their keys, close the window and lock their car doors when stopping to pump gas."

Read the article here: http://ktla.com/2018/04/10/drivers-warned-of-sliders-targeting-women-at-simi-valley-area-gas-stations/

Credit: Raymond Whalen (YouTube)

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Nicola Kanaan, a resident in Galilee, Israel, managed to capture footage from The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem of the stone where Jesus Christ was temporarily placed after being crucified. He claimed blood was "leaking" from the slab at the time he took the video.

Credit: https://twitter.com/RosaryMysteries

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A 5.3-magnitude earthquake struck off the Southern California coast on Thursday. The quake occurred around 12:30 PM PT near the Channel Islands (39 miles southwest of Oxnard).

Residents in downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica reported feeling the tremor.

Credit: https://explore.org

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A shooter injured three YouTube employees before killing herself at the company's San Bruno, CA campus Tuesday afternoon.

ABC7 News and other outlets were able to confirm the suspected shooter, and former user of the platform, was a female named Nasim Aghdam.

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On March 28, 2018, Facebook user Kerry Forides posted odd footage of a UFO that appeared to be flying parallel to the plane he was traveling on.

Credit: Kerry Forides via Storyful

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At a recent 'March For Our Lives' speech, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor, and prominent gun control activist, Delaney Tarr, admits her cause is essentially a slippery slope.


"There are so very many things; so many steps to take. Like right now - sign our petition. It takes two seconds, and it matters. We will take the big and we will take the small - and we will keep fighting. When they give us that inch - that bump stock ban - we will take a mile. We are not here for bread crumbs. We are here for real change."

Credit: WUSA9


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In a passionate speech, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor, and 'March For Our Lives' participant, Emma Gonzalez said:

"...Since [Nikolas Cruz] was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him to hear that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him - you didn't know this kid, okay. We did..."

Ostracize: Exclude (someone) from a society or group.

Example: "A group of people who have been ridiculed, ostracized, and persecuted for centuries."

Synonyms: exclude, shun, spurn, cold-shoulder, reject, shut out, avoid, ignore, snub, keep at arm's length, leave out in the cold

Credits -

The Common Sense Conservative:


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Credit: The New York Times, MGM Resorts


Sometimes we see him as other hotel guests would have seen him: as the tall gambler intent on the video poker machine across the casino floor, or as the customer standing in line in front of you at the gift shop, buying snacks, or as the guy you briefly glance at as he waits for you to get off the elevator — polite, unhurried, unmemorable.

Sometimes we see him as the employees would have seen him, as the casually dressed V.I.P. with the many suitcases who jokes with bellhops, chats with valets and gives out tips along with handshakes. And sometimes we see him as only the surveillance cameras saw him — riding the elevator alone.

Within a few days, he would use the arsenal he had moved upstairs in those suitcases to shoot and kill 58 people from his 32nd-floor suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

These were Stephen Paddock’s final movements in the days before he opened fire from his hotel suite on Oct. 1: an apparently relaxed solo vacation that, as surveillance footage obtained by The New York Times from MGM Resorts makes clear, was actually the methodically planned prelude to a massacre.

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ABC15 Arizona has obtained video from Uber that shows the deadly moment a self-driving car struck and killed a woman in the city of Tempe.

Views from both the exterior and interior of the vehicle can be seen at the moment of impact.

Credits: ABC15 Arizona, Uber

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A railway worker was left gobsmacked after noticing the strange scenes on CCTV footage apparently captured at Baotou station where only the outline of a train and its headlights could be seen.

The ‘ghost train’ was said to have 'pulled into the station and stopped as if it was picking up passengers.'

Credits: The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, Daily Mail

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Pedestrian bridge linked to Florida International University collapses, crushing vehicles, as state’s governor vows investigation.

Credits: Twitter/@OfficialJoelF, The Guardian

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Surveillance video released on Thursday showed that the only armed sheriff’s deputy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., remained outside during the Feb. 14 massacre at the school, taking cover behind a wall.

