This game right here is a fan made hack game of Super Mario World for the SNES aka Super Nintendo. Found this game a long time ago and gave it a whirl. How i did? Whelp take a look here lol. There's a part 2 to this that i will post up in the future. Enjoy the madness and see you in the next video!

Ah Another classic Disney Collection Game. The movie was good so lets see how decent the game is. Very fond memories of playing this game as a kid and remembering the out of control rage it gave me. The difficulty is way up there! You'll see what i mean lol. This is another old video of mines. More to come so stay tuned

Ok guys wow where do i start with this game? I mean really where do i start? This game truly is the test of a life time! To keep your composure! This game is and was meant to break you and that indeed happened to me. With no prior warning i went into this game blindly. What a mistake that was lol. Its ok hey if its pleasure for y'all i'm willing to punish myself with broken hard games. This game is on the original Nintendo and take it from me...Do Not Try to Attempt this game haha. More videos to come!!

Here's a gameplay video of Disney's own Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES aka Nintendo Entertainment System. This is a childhood game and favorite show but man is it difficult. The makers of mega man and resident evil made this game believe it or not. Also its 2 player which makes it easier...sorta. Anyway this is an old video of mines but new to y'all so enjoy! More to come so stay tuned and if you want to keep updated hit that Sub Button

As if i didn't receive many game overs as it is we still continue to fall deeper into the rabbit hole. By now getting a game over is a staple for me lol. Its a must for me actually...or as you can see! Well let's see how much i suck at this..pause. Poor Leon but hey we make some type of ground work right? Enjoy this Series as there will be more to come.

Here We're playing BattleToads and Double Dragon for the SNES aka Super Nintendo. Yes the classic beat-em-ups neva get old and i actually love this game despite its difficulty. However this did appear also on the Original Nintendo and man its harder on there! Anyway this is a old video i had but new to y'all so enjoy! More to come.

Oh boy where do i start? We try our attempt at these 3 random Nintendo Games. These games are so terrible with the exception of Excite Bike. The Back To The Future games were just....bad lol. Enjoy watching me what i do best at games....suck (pause) haha.

Ah yes the infamous game...Ha! just like my name lol anyways yes another movie based game. The track record of these games are Outstanding! Beloved movies turned into a game..How bad could it be? Well take a look for yourself lol. Enjoy and Trust there will be more...Seeing how y'all like Retro Games XD.

Okay y'all i decided to roll with these Resident Evil 2 Remake Lets Plays that's fairly new! Witness my first time ever playing and my immediate game over after game over haha. This is a previous recording i did like some months ago. Stay tuned for more and thanks for watching!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Today's Entertainment provided by Nfamiz_Jay is Contra! A most beloved NES aka Nintendo Entertainment System game where we play as 2 random dudes either solo or Co-Op and take on bad thugs and aliens. This game was one of my favorites and still is. However on a random day i decided to dust off this bad boi and try my skills at the game.How did i fair? well take a look lol. Yes this is another old video but new to you's. Enjoy! Also yes yes yes we all know i suck lol.....pause.

Here's another movie based game! How fortunate are we especially me who got the chance to play these games! A smash hit movie then turned into a game...How could they ruin it? Well just take a look here lol. This is another old video of mines but new to you guys n gals so enjoy!! More to come so stay tuned!

Here i give y'all the Evil Nun Game Gameplay. This is an indie horror game found on iOS and Android devices. This video is old as i premiered this on the day it came out long time ago. This game is crazy and i do mean CRAZY! lol Just watch and see. It's a long video so be prepared haha. I may Revisit this game as there has been some updates made since the debut. Thank you for watching and enjoy XD

Here's some random old school Spider-Man games for the SNES aka Super Nintendo. First game was a complete train wreck as i didn't know where to go. The other games i think i fared pretty well lol. The games music though! You can tell they were in the studio making those Hot Beats lol. Anyway this is yet another old video but new to y'all on this site. Enjoy!

