Can you spot them all?
Checkerboard. WHITE to RED.
Blood Sacrifice. Pedovore.
Drug references. MK ULTRA.

This movie is freakin disturbing when you really look at it.

Tip of the iceberg, more to come.

Rest in Peace kitto

The costumed businessmen entertaining the masses whilst they get milked, so the devourers can get their fix. "Moloko Plus"?

YT Source:

"This is the greatest single day loss, since the great depression."

Pretty interesting, in my opinion.

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Mr. Me Too? Ice Cream?
Nothing too sus in this video, but the song is interesting.

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Poppin pills in the zombie apocalypse.

Original version:

Jack Man Channel (ChuckleFudge):

White collar vs Blue collar. Master vs Slave.
Male vs Female. The masses quantifying.
As the gambling devil watches nervously.

It's a great music video.

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God this show becomes more and more relevant with each passing day.

From the episode "A Change of Mind"

FEMA Coffins. Dancing Doctors.
Reptile Face. Protective Gear.
Checkerboard. Rainbow.
"You ain't gotta be a Mason to see through some of this shit on occasion."

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The Neptunes certainly put out some interesting songs. This is actually one of my favorite N*E*R*D* songs, it's just become more weirder with age. Like most things.

This song on YT:
(June 21)
Link above taken down, lets try this again]
This song on YT:

Dark magic vs Light magic.
Corrupted, Purified.
Bunny Bites Back. I call big one Bitey.
It's a really great vid and song.


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Peado Spirals (2.0)
Do they mean anything?
Are they just happenstance?
Peacock. Checkerboard.
Nine one one. Surveillance.

The song source YT:

The song is based off the 'Creepypasta' theory that Angelica is the only real character in the show other than Dill, which is doesn't really make sense when you take into account that Angelica wasn't even in the Pilot episode, so...

What is this (3.0)
From the director of 'Uncle Donut'
No meat?
There is a storm coming on your back?
Number of car getting BUMPED?
Lots of YUMMY strawberries?
Weird stuff?

Copied straight off YT:

Check dem Spirals.
From the Director of Uncle Donut
I couldn't find an English copy but I did the best I could with the subs.

Full Movie in Espanol (YT):

I think it's artistically implied that the girl was a slave of the worst kind. The red on her PJ's very much resemble shackles and a leash. Cheetah print? Butterflies on the pillows. Also notice where the fox was sniffing around, picking up her scent. Not to mention the lyrics "Nasty Nasty, Triple X Rated!".

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Does the last video remind you of anything "Cooking" related?

Great soundtrack though.

Forsaken MV:

System MV:

Redeemer MV:

What is this? [Vol.2]

Avey Tare at CPP info:

Anti Birth Film- Funzone Pizza shop Commercial:

Avey Tare swirly shirt in the Amazon(interesting):

Uncle Donut vid:

Bonus vid:

Do you see what eye see?

Btw, I am a big fan of Animal Collective.

What is this? [Vol.1]
Are they after his chromes?
"Pasta mañana"?
Pentagram on rubik's cube?
It's probably nothing?

Clips of comedian Jamie Loftus.

Jamie Loftus YT channel:

More clips of comedian Jo Firestone

"Then you better make some dolls!"
Funny moments from Womanhood.

Full Episode Playlist:

The best worst playthrough of MGS1

Highlights from Parts 1-3

Full playlist

Just random clips of comedian Jo Firestone


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