Tomi debates Chelsea no contest

Guess J Billa asked Hillary a question that rubbed the Jackals at the View wrong. The women also known as "Dumbest women TV has to offer"at the View seemed to distance themselves from Bilal like she had the plague when the lone conservative voice of the show announced she was leaving.

Footage from the horrible attack in Las Vegas. God Bless the Victims and their Families and put them in your Prayers.

A look into what has been transpiring with the division in Christianity. Are protestants still protestants or has it been changed so much over the years that it may as well be Catholic

footage from a protest could be the shooter what you guys think??

Current News events show the Bible continues to be the one and only true Word of God
As Protestants are soundly sleeping the Jesuits have successfully infiltrated all our churches so much so that in some so-called Protestant churches you cant tell the difference an example could be St Pauls church in the U K why when they renovated the church did they make a copy of the Vatican church Wake Up my Brothers and sisters do your research!

A hack professor spews hate from the progressive lefts podium college with teachers like this its no wonder we have a bunch of Racist social justice warriors that think all white people need to be killed

Hillary goes on the View for a poor me show but the lone supposed conservative voice Jedediah Billa asks Killary one question that must have been a no no because she was fired there after, No freinds at that table if you have conservative values. The View has forever sealed there place as the democrat echo chamber no room for common sense and reason, four women that spew hate towards true Bible believing, patriot loving, gun loving Americans who fought for the rights that the women of the view are constantly calling these Americans scum and dangerous, why people continue watching this garbage that is trying to divide Americans every day....


elitist slime worship satan in catholic church

Rappers idea of a good video

Is freedom of conscience under attack are we asleep failing our ancestors those of us that say were Protestant


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