Here's a classic PS1 Horror game called 'Alone In The Dark- A New Nightmare" which is to my knowledge the 4th installment in this series. I never heard of this game so what happened to part 1,2,and 3? lol Anyway this game is like a Resident Evil Clone Per Se. Its an ok game with 2 protagonist 1 male 1 female. I Covered this game long time ago on my series of "FearTober" a whole month dedication to horror games. Watch how crazy this game is haha. Thank you for anyone who watches and stay tuned for more

Ah yes The Lion King! Such a beloved movie has now made its way to the gaming scene! What could go wrong with yet another movie based game? Could this finally break the curse and be a great game? We shall see as i try my attempt the second time around! Surely i could do great here right?! Well anyway this game not only appeared on the Super Nintendo but also the Sega Genesis, Gameboy,and Gameboy color. Brace yourselves!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen! Here we are playing yet another old school i mean called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the OG Nintendo. With such a popular thing at the time how could they mess it all up? well take a lookie here lo. As a kid this game drove me insane and still to this day i have never beat this sadistic game. Watch me suck while playing...Pause lol

Ah yes back in the day of the 80's. Where action movies were the king of the hill. So popular that a great movie had to be made into a game. Here is Predator! Where we control "Dutch" as he takes on the most lethal creature he even endured. What else could go wrong? From wacky controls, to unfair challenges we see for ourselves. Anyone who played this game knows the disappointment and rage met with this haha. Anyway this is another old video but new for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

Guys and Gals! Welcome to my Playthrough Series of this classic PS1 game Silent Hill! Ah yes this is where it all started for me! This game use to terrify the hell out of me back then. I fell in love with it though even then. Story picks up as the main protagonist Harry looking for his lost daughter after a brief car crash. Now into an unknown town called Silent Hill he must face his fears! This series started on my Halloween special "FearTober" Old video but here's for your enjoyment. More to come!

Here i try my attempt again for the umphteenth time! Resident Evil 3 the first time was such a fail i decided to try again. On this day i felt bold! brave! have my dreams dashed away quicker than i can say "wait" lol. Nemesis is no joke and he sure showed me who's the boss. This is another old upload of mines but in the light of the announced remake, i decided to show y'all my fails after fails. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more!

Ah it doesn't get any better than this! Top Gun for the NES aka Nintendo Entertainment System. This game will challenge you to the very core! Not so much of the piloting action scenes but the landing? I swear its confusing as a blip! No explanation is given and the instructions don't help lol. You will see what I'm talking about. Well i hope you enjoy today's video and stay tuned for more! Thank you for watching!

Here's a new'ish video i did about a month ago. Here we have 4 random sega games which include 1)Ecco the Dolphin, Altered Beast, Comix Zone, and Shinobi. I think i broke the Ecco game not sure lol. All's i know i couldn't play it for to long. The Altered Beast game was dope as well as the comix zone and shinobi joint. I'll be doing more sega games especially sonic 1-3! Stay tuned for more and thank you for watching!

This game! The Terminator for the Nintendo Entertainment System oh my gosh! This game has to be the most frustrating game i ever played and i played some really bad games! From the controls, to the level design, to the lag, to the music and graphics i could go on and on lol. Anyway this is another old upload but this will be new to y'all.
Enjoy the show and stay tuned for more.

Welcome back y'all to yet another old school game. Here we're playing Home Alone a movie adaptation game. What could go wrong you say? well just take a look here. This is another previous video i did somewhere else but decided to bring it here to ya'll! Enjoy the frustration i went through lol and stay tuned for more!

Here's a classic gameplay of mines from way back in the day. Ghosts N' Goblins aka Ghouls N' Ghosts. A NES (Nintendo) Game that's harder than any game i played and or know. The enemies are such a troll and the lag i'm getting from the TV doesn't help lol. Witness how fed up i got with this! Also yes there's a sequel to this video i did later on which i will upload at a said date. Hope you enjoy and thank you for watching!

To celebrate the holiday's i decided to upload this game Batman Returns for the Super Nintendo. As i do best i take y'all back in time! Watch Batsy have a hard time dealing with these thugs and so on. Retro gamer at heart but plays games like a Boob lol. This was a past video i did long ago so enjoy! Any feedback is welcomed


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