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On Saturday 18th January, Nest 2’s activist division held two simultaneous leaflet distributions, one in Varberg and one in Mariestad, in western Sweden. The activities received a lot of attention from the public in both towns.


On Saturday 14th December, Nordic Resistance Movement activism took place across all Swedish Nests.

Activists gave out specially produced Christmas leaflets that wished shoppers a Merry Christmas and also contained a message about the true meaning of the festival and the dangers of consumerism.


“They fear us and will never be able to stop us!” – The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg speaks at the Finnish Independence Day demonstration in Helsinki on 6th December 2019.

On Saturday 23 November 2019, activists and members from Nests 1 and 8 gathered on a square in central Uppsala for a joint public activity featuring a speech and leaflet distribution. The response from the local people was good and generated many interesting conversations.


Video from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s week of activism and comradeship in Iceland in September 2019. The week included the Movement’s first public activity in the country – a leaflet distribution in central Reykjavik.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists are joined by members of the American organisation Patriot Front for a public leafleting distribution at Liseberg amusement park, Gothenburg.


Danish Nordic Resistance Movement activists visit a school in the city of Randers for a public activity as part of their National Socialist school campaign.


Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement spread their message in central Sodertalje (19/10/2019).


Nordic Resistance Movement activists receive a warm welcome when they visit Strängnäs market in Södermanland County, Sweden.


An activist group from Nest 3 in Denmark recently held a successful banner activity from a motorway bridge north of Aarhus. The banner’s text “Mass Immigration = Genocide” was seen by drivers on the busy road for over an hour. The activists received many thumbs-up from supportive motorists.

Activists in Denmark burn a Freemason flag to symbolise the purifying fire coming to purge the North of all forms of foreign involvement and power over our people, politics and way of life.


On 14 September 2019, Nest 1 and Nest 8 held joint public rallies with speeches and leaflet distributions in Eskilstuna and Västerås. The activities drew positive responses from local people in both cities.


On Saturday 24 August, the Nordic Resistance Movement held this year’s edition of Nordic Days. The event was well attended and much appreciated by all involved.


On Saturday 17 August, approximately 50 Nordic Resistance Movement members and activists visited Stockholm for a public activity.

The extensive day of activism saw the Resistance men and women conduct leafleting sessions at Mynttorget, Sergel’s Square, Drottninggatan, and Hötorget, where Nest 7 Chief Magnus Wardmo also held a speech.

Nest 2 in Denmark recently conducted a successful banner drop from a bridge in the municipality of Greve.

The activity took place on Wednesday 14 August over a well-trafficked road. Thousands of drivers saw the banner’s message – “Mass Immigration = Genocide” – while the freedom flags waved in the wind and green smoke filled the air.

The Nordic Resistance Movement presents Moder Svea (Mother Sweden), a new song by Nordfront writer Marita Andersson (with English subtitles).

Members and activists of Nest 6 in Sweden gather outside Luleå town hall to protest against the treacherous politicians’ maltreatment of an elderly man, who later died from lack of care.

En grupp medlemmar och aktivister från Nordiska motståndsrörelsen genomförde i fredags en protestaktion utanför stadshuset i Luleå. Detta efter att 81-årige Stig Markström vanvårdats till döds i kommunens regi.

Fredrik Vejdeland’s speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement’s August 2018 Manifestation in Kungsholmen, Stockholm (English subtitles).

Rede 1 har gennemført en propagandaoffensiv i flere sommerbyer på den jyske vestkyst.

En gruppe aktivister fra Rede 1 tog i weekenden til den jyske vestkyst, hvor flyveblade blev delt ud i flere sommerbyer fyldt med folk på ferie. Aktivisterne havde til aktionen en firhjulstrækker, som kørte rundt i sommerlandet med frihedsfaner og megafon, mens den fulgte de gående aktivister som delte flyveblade ud og talte med folket i både Blåvand, Vejers og Henne Strand.

Denmark’s Nest 1 recently carried out a propaganda offensive at several seaside resorts on the west coast of Jutland.

On the weekend of 20 July, a group of activists from Nest 1 went to the west coast of Denmark to distribute leaflets at several packed seaside resorts. The activists brought a four-wheel-drive vehicle to the activity, replete with freedom flags and a megaphone. The vehicle visited the resorts of Blåvand, Vejers and Henne Strand, while activists walked alongside, giving out leaflets and speaking with the people.

September 2018: Med valrörelsen avklarad höll Nordiska motståndsrörelsen årets upplaga av Nordendagarna. Aktivister, partimedlemmar och sympatisörer samlades för att umgås, lyssna på tal och antingen delta i eller titta på tävlingen där Årets nordman utses.

September 2018: With the election period over, the Nordic Resistance Movement held the year’s edition of Nordic Days. Activists, party members and supporters gathered to socialise, listen to speeches and either watch or take part in the competition to decide the Nordic Man of the Year.

An activist group from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement hold a large-scale activity in the city of Viborg (13 July 2019).



Nordic Resistance Movement activists protest against the “Diversity Parade” at Almedalen Week with a banner reading “Crush the Homo Lobby!”


Danish Nest 2 activists display a “Mass Immigration = Genocide” banner over a busy road near the town of Farum (9 July 2019).

On Midsummer Day 2019, comrades from Nest 2 visited a car cruising show in Lysekil, Bohuslän. Aside from one or two unstable-minded opponents, the reception from the attendees was very good.


After the recent tumultuous activity in Lund, when the reds attacked the Resistance Movement – and then wished they hadn’t – representatives from Nest 3 promised they would soon return to the town. This promise was fulfilled on 29 June.



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