The deputy failed to confront the gunman during the six-minute rampage, the video’s time stamps show, confirming the account of other law enforcement officers who raised questions about the response by the sheriff’s office almost immediately after the shooting.

The 30-minute video shows former Deputy Scot Peterson flagging down another male staff member from the school at the main administration building and hopping on a golf cart to race toward the freshman building. Mr. Peterson takes cover outside the corner of an adjacent building, and the footage appears to show a few students rushing outside.

Description Credit: The New York Times

Video Credit: Broward County Sheriff's Office

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Authorities released surveillance video Thursday showing what happened outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the Valentine's Day massacre that killed 17 people. (Credit: AP / Broward County Sheriff's Office)

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A strange piece of dashcam footage from a car in Singapore may show an apparition lingering on the median of a busy roadway.

Filmed as a motorist zipped along Upper Bukit Timah Road at night, the spooky video seems to have captured what appears to be a person either hovering over or standing on the concrete barrier.

The incongruous and dangerous location of the anomaly led many observers to wonder if the oddity is actually the ghost of someone who may have died in an accident on the road.

Skeptics, however, argue that the 'spirit' is actually a living person who is foolishly attempting to cross the road, although that explanation may be harder to believe than the ghost theory.

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Credit: Express, Coast to Coast AM

Warning: Vulgar language

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on February 26, 2018. During the speech, constant hissing could be heard from some of the attendees and eventually three protesters interrupted Mnuchin by loudly shouting him down. They were swiftly removed by police, but the hissing continued.

Per YouTuber Matthew Tinoco, following the event, Mnuchin "retracted his permission" to release this video. Eventually, the footage was released to the public after a California Public Records Act request.

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Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was seen slipping multiple times while descending a flight of stairs in India.

Clinton was reportedly in the country for a number of speaking engagements.

This most recent occurrence spawned comparisons to her being helped into a van after collapsing outside of the 9/11 Memorial during the 2016 campaign.

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Credit: Big League Politics

Louis Farrakhan said the following at his Saviours Day speech in Chicago:

"...The FBI has been the worst enemy of Black advancement. Can you prove that, Farrakhan? See, the Jews have control over those agencies of government."

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Credit: Twitter/@LouisFarrakhan, NOI.org

In a recent campaign speech given by South African Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Leader Julius Malema, he said the following:

"...So these people, when you want to hit them hard, go after a White man. They feel a terrible pain because you have touched a White man. Not because [inaudible] will not be touched - they will be touched, don't worry. But we're starting with this whiteness - we're cutting the throat of whiteness..."

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Credit: Daily Updates

A video originally posted on Twitter account @julierobinis shows a security officer at an unknown location verbally abusing and escorting an elderly man, and possible veteran, out of a building. On his way out, the man is either pushed or falls to the ground and later appears unconscious.

User @luishon2 provided additional information about the incident:

[T]his is GRAPHIC FOOTAGE of a FEDERAL employee ABUSING A DISABLED SENIOR CITIZEN; HE MAY BE A VET AT A FEDERAL BUILDING. [T]his happened in PHOENIX ARIZONA on 2-22-2018. [I]t is time to do something at the SSA office on Tatum and [B]ell road. (a source)

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Credit: Twitter/@julierobinis

Tensions increased one day after the murder of a Senegalese citizen by an Italian man; the result was anger and vandalism in Florence, Italy.

A group of about 100 Senegalese men marched through the streets outside of Palazzo Vecchio where there was an ongoing summit between community representatives and institutions. The men next decided to move into the city center to protest and voice their anger. Potted plants were destroyed, grating of tramway worksites were uprooted and garbage baskets turned upside down.

Traffic was blocked in the area of ​​Santa Maria Novella and the police were caught by surprise upon their arrival.

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Credit: Repubblica TV, Andrea Lattanzi

Credit: Fox News

Hosted by the Ayn Rand Centre UK, Kings Libertarian Society on March 5, 2018. In this panel session between Yaron Brook and Sargon of Akkad, Yaron and Sargon discuss free speech only to be attacked by ANTIFA (Credit: Yaron Brook)

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